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"Good morning mom." Addison greeted her as she entered the kitchen.

Her mother smiled. "Hey Add!"

"What are you doing today?"

"Nothing much, I was thinking we could have lunch today?"

Addison nodded. "Sure."

"Okay great."


A few hours later, Addison and her mother got to the restaurant and sat at an outside table.

"So why did you get home so late yesterday?" Her mother asked curious.

"Me and Callie started our movie late and I wanted to finish it before I went home." Okay, lie.

"Oh, what was the movie?"

"I don't remember, it was about this guy and this girl…whatever." Lie.

Shanna nodded slowly. "I see…So you're 16 now."

"I am." She replied, curious about what her mother would reply next.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Addison shook her head. "No…" Lie.

Shanna sighed. "Your dad and I noticed that you've been pretty distant recently."

"Yeah?" She knew she had been, but she wasn't about to tell them why.

"You have." She nodded. "You know…if you need birth control you can tell me Addison."

"Yeah well, I'm not having sex so I don't need them." Oh gosh, sometimes her mom could make a conversation really awkward!

"Of course…I'm just saying."

"Sure…well you don't need to worry." She assured her mom…knowing that maybe


"Hey son." Derek's dad greeted him that night when he came back from work.

"Hey, how was work?"

"It was okay, Caleb Montgomery stole one of my clients though, and he'll see that I won't just let it get away with it."

"Why do you hate him that much dad?"

"Because he's my worst competition, he's Satan and he's a bastard." His father could go on forever talking about Caleb Montgomery, but thankfully he had decided to give Derek the short version.

Derek rolled his eyes. "Yeah, okay."

"I swear, and his son must be just like him, I heard he wanted to take over when Caleb retires."

"He has a daughter too." Derek told him, trying not to smile at the thought of Addison.

"He does!? How do you know that?"

"I don't know, I just heard."

"Yeah, well I have 4 daughters so I beat him at the reproduction game!" Christopher replied, happy with his 'victory'.

"Congratulations." Derek replied sarcastically. He didn't understand why his father hated the Montgomery's so much…He sure did like one of them.

"One day you'll understand son, one day you will."



"I think our father's war will never end." Derek and Addison were at their hiding spot, late at night. While Addison lay on top of Derek, he was playing with her hair.

"I hope it will end eventually, I'm tired of hiding that we're in love."

Derek nodded. "We've been together for almost six months now."

"Yeah…do you want to do something for our anniversary?"

"I do…but we can't really go out without anybody seeing us or something."

Addison sighed. "I wish we could. But I did have an idea though."

"Which is?"

"Hotel room, we could have room service serve us dinner in the room; nobody would see us for sure!" Addison explained. "And maybe we could spend the night there." Addison offered the last sentence with a smirk.

"Spend the night there?" Derek replied, unsure that he had heard right.

Addison nodded smiling. "We've been together for six months now…"

"We have."

"So what do you think? Do you want to?"

Derek smiled at that. Of course he wanted to; he was a guy after all! "I do! If you're sure of course…"

"It was my idea wasn't it?"

He shrugged. "Well yeah…I just wanted to be polite."

Addison rolled her eyes, smiling. "Yeah, well thanks. Oh and uh, we have to pay in cash, I don't want my parents to ask questions when they get my credit cards bill."

"Good idea. You're very smart."

"Nah, I just watch too much TV!"

"So hum, Friday night then?"

"Yeah, it gives you about 6 days to buy me a gift then!" Addison winked.

Derek sighed at the thought of going shopping for her. "What do you want?"

"I don't know…surprise me!"

"How can I do that Addie? You have everything!"

"Be creative Derek! Just go shopping with Callie if you're that clueless about me."

"Look I don't want to fight over this, it's just that I'm a guy Addie! I don't know what to buy…I don't even know how to shop!"

"Whatever you give will make me happy. Plus it was a joke, you really don't have to get me anything."

"Yeah, I know better than this whole 'You don't have to buy me anything!' I've seen movies and I know better!"

"I was just saying that I love you no matter what."

"So do I" He kissed her slowly. "I wish I could show the world that you're mine."

"Me too, I just don't want my dad to be mad. I know that he would stop talking to me if he knew."

Derek sighed. "Me too…but one day they'll have to just accept it, accept that we're in love."

"I hope so. If they love us they will." Addison knew her father would be mad at her, but she also knew that he wouldn't be forever…or so she thought.


The next morning, Addison came down the stairs dressed and ready to go to Callie's. She got into the kitchen where her brother and her mother were eating breakfast together.

"Hey loser." Her brother greeted her nicely. "You got home pretty late last night, or should I say 3 am is early? Were you with a boooooooooooyyyyyy!?" Her brother teased her, wanting their mom to know that she had gotten home late.

"Oh shut up Jay."

"3 am Addison!?" Her mom replied, trying to act mad and motherly.

"It's not a big deal mom."

"Where were you at 3am?"

"I was with the girls, we watch a bunch of scary movies and then I go home."

"Did you get back walking?" Shanna asked worried about all the possibilities of what could have had happened to her daughter.

"Mom, I have a car why would I walk?!" Addison rolled her eyes, tired of her mother's questions.

"Just asking honey, where are you going today?"

"Callie's and then we might go shopping."

"Don't go crazy again, your dad and I don't want to have heart attacks when we get your credit card bills!"


"And don't get home too late, you have school tomorrow."

"Sure. Anyway, bye guys."

Addison got into her car and drove to Callie's house which wasn't far from hers. She knocked, Callie let her in and they went upstairs to her room.

"So I saw Derek last night." Callie was the only one who knew about them, and Mark who was Derek's best friend.


"We talked about our anniversary."

"Oh yeah? What are you two going to do?" Callie asked, loving all kinds of romantic events.

"We're having dinner at the hotel…and spending the night there."

"Spending the night!? As is spending the night!?"

Addison nodded happily. "Yeah…well do you think it's too soon?"

"No! You two love each other; seriously I'm happy for you if you're happy."

"Nina and Tyler slept together after a year together…"

"So what Addison, it doesn't mean anything! If you're sure that you are ready then do it."

"I am…I just wanted to make sure you agreed with my decision." She replied, glad Callie thought it was fine. They were 'sisters' and they could talk about anything and always wanted the other to approve of their decisions.

"Well I'm glad you told me."

"Of course! I don't know how I could hide anything from you!"

"Yeah, me neither!"

"So what should I buy Derek?"

"I don't know, we'll just look at the mall. When is it?"

"Friday night…and Saturday morning too." Addison smirked. She had been with Derek once a few weeks ago, alone in his house because his parents were in Europe with his sisters. All they had done was a little…exploring.

"Then we don't have long! Let's go!"



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