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Shiina Mol Bamvivrie glared at the Emperor of Geo. She couldn't believe what she'd just heard. He had no right to force this "choice" on her. Spend three years of her life on Geo, or face execution on Tellene- really, there was no choice at all.

"Majesty, you have no right to interfere. Our alliance-"

"Was null and void the minute you started disobeying Our orders."
"I don't recall joining Geo's army."
"You agreed to take up the Pyrogate and use it as We direct. As your commander, Shiina, we decide the campaigns, the priorities- and the punishments for those who it had just been one infraction, we could have let it slide, but as it is.."

He'd been moving closer and closer to her, and finally stood beside her. She tried to move away from him, but he draped his arm over her shoulder, pinning her.

"We are being very lenient," he whispered. "Would you rather be exiled to Eden? Sent home to Tellene?"
"All of those are death sentences- and so is staying here on Geo."

"How is being an honored member of Our court a death sentence?"
"I could die of terminal annoyance."

"And ruin my fun?"

"With all due respect, Majesty, screw you."
He chuckled. "Here?"
She glared, and he counted himself lucky that looks couldn't kill. Ah well, he'd goaded her enough.

"The Princess will be leaving this evening. Until then.."

Idou glared at Seeu.

"Why will you not take her along? You and Raguna were always close. The least you could do is remove his daughter from this place."

"Why do I owe her anything?" Seeu asked. "She broke into my house, kidnapped my guest, and fought me. And how could I remove her from the tender care of her guardian, or deprive her of her sister's companionship?"

"As I recall, you lacked such scruples when you removed Kaguya from her home."

And her 'family' were more suitable guardians than Kura would ever be, Idou thought.

"You were there for the exact same purpose," Seeu pointed out. "Take the woman and leave Geo if you wish. It saddens me to see an old battle companion reduced to the status of a mere serf-"

"This is my home as much as it is Kura's. I stay here of my own free will," Idou said finally.

He swept out of the room, collecting Sarita and Katorusu in his wake.


"There you are!" Kaguya exclaimed. "Where have you been?"
"I was around," Bambi said, since 'sulking in Didius Dei's old room' would only elicit more questions. The Song twins were avidly investigating the room- Bambi idly bet to herself that Idou had sent them to guard the Princess. The poor man hadn't had a minute to himself since they'd returned to Geo.

"Sarita looks so much like you, I was surprised," Kaguya rattled on. "She could be your sister."
"She is my little sister."

"Oh. I didn't even know you had a sister."
"Neither did I, until three months ago."

"Princess, what's this?" Fuu Song asked, holding up a brightly colored box, covered with strange writing.

"I'll be taking that with me," Kaguya said, blushing. Somewhere on Eden, a drug store had some annoyed female customers.

Idou came to get them, and as the three Princesses ran ahead of them, he altered his pace to match Bambi's.

"I spoke with Kura, this afternoon. It was not pleasant."

"He's not going to yield, is he?"
"No, and neither is Seeu. I'm sorry. Should I tell her?"

"Hey, Bambi, I just remembered, you didn't pack a thing," Kaguya called, racing back.
"I'll tell her," Bambi said, "And Idou? Thanks."

"Tell me what?"


Kaguya marched straight up to Kura, who'd been idly baiting Seeu.

"You have no right! How can you keep Bambi here, after everything you made her do?"

"To the contrary, We have every right," Kura returned evenly. "We have been very lenient- Lady Bamvivrie will merely be delayed for a year or three. If you plan to stay as well, arrangements can be made."

Kaguya turned to Seeu, who shrugged. He'd made up his mind, and nothing Kaguya or Idou said would change it.

"Idou?" Kaguya asked.
"I will be staying as well. This is the only home I have left."


"Lady Bamvivrie, these are your new rooms," the guard said.

"What happened to my old room?"
"Prince Seeu, I'm afraid. These are a bit more convenient- they're in the center of the palace, and the Emperor is the only other person who lives in this wing."

Bambi groaned. This was going to be a long three years. And she still had one year to go before she was an adult.

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