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"That could be a very long list. Are we talking in the grand scheme of things or just in this room?" Wilson questioned him.

"What would Cuddy have to put before me? She lied under oath for me. What could this hospital possibly stand to lose that she would consider more beneficial than me?" House absentmindedly balanced a medicine ball on the rubber end of his cane.

"Arrogant much?" Wilson responded getting up from his desk and snatching House's playthings.

House observed Wilson for a moment. "You know. If she was gonna to tell anyone it would be you. So what is it? Has the hospital acquired a new world renowned but easily offended pediatrician?" like he hadn't preserved the lives of so many little brats himself.

Wilson opened and closed his mouth a few times.

"Close your mouth please James, we are not a codfish." House said in British accent (which he did freakishly well).

Wilson sighed. "The hospital has come into some money, that Cuddy doesn't want you to scare off. Because we need it, this isn't like any hospital. We're a teaching hospital. We need things." He finished purposefully.

House raised his eyebrows, unimpressed. "You're telling me that because I don't know?" House walked out.

The oncologist sat back down at his desk wondering if that actually just happened or not.

But before he could come to a decision House stuck his head back in the door "Oh and could you please keep Cuddy out of the ICU between seven and ten. Harriet will be having a special visitor." and then he pulled his head back out.

Wilson pinched his arm hopefully. "Damn" he said to himself.


Four weeks passed. Spring predictably gave way to summer. Nothing happened.

As Cari had guaranteed, Cuddy forgot she was there and except for the occasional lunch invitation (which was always politely turned down) and a few e-mails, Cuddy had virtually no contact with the new Chairman (Chair Person?) of the board of Directors.

In fact, no one did. The office she wanted was about as far from all other human life in the hospital as one could get and still be in the building. Those few who had ventured up there had later reported hearing music blaring (everything from the Culture Club to Flogging Molly) and smelling Chinese food.

When it came to making decisions, Cari would simply tell Cuddy to do whatever she thought was best for Princeton Plainsboro and she would support her. Thus far, she had done just that.

Cuddy was very worried, not so much because of Cari's strange behavior but House was worrying her.

He hadn't done anything. Nothing stupid, nothing illegal, nothing provoking or attention worthy (well, no more than usual). Nothing.

And sense Cuddy knew that House knew that could only mean that he was planning something so diaBOLICAL THAT SURLEY IT WOULD DESTROY NOT ONLY THE HOSPITAL BUT THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!! (bum bum)

Cuddy shook her head for a second, looked around her office then decided she needed some coffee.


Cari sat at her desk, in her office, off in the nether regions of the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. She scrolled down the computer screen in front of her, looking at some old records (not that old, less than six years).

Music played loudly in the background and she screwed another piece of her sweet and sour pork.

Sickness will surely take the mind
where minds can't usually go.
Come on the amazing journey,
And learn all you should know.
A vague haze of delirium creeps up on him.
Soaring and flying images spin.
He is your leader, he is your guide.
On the amazing journey,
Together you'll rideā€¦

"She stopped scrolling the page and looked for a few seconds

"that's interesting" she said to herself.


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