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It's been a lifetime or so, at least that's how it feels
I haven't seen you since forever, my heart's been unsealed
I told you that we'd meet again, and that promise I have kept
Together from now on, now I'm paying up my debt

Fear took over me once, and stopped me from loving you
I couldn't stand to be close, and I had not one clue
That the further I moved away, the closer I got to my heart
And now we're in each other's gaze, hopefully never to part

Here I am, with your eyes widening in shock
Surprise! Surprise! You couldn't even talk
I felt like giggling, but it'd ruin the effect I made
Then, I ran into your arms, where I hoped to forever lay

You looked in my eyes, strong emotions I could see
Like a delicate figure from heaven, that's how you held onto me
What could I do, but tell you the truth of what's going on
We're not in reality anymore, we're finally singing our song


Epilogue: Ever After

How have you been, Clef? I've been pretty well, myself. I mean, Hikaru and Fuu have been there for me all the time, as I have for them. It's amazing we've been able to stay together for so long. Well, not really amazing, actually. After all, fate has been decided for us before, right? And Fuu, Hikaru, and I HAVE seemed to be linked together for this life, at least. And we have been fated for a lot more, too, as you can see from our past.

My parents died years ago... It's sad, but it'll be okay. They'll be watching over me. I never told them about you, regrettably. But I know they know. After my last visit to Cephiro, they knew something happened to me. That I loved somebody ever since they left on that trip. And they respected that fact, never pestering me to marry. Of course, they never TOLD me they knew, but you could tell.

Hikaru's family is gone as well. Her brothers have families, but it's okay. They're gone. Died around a couple years after my parents. It was tragic.

Fuu's lasted the longest. In fact, her sister is still alive, unmarried, though her parents are gone as well. Maybe we can bring her along with us. Yes. We decided we at least need to try. We don't want to leave her all alone. Hikaru's family has many people. They'll miss her, but it won't be TOO bad.

We've decided to come back. To come back to Cephiro. How old am I? Still not as old as you, but old enough, I must say.

You know... That masquerade party we never had? We never held? Presea decided to hold one all of a sudden, huh? There's a reason for that... And the list was decided by her as well. Another reason for that as well.

Well... guess what? Fuu's sister can come to Cephiro as well. How do I know? How do we know? Well... We're back.


"How have you been? You've aged nicely, I might add," Presea smiled.

"Presea, this is my sister. Can you change her as well?"

Persea nodded. "Come. Caldina would be glad to hear that you all have come back. She'll be so happy, as will the rest of them. I have a party to plan. That masquerade we never finished. But... Are you truly ready to come back?"

A second person nodded, her red eyes beaming. "We are done on Earth. We've lived our lives, and want to start over here: in Cephiro."

Presea smiled. "Okay then. Let's change you all quickly. Back to your regular forms? The last time we saw you?"

The three women nodded. "But we'll determine the age we want. Is that okay?" the third woman asked, her blue eyes still filled with emotion.

"Of course," Presea smiled softly. "Shall we start?"

They nodded. "Of course."

"Sis... this is Cephiro. I'll explain it all to you..."


"Why are we having a party?" Ferio huffed. "It'll be BORING!" Ferio changed his form a slight bit. He now looked a couple years older.

"Well... it'll be fun! Come on! It's going to be a masquerade banquet!" Caldina said. "It'll give me an excuse to dress even NICER!" Caldina and Presea still looked to be the same age.

"Didn't we say that we would hold the first masquerade banquet when... they come back?" Clef asked softly. He, too, still looked the same, having to never change his form after that one time.

"We should hold one before they do, though," Presea said. "That way, we'll know how to do it the next time."

"What's there to learn?" Ferio asked. "All we do is serve food, dance, and just have people come. Only this time, they'll wear masks."

"Come on! Please?!" Caldina begged.

"I think maybe we should," Ascot said. "Just to entertain those females." Ascot has grown a couple years. Or looked as if he had.

Lantis looked up. "It doesn't matter to me. I'll go anyway," he said. Lantis also didn't change his form. Then, he sighed. "How long has it been that they left..." he whispered. "Forty years? Fifty? Sixty? I stopped keeping track. It hurt to do so."

Ferio looked at Lantis, and then down at the ground. "It's been sixty one years," he whispered. "They really didn't come back at all after that one time... It's been so hard waiting for them."

Ascot nodded. "That's why we should hold a party. To just have a little bit of fun."

Ferio reluctantly nodded. "I guess so," he said softly. "I guess."

Presea smiled. "Good! I'll go make the list right now. Gotta go! See ya!" And then, she zoomed out of the room with Caldina.

"THAT was a quick exit," Ferio said, blinking.


Umi looked in the mirror, and twirled around. She smiled. "It feels so nice!" she laughed. Umi changed back to around the age of seventeen, her age after a couple years after their last visit to Cephiro. "It seems that age has something to do with the way we act, huh? I feel so... jumpy again."

Hikaru jumped around in joy, moved to the mirror to look at herself, and smiled as well. She now looked as if she was in her early twenties. "Now, I'll look maybe around Lantis' age! Unless... did he grow?" she asked Presea.

Presea shook her head. "We all look almost the same. Those that did change maybe looks a couple years older, but nothing more."

Fuu walked up to the mirror. She changed to be the youngest in the group, looking around the age of sixteen. "This is around Ferio's age, right?" she asked. Presea nodded.

Kuu walked up to the mirror, and put her hand on it, looking at her new image. She now looked about a year or two older than Fuu, about Umi's new image. "Oh my God..." she whispered. She then turned to Fuu. "You've come to this place? You've never told me the risks you took in this land? And... everything?"

Fuu shifted around a bit. "I'm sorry, Kuu. I didn't mean to..."

Fuu's sister ran up to her, and gave her an emotion hug. "I'm sorry..." she whispered, tears flowing out. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.. when all of this happened."

Fuu smiled softly. "It's okay," she said. "It's okay. I'm happy that we can be together now. Just like how I promised Ferio."


Fuu nodded. "He's the one I love. The reason why I wouldn't marry. He promised that he would wait for me. And from my friend Presea's voice, she has told me that he's kept that word, sister. Do you think you can allow me to be happy with him?"

Fuu's sister smiled. "Yes," she whispered. "I most absolutely can." And then, she hugged Fuu once more.

Umi turned to Caldina. "When's the party?" she asked.

"It'll be held tomorrow night. We need to find a place for you to hide before then," Caldina said. "And... unfortunately, it can't be my room."

"Why not?" Hikaru asked.

"Well..." Caldina dragged.

"Caldina has a daughter now," Presea said loudly.

"HUSH!!!" Caldina shrieked and jumped on Presea.

Umi smiled, and walked up to Caldina. "What's her name?" she asked. "She must be as pretty as you, Caldina."

Caldina smiled back. "Her name is Kani. She looks around how Ascot USED to look. You know, that child-like form."

"When did you and La Farga pledged to be together?" Hikaru asked, still examining herself in the mirror.

"Maybe thirty years ago..." Caldina said. "Around that time."

"It's too bad we couldn't have been there for you," Fuu sighed.

"I really wanted you ALL to be there," Caldina said hastily. "I mean-"

Hikaru shook her head. "It's okay. We understand. Don't worry about it," she smiled. "After all, what matters is that now you two are pledged. That's good enough for us. Right, girls?"

Umi and Fuu nodded. "Yes!"

"Well," Presea said. "You can stay in my room secretly. Eagle and I agreed to wait a lifetime for you guys to return before we pledge. Come on. The guys are downstairs. It's a good idea to sneak up. Then, you can talk with Fuu's sister. Tell her everything and all that. Let's go now."

"Don't you think we should at least tell ONE of the guys?" Umi asked uncertainly. "That way, you'll at least have one of them on your side when it comes to that masquerade banquet thing."

Presea thought about it for a minute. "I think... Yes... I think we should tell Ascot. He seemed to support the idea of the banquet the most from the guys."

Fuu nodded. "Let's get him, then."

"Not us," Umi said, reminding them. "Presea and Caldina will. WE will go stay in Presea's room, and wait for him to come."


"What's going on? Why suddenly a banquet?" Ferio mumbled.

"I have no clue, but it's best to just listen to them," Clef sighed.

"I think that-" Lantis started.

"Ascot! Ascot!" Presea yelled, running to the men.

Ascot turned around. "Yes? What is it? What-"

Caldina grabbed Ascot by the arm. "We need you for something," she smiled secretly. "You have to come with us."

"Hey!" La Farga cried. "What's HE needed for?!"

Caldina turned around "Nothing that you have to know about. Come on, Ascot."

"Wait!" he tried. "I would like to know what I am doing-"

Presea grabbed his other arm. "Come on, boy! YOU are coming with US!"

"For the love of - Presea! Caldina! I can walk myself, you know!" he yelled as he was being pulled down the hallway.

The rest of the men watched as the two women pulled Ascot away.

"Strange..." Ferio said.

"What is going on?" Lantis asked.

"If we knew, we'd tell you now, wouldn't we?" Clef retorted, which was a very usual thing for him to do.


Ascot stumbled into Presea's room as she pushed him through the opened doors.

"What is the meaning of this, Presea?! I was just talking with-"

Suddenly, his head turned to look at the bed, and his eyes widened.

Umi got off of Presea's bed. She smiled. "Hello, Ascot."

"U... U... UMI!!!" Ascot yelled. "HOW D-"

Presea quickly clamped a hand over his mouth. "Shut UP, Ascot! We don't want the others to KNOW about this! Do you GET that?!"

Ascot turned his eyes to look at Presea, and slowly nodded. Presea then let her hand off of his mouth. "I... I can't believe it... You all are finally here. After that LONG wait, you all are finally here," he whispered. "And that's why..." he said with realization. "That the banquet..."

"Is being held," Umi said. "We're back, Ascot. And to stay."

Ascot smiled at Umi, already remembering something that she had told him all those years ago. "Have you found your loved one yet?" he asked.

Umi nodded. "I have, Ascot. I found him a long time ago. I'm sorry I didn't tell you who it is. I didn't exactly have the time to," she whispered.

Ascot said wryly, "You didn't really have to. I should've seen the way you always looked at him."

Umi shook her head. "You didn't really have to realize it. After all, I didn't realize it myself until a couple days before the last day we stayed here. But I DO love him, Ascot. I love... Clef..."

Ascot sighed. "I'm glad for you, though." Then, he turned his head around, and asked, "I KNOW that one is Fuu... But who is the other lady there?" he asked.

"That's Fuu's sister, Ascot," Hikaru smiled.

"Really? Why, no wonder you two look as if you hold the same beauty."

Kuu stared Ascot, and then, she smiled slightly. "He's polite," she told Fuu.

Fuu nodded. "Ascot is quite courteous."

"So not a word, now, right?" Ascot asked.

Presea nodded. "We needed SOME guy to be on our side about the banquet. Is that okay? To have you argue against them?" she smirked.

Ascot nodded. "Anything to help make this one of the biggest surprise ever. This is going to be great," he laughed.


"I STILL think something weird is going on..." Ferio continued to mumble. ^_-


A couple days later, Presea announced to them...

"It's tonight, ladies. Are you ready for your big entrance?" she asked. "Clef and I were able to get this banquet up pretty quickly."

Umi nodded. "We'll be getting there later than everybody else, huh?"

Presea nodded. "I will come tell you when to walk in. Until then, though, you'll have to be patient."

Fuu smiled. "That's exactly what we've been doing. Don't worry. We'll be fine."

"Everybody's gonna be here, though, right?!" Hikaru asked eagerly. "Everybody from Autozam, Chizeta, Fahren... Everybody?!"

Presea nodded. "YOU girls made the invitation list. I just helped pass the invitations out. They were all invited. They'll come. I told them that there was going to be an enormous surprise for them if the DID come."

"I'm pretty sure that this IS," Umi laughed.


Clef walked around the ballroom, looking through his mask. This was quite interesting. Quite silly, too. It's not as if no one couldn't identify anybody here. You could recognize them by their hair color. Their body structure... So what was the point of it?

Clef sighed as he walked around some more. This village girl kept following him around... How frustrating it was trying to get away from her. In fact-

"Sir guru!" yelled a voice.

Clef groaned and turned around, putting on the most forced smile you could've ever seen. "Yes, ma'am?" he asked through clenched teeth.

"Might you be willing to dance with me?" she asked. The girl looked around fifteen years old. Why in the WORLD did Presea invite HER here?!

"Um... My apologies, ma'am. But I am feeling quite exhausted tonight. In fact... ASCOT! ASCOT!" Clef yelled, spying the Palu.

Ascot walked up to him, also wearing a mask. "Yes, guru?" he asked.

"This lady wishes for a dance with you. Please enjoy," he said hastily, and left.

You owe me, guru. Ascot had that look on his face. Guru nodded quickly, and ran outta there.

"But guru-" he heard the lady cry.

Clef shook his head in exasperation. Now, if it was a certain OTHER girl, he'd be on his own knees, asking for her to dance with him. But she wasn't... so he didn't.


Presea giggled as she entered her bedroom to where the girls were. She then took off her mask. "You wouldn't believe this!" she laughed.

Umi turned to look at her. She was wearing a blue dress made of silk, with straps to hang on her shoulders. This time, no boots. They were half-inch heels. Blue as well. "What's up, Presea?" she asked.

"The guru," Presea choked. "Is getting chased around by some village girl!" she hollered with laughter. "This is so hilarious! She's SCARING him witless!"

Umi smiled sadly, longing to see Clef. "When will we be going down?" she asked.

Presea looked at her teasingly, and then, her expression turned calm. "Now is the best time," she said softly.

Umi nodded, and hastily put on a glittery blue mask on. Then, she wrapped a see-through aqua color cloth around, also made of silk. "I am ready."

"Are you ready, sis?" Fuu asked. Fuu's dress had short puffy sleeves, not even reaching down half of her upper arms. She wore one inch heels. The dress ended in layers, different shades of green all around. She then put on a mask. "Okay."

"I am ready, Fuu," her sister replied.

"Hikaru?" Umi asked.

"Finishing touches." Hikaru had on a strapless, fiery red dress. Down to her knees, there were slits, showing off her red slippers. She put on a red-colored mask, and smiled. "Let's get ready to make an entrance," she smiled.

"Oh!" Umi said. "I... I have something," she smiled.


Presea entered back into the ballroom. She was holding a small flat, round object with her. A couple minutes later, the music changed drastically. It went from classical, to an instrumental, nature-like sound. The guests were getting a bit confused.

And ten minutes later, Fuu was the first one to enter. Many heads turned to look at her, but none that belonged to her beloved. Her eyes scanned slowly around, looking for her Ferio. She found him standing next to Eagle, engaged in a conversation.

Fuu walked in slowly, and headed straight for Ferio. Once she got about ten paces away from him, his head turned.

Ferio's eyes widened as Fuu curtsied in front of him. "Oh my God..." he whispered.

"How is the banquet, your majesty?" she asked.

Ferio smiled, and held his hand out. "It just got better," he managed to get out. "Will you dance with me... love?"

Fuu took his hand. "I'm yours forever now," she smiled.

Hikaru was the next to enter. Now, more than half of the people in the ballroom were staring at the main entrance. And yet, AGAIN, the one that was supposed to be looking at her, wasn't. Hikaru looked around, searching for Lantis. Then, her eyes stopped as she found him laughing with Ascot.

Hikaru got so excited she totally forgot about a dramatic entrance, and just ran up to him.

"LANTIS!!! LANTIS!!!" she yelled, ripping off her mask.

Lantis' head turned. Ascot looked, and smiled as it seemed as if Lantis' eyes were going to fall out. Lantis took off his own mask and stared at the running Hikaru. "Hi-Hi-Hi-" he managed.

"LANTIS!" Hikaru yelled once more, and jumped into his arms.

"You're back!" he said. "You're back!" Then, he turned to Ascot, and glared at him. "THIS was why Presea and Caldina..." he said.

Ascot shrugged. "I wouldn't know..."

"And the music..."

"Probably Presea," he smiled. "Took Umi's little circular object and somehow got it to work, I guess."

"Let's go, Lantis. Let's dance," she smiled.

Lantis held her face in his hands. "You're finally back," he whispered. And then, he bend down and gave her a slow kiss. Ascot turned away quickly, trying to give them at least a bit of privacy. After the separation, Hikaru smiled.

"I'll be here with you from now on, Lantis."

"I've been waiting to hear that for TOO long."

Ascot turned around when he felt somebody tap his shoulder. It was Fuu's sister. She had walked in quietly. "Um..." she said. "Do you want to dance?'

Ascot smiled, and slowly, he took her to the dance floor.

Clef listened as the music started to change. This... this sounds familiar. He had heard it somewhere before. Some time... a long time ago.


Clef sighed in frustration. He was again being nagged by the girl once more.

"Why will you not just dance ONCE with me?!" she asked him.

Clef sighed. "I... I... Look, miss, I-"

Suddenly, the girl's attention wasn't at him, but instead, she was looking passed him. Clef turned around to see what this was about.


Umi watched happily as Hikaru and Fuu found Lantis and Ferio. She smiled happily. This was definitely going well. Suddenly, Umi saw a girl walk up to Clef. Umi sighed. Might as well make her entrance now. THAT'LL stop the girl from doing something regrettable.

She slowly walked in, and saw that almost everybody were staring at her, including Fuu and Hikaru, most likely wanting to see how she would handle Clef and that mysterious girl.

Umi took in a breath, and continued walking in.


Clef ignored the girl, and turned fully around to stare at the girl walking in, her eyes covered by the mask. She was searching through the crowds for somebody. Clef held his breath and his widened as he soon realized who it was. It was too obvious for him to not know. That sleek blue hair. That... that... everything.

Then, the girl's head stopped moving when her eyes landed on the mage. And she mouthed one word. Clef...

Clef started to unconsciously walk towards her, as the same happened to Umi.

I've missed you... He said.

I'm finally back. She thought to him. It didn't have to be said out loud. The looks on their faces said everything.

You've been gone too long.

I've thought of you every night and day.

When did you come back?

I didn't mean to not tell you.

If we didn't have-

Suddenly, Clef felt a jerk on his arm, snapping him out of his daze. The girl had pulled on his arm, stopping him in his tracks, and breaking his trance away from his long gone love. "What are you doing?" she asked him harshly.

Clef glared at her. "I should be asking YOU the same question," he retorted.

"You would not even look at me tonight," the girl glared at him. "Not even out of pity. And now, this other lady-"

"NOT just another lady," Umi said out loud to her as she was walking towards them. Just about five yards away now. She then lowered her voice to a soft whisper. "I've loved him for sixty years. And now I'm back. Do you truly want me to stop loving him now? After all this time?"

Clef jerked his arm away from the girl. With a snap of his other arm, the staff disappeared from his grip. And then, ignoring the mere yards, he ran to her. Umi choked, ran up to him as well, and let him gather her into his arms.

"CLEF!" she cried, holding onto him tightly, afraid to let him go. Then, her tears poured out.

"Umi..." he whispered fiercely. "Umi... You've come back! You've come back to me!"

Umi nodded. She smiled through her tears. "I couldn't stop thinking about you, even after I went back... I love you too much," she whispered in a voice soft enough that only Clef could hear.

Clef sighed. The people in the room started to dance now that everything has reached whatever it was supposed to reach. Besides, it was ill-mannered to stare.

"Why that-" the girl growled, about to interrupt them once more. Suddenly, she felt somebody's arm take a hold of hers. She turned around, and gasped.

Presea smiled at her. "I think it's time for you to go," she said, Eagle standing right behind her.

The girl looked at her. "But... but..." she managed.

"Come now," Presea said, dragging her out, and yet, still smiling. "You've ticked off most of us already. INCLUDING me."

"Oh, Presea," Eagle said, a small worried tone in his voice as he followed Presea as she dragged the girl away from Umi and Clef. "Don't BREAK her arm apart. You're knuckles are turning white, you know."

"Oh, love," Presea laughed. "I won't break it off!" she smiled. Then, she muttered, "Not completely, at least."

"Help!" the girl shrieked. "I heard that!"

"Oh, hush up!" she said, exasperated. And their voices continued away from the still hugging couple.

Clef parted from Umi just a bit, holding her at arm's length. "Shall we dance?" he asked, beaming at her.

Umi nodded, and smiled. Then, Clef took Umi's hand, and led her out to the dance floor, where Fuu and Ferio, Lantis and Hikaru, and Ascot and Kuu were already dancing. Umi placed one arm on Clef's shoulder, and let him hold the other one, while he placed one arm on her waist, and they moved to a slow song. They had taken Umi's cd away and started playing their music once more.

Umi sighed as she leaned in to Clef, and closed her eyes.

=I have so much to tell you.= A voice riveted in her head.

Umi opened her eyes and looked up at him. Of course! They were in contact right now. She smiled at him.

=I also have much to say. Like right now... I've missed you. TOO much, I might add. It's so nice to feel you near me again.= she thought to him as she laid her head back down on his chest.

=How about we go walk around a bit later? After this dance? Away from all these people?= he asked as he placed his chin on her head.

Umi smiled slightly. =I like the thought of that.=

=Good.= Suddenly, after twenty seconds later, the music ended. Umi looked up at Clef, who was smiling. =We can leave now.= he told her.

=Clef... did you do that?= she asked him.

Clef looked at her, and smiled. Almost... in a mischievous way, too. And then, he took her hands, and led her out of the ballroom as another song started once more.


Clef wrapped his arm around Umi's shoulder as they walked along the gardens, the stars shining brightly above them.

Umi looked up at him. "You're awfully quiet right now," she whispered. "Is something the matter?"

Clef smiled down at her. "You know," he told her softly, "it's so funny. You've finally come back to me, and I have absolutely no clue as to what to say right now."

Umi snuggled up to him as they continued to walk. "It doesn't matter. You don't have to say a thing to me," she whispered. =Just... I want you to love me forever. Don't let me go.=

Clef held onto Umi tighter. =Umi...= he said. =I swear to you that I will do that. I mean, it's because I want to. Because... I don't want to live without you with me...= he told her as they continued to walk.

"Oh!" Umi said, and stopped at a batch of flowers, and stared down at them happily. "Purins... I missed them," she whispered.

Clef smiled. "I would always come out here and look at these every single day." Then, he made Umi turn to face him. "Umi..." he whispered. "Listen to what I have to say."

"Yes, Clef?"

Clef picked up a purin, and placed it in her hair. "I want you to be mine forever, Umi," he finally said.

Umi smiled at him. "What are you trying to say?"

Clef was in deep thought, as if trying to grasp the answer from the air. "How do you say it..." he mumbled. "You know, Umi," he told her feebly. "A promise to be with the one you love forever."

Umi smiled teasingly at him. "You want to marry me, master mage?" she asked.

Clef smiled back. "If it means what it's supposed to mean, then yes." And after those words, Clef snapped his fingers, and they suddenly appeared in his bedroom. Clef left Umi for a minute, and rummaged through some stuff on his desk. Finally, he walked back to her, and held a tiny box to her.

Umi opened it slowly, and gasped as she looked at the ring inside. The oval jewel on the ring was blue, glittering and sparkling, connected to a thin gold band. Clef slowly looked into her eyes as he towered above her. "So Umi..." he whispered. "Will you marry me?" he asked her.

Umi looked at him, and clasped the box shut. She then jumped at him to wrap her arms around his neck. "You didn't even have to ask," she whispered fiercely as tears threatened to start flowing down her cheeks.

Clef slowly kissed her eyes. Umi looked around, and then up at Clef, and smiled. Then, she took his hands, and led Clef to his own bed. They sat there for a minute, while Umi still had the small ring case in her hand.

Clef then took a hold of her, and jerk her closer to him. Then, Clef leaned forward, closed his eyes, and kissed her fiercely, as if from need, leaving Umi in shock. But she quickly recovered and closed her own eyes, and returned the kiss with as much passion as he gave her. Their fingers slowly entwined together, making Umi drop the ring case onto the bed, and she leaned back onto the bed with Clef over her, him sitting at the edge of the bed, their lips still locked together.

Clef opened his eyes slowly, and his lips left Umi's for a minute as he stared down at her. The purin was still locked in her hair, showing off her eyes in a gorgeous way. "You've been away from me for too long, Umi," he whispered longingly.

Umi smiled at him. "I'm here, and I'm staying with you forever, Clef," she whispered. "You don't have to wait for me anymore."

Clef sighed, letting his breath out. "I've waited to long to hear you say that. I'll kill myself before I let you leave me again."

"How about instead..." Umi said, looking away, and shifted around to get comfortable under him. She then turned her head back up to look at him, and slowly, she held his face with her hands, smiling happily. "Let me show you how long I've waited for you as well," she whispered, and brought his face down to hers once more.

It was true... Umi thought to herself. You HAVE to take the good with the bad. You can't enjoy something that's all perfect, because it's impossible to keep for long. She has learned her lesson, and was ready to take anything else that would ever come her way.

Nothing more to be said, really. They're together. That's all the counts.


TA DA!!!!! The END!!! I dunno... It's HARD for me to write romance such as this... T_T Sorry if it was bad!!! BWAHHH!!! But still. Heehee. They kissed. Happy now? YOU BETTER BE!!! ^_^ Thanks for reading, everybody!! I enjoyed writing this, and making you all go through hell waiting each time. *grins evilly* THANKS AGAIN!!!!