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Last Chapter:

Sakura opened the door walked out of the girls' locker room.

Sakura sighed as she started to head for home. 'This has been one long and wacko day,' she thought.

"Can I speak with you?"

Sakura turned and gasped as she saw Syaoran standing not too far from her.

Don't Be Scared: Chapter 8

Final Chapter

By: Cutie Blossom

Sakura blushed. "Of course."

She noticed that his hands were behind his back. Syaoran brought his hands in front of him and held a beautiful bouquet of Cherry Blossoms.

Sakura smiled as her blush increased.

Syaoran's cheeks started to turn red also and Sakura noticed this.

'He's so kawaii when he blushes,' she thought.

Syaoran started to walk to her as Sakura's heart started to beat faster and faster with every step that he took.


Sakura's head was beginning to spin. 'Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe out…Oh wait! That's not right!'

"Y-y-yeah…?" she stuttered.

Syaoran walked towards her until they were a foot apart.

"These are for you," he said as he handed the bouquet of Cherry Blossoms to her.

Sakura smiled and accepted the bouquet. "Thank you."

Syaoran nodded his head.


"I'm sorry for what happened in History, Syaoran," Sakura said.

"I'm not," Syaoran said, smiling.

Sakura's blush went darker. "You're not?"

Syaoran shook his head. "I'm not," he repeated.

Sakura smiled.

Syaoran took her hand into his. "Sakura…I…"

"You what?" Sakura asked, hoping for the three well known words from him.


Sakura and Syaoran turned to see Moroin and Nievan.

Moroin walked towards Sakura, but Syaoran moved in front of her.

"There you are, dear! We've been looking all over for you!" Moroin told her.

Nievan nodded his head. "You are a hard girl to find!"

Syaoran growled. "Didn't I tell you two to leave Sakura alone?"

Nievan nodded his head again. "Yes you did, but we realized something. Why should you have a say when she's not yours."

"Wanna bet?" Sakura asked. In one fluid motion, she grabbed Syaoran's arm and yanked him around to have his lips meet hers. Syaoran's eyes widen, but he slowly closed them and returned the kiss. Sakura's heart skipped a couple beats when she felt him return the kiss.

Moroin growled. 'I'm not going to stand here and watch them make out!' he thought. He yanked Syaoran away from Sakura, punched Syaoran hard in the stomach, and slapped Sakura. Sakura fell to the ground as Syaoran held his stomach.

"That will teach you!" Moroin yelled at Syaoran. Moroin reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a pocketknife out.

Nievan stood there, stunned. "Moroin, I agreed to beat Syaoran up. I don't want to kill him."

"We can get rid of him easier this way," Moroin told him.


Nievan turned to look at Sakura.

Sakura smiled at him as she held her cheek that Moroin slapped. "You should leave then. You won't get in as much trouble if you leave now. It's the smartest thing to do."

Nievan stood there, staring at Sakura. He nodded his head and ran off the campus.

Syaoran watched as Nievan ran off campus. He stood up, ignoring the pain in his stomach, and looked over at Sakura, who was still holding up her cheek. He glared at Moroin.

'He hurt MY Cherry Blossom. I won't let him get away with it!' Syaoran thought as he got into a fighting stance.

"That pocketknife doesn't scare me, Moroin," Syaoran growled. "I'll teach you for what you did to MY Cherry Blossom."

Sakura blushed. 'He called me his!'—She shook the blush off—'This is no time to think of that. Syaoran could get hurt.'

"Syaoran!" she called out to him. "Please don't. I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't worry, Sakura," Syaoran said to her without taking his eyes off Moroin. "Go somewhere safe."

Sakura shook her head. "No way! I'm staying here…with you."

Syaoran didn't get the chance to answer back since Moroin charged at him, knife in hand.

Sakura held her breath as she watched Syaoran duck all of Moroin's attacks.

'Onegai, let him get through this alive,' she thought.

Syaoran kept on moving away from Moroin's attacks.

'This is easy,' Syaoran thought. 'The guy is as slow as a turtle!'

"STOP MOROIN!!!!!" Sakura screamed. "I can't stand watching this anymore!!" To the surprise of both guys, Sakura ran in front of Syaoran right when Moroin was charging at him.

Syaoran's eyes widened. 'No!' he screamed in his head as he pushed Sakura out of the way. Moroin's pocketknife entered Syaoran's body at the hip as Sakura hit ground hard. Syaoran fell to the ground in pain.

Moroin stared at the pocketknife that was still in Syaoran's hip. Frightened at what was to happen next, Moroin suddenly took off running away from the campus.

'Wuss,' Syaoran thought as he saw Moroin run off campus. Syaoran could feel his energy drain quickly and the pain in hip was almost unbearable. He reached for his hip and could feel that the knife was still in his side. Syaoran pulled the knife out of his hip and threw it aside. Syaoran looked over at Sakura, who still had not moved from the spot where Syaoran had pushed her. The bouquet of Cherry Blossoms that he gave her laid right next to her.

"No…Sakura!" he said with pain as he crawled over to her. "Don't you dare die on me!" He reached Sakura and laid right next to her. He reached for Sakura's hand and held it.

'I'll love you always and forever, Sakura,' he thought as black filled his vision.


"Miss? Miss? Can you hear me?"

Sakura groaned and rolled over. "Go away, Onii-chan. Give me five more minutes."

Sakura heard the person chuckle and say, "I think she'll be okay. How's her friend?"

She heard someone else say, "I don't think he's that great. He has a pretty deep scratch in his hip. Looks like somebody cut him with a knife."

'Knife?' Sakura thought. 'SYAORAN!' Her eyes shot open and she tried to sit up, but a sharp pain came to her head.

"I don't think you should try to move around much, Miss."

Sakura ignored the person and the pain in her head. She turned to look next to her and saw Syaoran laying down with his eyes closed.

"Syaoran!" she cried and scooted closer to him. Sakura set his head into her lap and put her hand over his cut to try to stop the bleeding. Syaoran's blood was getting on sleeve, but she could care less.

"I called an ambulance," the other guy told her. "They should be here shortly."

Sakura nodded her head.

'Don't you dare leave me, Syaoran Li!' she thought. 'I won't let you!'

The ambulance arrived and started to inspect Syaoran. They pulled Sakura away from him and lifted him into the back of the vehicle. Sakura was about to climb in when she was held back by one of the paramedics.

"You can't go in there," the paramedic said.

Sakura frowned. "Please let me go with him!"

The paramedic shook his head and climbed into the vehicle. Sakura stood there as it drove away with Syaoran in the back.

One of the guys put his hand on Sakura's shoulder.

"I'm sure he'll be alright," he assured her.

Sakura nodded her head. "Thank you for helping us."

The other guy smiled. "No problem. We're happy to help. Do you need a ride home? We can drive you."

"No thank you," Sakura said. "My house isn't far from here. Thanks again!" She ran in the direction of her house and arrived in record speed.

'Onegai let Touya be home,' she thought as she ran into the house.


"What?" Touya yelled from the couch.

Sakura ran over to him, breathing hard.

"How did it go today with Syaoran?" Touya asked his little sister.

"Onii-chan, I need you to drive me to the hospital RIGHT NOW!!!" Sakura shouted.

Touya winced and saw something red on Sakura's sleeve.

"What happened? Are you hurt?"

Sakura shook her head. "Onegai, Onii-chan. Syaoran's hurt and I must see him right away!"

Touya nodded and got up from the couch, in search for his keys. He found them keys and the two siblings got into the car and drove in the direction of the hospital. They arrived not long later. Sakura ran into the hospital followed closely by Touya. She looked around and found a desk with a lady dressed in white.

"Excuse me?" Sakura said to the nurse.

The nurse looked up. "Yes?"

"Can you please tell me what room Syaoran Li is in?" Sakura asked.

"Are you a friend or family?" the nurse asked.

Sakura winced. 'I was hoping she wasn't going to ask that.'

"Friend," Sakura mumbled.

"I'm sorry. Family only," the lady said.

Sakura groaned and flopped down in one of the waiting room's chair. She put her head into her hands and started to cry.

'Stupid rule,' she thought. 'I just want to see him.' She heard Touya sit down in a chair next to her.

"Are you going to tell me what happened now?"

Sakura lifted her head and leaned back in the chair. She told her big brother everything that happened that day including the outburst in her History class. After she was finished, Sakura was crying into Touya's shoulder.

"Right when he was starting to talk to me again," Sakura sobbed.

Touya rubbed her sister's back. "I know. I know."

She stood up. "I'm going to call his family."

Touya nodded his head and stood up also. "I'll call Otou-san."

The two walked over to the payphones and called who they were supposed to. Sakura called Syaoran's family, along with Eriol and Tomoyo. Touya called their father. Eriol and Tomoyo arrived first.

Tomoyo ran over to cheer up the crying Sakura while Eriol went over to talk to Touya.

"She feels pretty bad?" Eriol asked Touya, gesturing over to Sakura.

Touya's eyes soften. "Yeah, she does. Syaoran protected her. He took the hit just to…protect her."

Eriol smiled and looked down at the ground. "That's my best friend. Syaoran was never one to be selfish. He does love her, you know that?"

Touya nodded. "So I've heard."

Eriol looked over at his girlfriend, who was hugging Sakura. "Both of them will be alright."

Touya nodded again.

Tomoyo smoothed out Sakura's hair. "Syaoran die this easy. You should know that."

"I know," Sakura sobbed.

Tomoyo looked over towards the entrance of the waiting room and saw Syaoran's mother had just entered along with all four of his sisters. Touya yelped and searched for some place to hide when he saw the four girls walk in.

Sakura saw them also. She stood up and ran over to Yelan.

"I'm so sorry!" she cried to her.

Yelan hugged her. "Shhh…calm down and tell me what happened."

Sakura began to explain what had happened after her last class, but left out everything about her and Syaoran's confusing relationship. When she finished, Syaoran's sisters sighed.

"That's our Little Wolf," one of them said.

"Always one for the ladies," said another.

"That was so romantic," the next one said.

"Extremely," said the last.

Sakura looked down at her knees. She looked up when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"He'll be alright," Yelan assured her.

Sakura smiled and nodded.

A doctor walked over to Yelan.

"Are you Syaoran Li's mother?" he asked her.

Yelan nodded. "Yes I am."

"You may see him now. Family only," the doctor added.

"Why can't I see him?" Sakura asked.

"Our Hospital's Policies," the doctor answered. "We don't like to have patient's friends to visit them. We don't believe it's not right."

Sakura growled. 'What a JERK!'

Yelan sighed and followed the doctor along with the four sisters.

Touya looked over at his sister. She looked like she was about to go after the doctor and knock his guts out. "Sakura…we should be heading home."

Touya saw Sakura nod her head. He walked over to her and stared to lead her out of the hospital.

"Bye you guys," Sakura said to Tomoyo and Eriol as her brother led her out of the hospital.

"Bye Sakura," Tomoyo and Eriol said in unison.

The ride back home was with total silence.

Touya looked over at his sister as he continued to drive. 'Poor Sakura,' Touya thought seeing how sad she was.

They reached their home not long later. Sakura walked up the stairs to her bedroom and shut the door.

Touya walked over into the kitchen where Fujitaka was.

"How is Syaoran?" Fujitaka asked.

Touya shrugged. "We don't know. The doctor won't allow friends to go in to see him."

Fujitaka frowned. "That's terrible. How's Sakura taking this?"

Touya frowned. "Not very well."

Upstairs, Sakura looked out her bedroom window at the starry night with the white moon shinning brightly.

'Baka doctor,' she thought. 'I just wish I knew if Syaoran was going to be okay or not. I hate the fact that I don't know.'—She saw a shooting star go across the sky and she closed her eyes—'I wish for a happy ending. That's what I wish for.'

Sakura then crawled into bed and fell asleep.


Syaoran opened his eyes the next morning to find that he wasn't familiar with his surroundings.

"Where am I?"

"You're at the hospital, Syaoran."

Syaoran gasped and turned to see his mother sitting right next to him. She had lines under her eyes showing him that she hadn't slept in awhile.


Yelan smiled at her son. "I'm glad to see you've awakened."

Syaoran blinked. "What happened? The last I remember is…" he trailed off. "SAKURA! WHERE IS SHE?! IS SHE OKAY???"

Yelan winced at her son's sudden outburst. "She's fine. The doctors wouldn't let friends come back to see you so her brother took her home. She felt really bad for what happened. She felt that it was her fault."

"But it wasn't," Syaoran said. "She was the one who said that I should not fight, but to keep up my pride and honor, I did. My immatureness caused Sakura to get hurt and for me to get stabbed…"—He touched his hip and winced--…painfully in the hip."

Yelan smiled and held her son's hand. "You've grown up so much, Syaoran."


Yelan looked at her son. "Yes?"

"Mother…I love Sakura…with all my heart."

Yelan smiled and squeezed his hand. "I know. You didn't have to tell me. I believe I knew before you knew that you loved her. I also know that she loves you just as much as you love her."

"You do?" Syaoran asked. "How?"

Yelan smiled again. "The feeling comes along with being a mother."


Yelan stood up. "I'm going to go home and get refresh. Your sisters were here…"—She sighed—"…but they found a 'cute' guy to follow around."

Syaoran laughed. "That would be my sisters. Mother…do you think Sakura will stop by?"

Yelan frowned. "Even if she did, the doctors wouldn't let her in to see you, Syaoran. They said NO friends at all times."

"Baka doctors."

"I bet that she was saying the same, dear."


It took all of Sakura's might to pull herself out of bed that morning. She couldn't help, but want to stay home and sleep. After all, she stayed up late last night trying to figure out ways how to kill Syaoran's doctor.

Sakura took her seat in her Math class and looked over at the desk next to hers.

"Syaoran…" she mumbled. Sakura laid her head down on her desk.

'I wonder if he's woken up yet,' she thought as the bell rang and class began.

The whole class period, Sakura's attention was else where. Her thoughts were floating over to what was happening to Syaoran at the hospital. That wasn't the only thing that was distracting Sakura. Her eyes weren't cooperating with her either. She felt them go cross eyed as she forced them to stay open. They would also shut for a couple more seconds then they were supposed to. Sakura almost jumped for joy when the bell rang.

The next two classes weren't any easier for Sakura except for the fact that it was easier to keep her eyes open in Gym then the other two classes…well excluding the beginning of the class.

Sakura tried to listen as Mr. Asuka began to explain which sport they were going to do.

"Tomoyo?" Sakura asked sleepily.

Tomoyo, who was sitting right next to her, looked at her. "Yeah?"

"Wake me up when he shuts up," Sakura said and leaned onto Tomoyo's and started to drift off to sleep.

Mr. Asuka saw the girl fall asleep onto Tomoyo's shoulder, but didn't say anything. He heard about what had happen the night before in Sakura's life.

Finally the bell rang to end Sakura's last class. She left the campus for home.

'Finally!' Sakura cheered in her mind. 'I'll ask Onii-chan if we can go try to visit Syaoran!'

Touya did take Sakura to the hospital, but when they returned home, Sakura was coming up with more and more ideas on how to kill that "baka doctor of Syaoran's." They did return to the hospital to try again, but after a couple more tries both of them gave up on seeing Syaoran. They did get to see his mother though and she did tell Syaoran that Sakura and Touya stopped by many times to visit, but couldn't get through to see him.

A couple weeks went by and Sakura still had yet had the chance to speak to Syaoran.

One Saturday, Sakura couldn't stand being cooped up in the house any longer.

"I'm going out!" she said to her brother and father and walked out of the house. She started to walk towards the University, hoping that it would cheer her up. She walked into the stadium and sat down on the first row of benches.

She smiled at the memories that came to her mind.

Oikawa smiled to her and turned to Syaoran. "How about this: the team who wins gets to take the Cherry Blossom…on a date."

Syaoran blinked. "A…date?"

Oikawa nodded. "Yes a date with her," he answered, pointed at Sakura.

Syaoran frowned and looked up at Sakura, who looked a bit scared. "Fine I'm in, but I'll warn you though, I will NOT lose this," Syaoran growled. "She's one of the most sweetest girl I've ever met. I will not tolerate her being hurt in any way."

"Touching," Oikawa said.

"I will not let you win," Syaoran said, glaring at him.

Sakura smiled and looked down at another spot on the field. Another memory came to her.

Syaoran and Eriol were both standing up in the stands and where in their own conversation about something she didn't know about.

"Come on, Sakura."

Sakura turned around to see Tomoyo walking towards her.

"Let's go speak to the guys before we go change," Tomoyo said.

"Okay," Sakura agreed and followed Tomoyo over to the entrance of the stands and started to climb the steps up to where the boys where. They stood in the row that was right below the boys.

Once the four of them started to get into a conversation…

"WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sakura turned around just in time to see a soccer ball head right for her, but it missed and hit…


Syaoran started to lose his balance from the impact of the ball. He started to fall and on accident…


…He landed right on top of Sakura, who was standing right in front of him. They fell down another row of bleachers, but then stopped in an awkward position. Sakura landed underneath Syaoran and their lips brushed just slightly on accident.

Both of them blushed crimson and stood up as fast as they could. Tomoyo and Eriol started to laugh.

"Sorry, Sakura," Syaoran said, still blushing a nice color of red.

"O-o-oh that's okay…S-s-Syaoran," Sakura stuttered, still blushing like crazy.

Sakura felt tears come to her eyes. "Oh Syaoran."


Sakura gasped and turned to see Syaoran standing not far from her. He didn't look to bad for a guy who had a knife sticking out of his hip not too long ago. He looked tired though. Sakura stood up and ran to him. She threw herself into his arms and started cry.

"I cannot believe it's you!" she sobbed into his shoulder.

Syaoran smiled as he held her. "I'm sorry. My mother told me how rude the doctors were and how they said that you couldn't come back to see me."

Sakura giggled. "You'd be surprised how many ways I have came up with to kill a doctor."

Syaoran laughed.

They released from their hug.

"I never really got to finish what I was going to say to you a couple weeks ago," Syaoran said.

Sakura's heart started to beat fast again. "No you didn't."

"Sakura, I…"


A soccer ball came close to Sakura's head. She lost her balance from trying to dodge the next soccer ball that came shooting at her and landed on Syaoran.


Sakura and Syaoran turned to look who it was and sweatdropped. Sarah and the red haired girl that broke her nail, thanks to Molly and Meilin, were standing out on the field with a bunch of soccer balls laying in front of them.

"I thought we settled this with our bet, Sarah."


Sakura and Syaoran looked over and at the entrance to the field stood Meilin, Molly, Tomoyo, and Eriol. Molly had a sack thrown on her shoulder. She dumped the contents out of the bag which happened to be all soccer balls.

Meilin smiled and yelled, "IT'S TIME FOR SOME PAYBACK!!!!!!!"

The six University students began their war with soccer balls.

Sakura, who was still on top of Syaoran, sweatdropped. "Aren't we ever going to get time alone?"

Syaoran shook his head. "Most likely not," he said.

Syaoran looked into her eyes as she looked into his.

"Sakura…" he trailed off when Sakura brought his lips to hers into a short, but passionate kiss.

"Syaoran, I love you, but do you know why?"—Syaoran shook his head—"Because you showed me that I don't have to be scared anymore. You are always there protecting me so I know that I have no need to be scared anymore. That's why I love you."

Syaoran smiled and hugged her. "You are right. You have no need to be scared anymore. I'll always be there to love you and protect you, Sakura."


"Finally! We are out of here!" Sakura yelled as she threw her graduation cap into the air along with the rest of the graduating class.

Three years have gone by and finally, Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Eriol, Meilin and Molly had just graduated from the University. They graduation was taking place outside. The sky was clear and sunny. Over the years, Sakura and Syaoran's relationship grew. As for Tomoyo and Eriol, they were getting married the month after graduation.

Sakura threw her arms around Syaoran. "Finally."

Syaoran smiled and kissed her. "You sound as if it was torture."

Sakura smiled. "Trying to get some time alone with you my first year here was torture."

Syaoran rolled his eyes. "No kidding."

Sakura pulled Syaoran to where her father and brother where sitting. Syaoran's family sat right next to hers.

"Congratulation Kajiuu," Touya said.

Sakura growled. "Kajiuu ja nani!"

"Hey guys!" Tomoyo called out to them as she walked towards the two followed closely by Eriol.

"Hey Tomoyo!" Sakura said.

Tomoyo and Sakura hugged.

"At last," Tomoyo sighed. "We're done."

"You know, Syaoran," Eriol said to him, "I'm going to miss living with you."

Syaoran smiled. "I know. It's going to be hard."

Molly and Meilin ran over to group.

"We've finally done!" Meilin cheered.

Sakura giggled and turned to look at Syaoran.

Syaoran smiled and kissed Sakura's forehead. "Can I ask you a question?"

Sakura blinked and nodded her head. "Of course."

She held her breath as Syaoran got down on one knee and pulled out a velvet box. He opened the box to reveal a diamond ring. Sakura heard Syaoran's sisters sigh in the background.

"Sakura Kinomoto, will you marry me?"

Sakura didn't hesitate. She threw her arms around Syaoran's neck.

"Of course I will!"

"KAAAAAAAWWWWWAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" Syaoran's sisters, Tomoyo, Meilin, and Molly screamed all at once.

Syaoran slipped the ring onto Sakura's finger and kissed her.

'I know that you know this, my Cherry Blossom,' Syaoran thought as he watched Tomoyo, Meilin, Molly, and his sisters crowd around Sakura, 'but you don't need to be scared anymore for I am forever by your side.'


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