Happy holidays everyone! This is a little present for all you Roux-lovers out there, myself included. I felt incredibly dirty as I wrote it, but it's not too explicit – and picturing Johnny while you write it helps a bit too. Anyhoo, please review! I will love you forever!


"Where is she?" asked Roux, silently closing the front door behind him as he entered the chocolaterie.

Josephine stood behind the counter, absentmindedly rearranging a plate of truffles when she heard him come in.

"Oh, she's upstairs." she said, with her usual warm smile. "She said her nose is so stuffed up she can't taste anything, so I didn't bother bringing her anything to eat for dinner yet. I just went up to check if she was still breathing."

"Good on you." laughed Roux, coming over to the counter and leaning against it.

Vianne had caught a terrible cold, one that snuck up on her and had prevented her from running the shop when it hit her full force. She couldn't breathe, she was miserable, and her throat hurt so much she couldn't talk; she only wanted to sleep, rendering her useless. Thankfully, Josephine volunteered to keep the shop running while Vianne recovered.

Josephine watched Roux as he picked up a truffle, narrowed his eyes and analyzed it. "What is it?"

"Well…" she started, smiling awkwardly, "I was trying for a good dark chocolate, but it turned out a bit odd."

Roux looked up at her, playfulness in his alluring brown eyes, and Josephine realized why Vianne had been so drawn to him.

"Do you mind?"

"No, go right ahead."

He popped the chocolate into his mouth and chewed, his expression suddenly turning bitter. "It's pretty…powerful…"

Suddenly, Josephine's eyes lit up. "Powerful! Perfect! Maybe Vianne can taste it? You should bring it up to her to try."

Roux smiled. "Just make sure you don't give the customers any, it might keep them away for a while."