Konoha Throwdowns: Sakura vs. Ino

Sakura walked onto the stage in dramatic fashion. The street outfit provided for her fit perfectly, and she couldn't be more proud of it. With a red baseball cap, sleeveless shirt decorated with the traditional Haruno red and white, along with faded pink cargo shorts and red and black sneakers, Sakura Haruno looked like a regular gangster. Aw, yeah! Not only will I blow Ino off the stage in this, I'll look awesome on TV doing it! The Chunnin thought to herself.

On the opposite side of the stage, Ino made her own entrance. She was dressed in a purple Chunnin vest with a ninja chain-mail top under it. The vest was open, so a little bit of her cleavage was showing. Sakura knew that was supposed to tick her off. Ino also had on cream-colored low riding cargo pants, which were half covering her purple and white shoes. The top of her lavender underwear was visible with the pants riding so low. She also had on a dark gray beanie with a purple rim. Sakura, hun: you're going down! Thought the Yamanaka.

Finally it was time for the event to start. The cameras began rolling and the stage lit up. Music with a deep beat set the mood and the crowd began to cheer. The MC entered from stage center and greeted the audience.

"Yo, yo! What is up, Ko-no-ha! This is MC Tenten in the Leaf!" she paused to allow the crowd to cheer.

"We're about ready for yet another Konoha Throwdown. Our contestants today are long-time rivals, so this one will get off a lot of steam! Maybe they'll even leave here friends! Not!" the crowd screamed and laughed again.

"So anyways, on the left here we have a chick with one hot temper, which makes her pink hair seem like a burning red, please, welcome the Cherry of the Leaf, Sakura Haruno!" Everyone went nuts. Ino simply brushed it off; even though she was angry the Sakura got so much applause.

"On the right hand side; she's cute, she's sexy, and she'll take over your mind like one of a kind! It's Ino Yamanaka!" Tenten introduced her. Ino posed and made the crowd wild. This, of course got Sakura fired up.

"Yeah, yeah! Now that we know our competitors, let's get this throwdown underway! I said DJ Shino: dro-drop the beat!" that cued Shino to begin playing the music, and the hip-hop beat signaled the beginning of the throwdown. Ino began.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't miss big-forehead Sakura. Y'know, if you've got all that space, you might as well use it. Here's an idea, you can put the status of your mouth on it: OPEN FOR BUSINESS." said Ino.

"Oooh! What an opener! Let's see if Sakura can come back after that one!" reported Tenten.

"I wouldn't be talking, doorknob. Yeah, that's right, I know you, just like one. EVERYBODY gets a turn! Say what!" Sakura looked very pleased with herself. Oh, hell no! Sakura's not gonna get away with this one! the Yamanaka thought to herself.

"Looks like they're even now, but these things are never a tie! Ino, what do you have to say to that last comment?" Ino flipped the hair that wasn't under her beanie.

"Tch, you think you know me? I know you. If you were a car, you'd have a light on saying 'All Doors Ajar'!" The audience loved that one.

"Oh, dayum! I think Sakura's gonna need some aloe for that burn! Show 'er what you've got!" said Tenten.

"That's pretty cold Ino, but at least I'm not the reason that Sasuke left!" the crowd went "oooh" again. This next one has to be pretty great. "I'd leave too if I had to live next door to a bunch of pigs!" Tenten didn't even get to put in any commentary for that one. Ino lashed back immediately.

"Oh, you did NOT just insult my family! You're gonna pay for that one, Sakura Haru-YES!" it was amazing how fast Ino recovered from that one. Sakura was caught off guard, and it took her a while to think of a comeback. That last one cut her pretty deep. Got it! she thought suddenly.

"Nice one. So Ino, I hear you have good taste in meat. How's the venison?" Sakura retorted. You'd think it was an arena full of ghosts if you heard the audience after that one.

"Ha-ha! I don't know about you, but if I was Shikamaru I'd be out of here right now!" said Tenten.

"Whatever. These throwdowns are a drag, anyways." Shikamaru got up and left. He looked calm, but you could see he was blushing pretty hard.

"I talked to Naruto earlier, Sakura. I asked him if his nights with you were good, he told me 'Believe it!'" Ino crossed her arms in triumph.

"Ouch! I'd use some medical ninjutsu to heal that one if I were you, Sakura. Ok, it's about time to wrap this one up! Let's here your closing insults, and then we'll let the crowd decide who is the winner of this week's Konoha Throwdown! Ino, that last one was so good, you'll be the first one to go." reported Tenten. Sakura braced herself. Having seen the show before, she knew that the final blow was always the worst.

"Hey, Sakura! I, uh… um… you… you're stupid!" Ino had lost it. After Tenten, Sakura, and the crowd finished laughing, Sakura delivered the final blow.

"Hey, Chouji, you out there? I found your midnight snack! You may wanna check on her, though, she's WAY past her expiration date!" and that was the end of that.

"Oh, and after a heated battle Ino loses her heat in the final round! Not to mention Sakura's final insult got two people!" said Tenten. Ino sulked off stage and Tenten raised Sakura's arm.

"The victor, Sakura Haruno! What a throwdown this was! Come back next week for a battle among a Clan! The Hyuugas duke it out! Good night, Leaf Village; this is MC Tenten, signing out!"