Let Go and Let's Move On:

Summary: In the end, Sumi won Usami over. Does that mean the end of the Romantica couple? Inspired by Ester-the-Scribe's There Will Always Be Drama.

Misaki's POV:

My head rested on the cold kitchen table, as I looked straight at the couch. That's where Usagi-san and I first had sex, not that it mattered now. I couldn't believe what had happened a week, two days and thirty-five minutes ago, not that I'm counting.

I was at Sempai's house after the school festival. Of course Usagi-san started to worry, but I didn't bother to pick up any of his messages. Then I got drunk and passed out for a while. When I woke up I found Sempai on top of Usagi-san. Of course I was confused, and Sempai started to talk about giving Usagi-san to him. He also asked him if Usagi-san was 'forcing me against my will'. I admit, it happened the first time, but even though I would struggle out to Usagi-san's force, I never left his side. However, in the end Usagi-san broke up with me and started to date Sempai, without a real reason from him.

So why the hell was I still here? Just waiting for the right chance to finally leave, that's why. All I know is that I had to move out soon. It was very awkward to see my ex-lover going out with my sempai and I was still living in his house. But I found a vacant apartment near the school, and I was thinking of moving in there. The rent wasn't that bad either so my job will cover that.

Finally standing up, I walked upstairs to my room and started to pack. So far all I needed was my clothes and a futon. Maybe I'll ask for some kitchen from Sempai. When I was done I strolled back down. I might as well start to make some food and put it in the fridge for Usagi-san to eat when I'm not here when the phone started to ring. "Hello?"

"Ah! Hi Misaki!" It was Nii-chan. "Are you doing fine?"

No, no I wasn't. "Yeah. I'm okay."

"That's good. Is Usagi-san there?"

I sighed. "No, he's out, again."

"Misaki, is there something going on?" Nii-chan asked concerned. "This is the third time that Usagi-san isn't home, and your voice seems weaker than usual."

I knew I couldn't hide it forever, and he was my brother. I might as well tell him. "Nii-chan, I think I should move out of Usagi-san's home."

"What? Did he do something-

I shook my head and interrupted him. "No, I think it's me. His editors keep bugging him about his manuscripts, and the reason why he isn't doing them is because, well… I think I keep distracting him from his work." I lied.

"H-how Misaki? I don't see how you can do that to him."

"I'm always pestering him about, well personal things and stuff and he leaves his work behind just to talk to me." He has to believe this. Please God make him believe my lie…

"Oh, I see. I still don't think that it's your fault though. Do you want to move with Minami and I?" he asked.

"No, I don't want to bother you two, and I still have to finish the semester. I already found an apartment and it's close to the school too." I reassured him.

"Do you need help with rent? Or-

"Nii-chan! It's fine my job will cover that. But… can I borrow some kitchen wear? It's all I need anyway."

I could tell Nii-chan was smiling over the phone. "Sure, Minami and I will help you out. And you're going to tell Usagi-san about this right?"

I wasn't planning to actually. "Yeah, I will. Thank you Nii-chan."

"You're welcome." We both then hung up. I almost fell onto my knees, crying about what I'm going to do. I'm actually leaving Usagi- I mean Usami-sensei. I mean he left me first, so why am I the one feeling so guilty? Even with my blurred vision I saw Suzuki-san on the couch, sitting there. I slowly strolled to the couch and picked up the big teddy bear.

"Good-bye Suzuki-san." I sobbed out, holding him tighter. "Good-bye Usami-sensei."

Three days later:

"Yeah, that's my new address Nii-chan, I'll be there in about ten minutes. See you then." I hung up the phone. There was about a week's worth of food in the fridge, the laundry was done, the whole house was clean and Usami-sensei wouldn't be home for another hour or so. After straightening Suzuki-san up, I wrote a note and left it on the kitchen table, with the spare house key he gave me. All my bags were already at the apartment, which I was going to after school. Nii-chan was there to help me to finally move in.

I was finally going to leave; I think it was the best for the both of us. If Usami-sensei is happy, then I'm happy. I was about to head for the door when it opened, with Usami-sensei coming in. "Usami-sensei…" I started. Why is he here early?

He raised an eyebrow. "Misaki? You just called me sensei, is there something wrong?"

Yeah something is wrong, you left me for Sempai and now I'm leaving your house. "Ah, no, nothing is wrong. It just slipped out. I should get going now."

"Where are you going?" he asked, dropping his jacket on the couch.

"J-just going out…" Going out and never coming back anyway. I saw Usami-sensei walking towards the table for his cigarettes when he noticed the note. "B-bye!" I yelled leaving the apartment. I had to hurry and leave the whole building. I couldn't turn back now.

"Misaki!" I hear him call. I started to run faster. If I turn back, I don't know if I'll be able to ever leave. "Misaki!" His footsteps were getting closer, and just as I was about to reach the elevator he grabbed my arm and spun me around. "What the hell is this about?" he angrily asked showing me my note and the spare key.

"I-I…" I just couldn't talk. I turned away from him. However he didn't take that as my answer and started to drag me back to the apartment. "No!" I yelled yanking back. "I'm not going back!"

"Misaki, what's wrong, why are you leaving?!"

"It's nothing serious! I-I think it's just time for me go move out." I tried to explain calmly.

"Why? This is very sudden Misaki." We didn't move from our spots for a while when he finally realized it. "Is this about Sumi?" I was still turned away from him. He forced me to look at his eyes. "Is. This. About. Your. Sempai?"


"Look Misaki, just because he and I are going out doesn't mean you have to leave-

"Yes it does! This is exactly why I'm leaving!" I finally said. "Don't you think it's weird that you're dating Sempai and then I'm still living with you? You're former lover?!" I pressed the button on the elevator, waiting for it to come up and take me down.

"Even though we still made a deal that you will always eat with me, and that you'll stay by my side so you wouldn't be a burden to me!" Ha, those promises huh? You already broke promise number one, so I might as well break number two.

"Why do you need me when you have Sempai?!" The elevator pinged and I quickly stepped in. I pressed the down button and the button for it to quickly close. "Why don't you just let him stay at your house? He is your new and improved lover!" I ask while the doors closed.

"Misaki!" was the only thing I heard left as the doors closed. As I started to go down I started to cry. I had to wipe my eyes; I couldn't let Nii-chan see me like this when I get to my new house. I couldn't let anyone see me like this.

"Ah, there you are Misaki! I was getting worried." Nii-chan said, as I opened the door.

"You worry to much Nii-chan." I laughed letting them inside.

"That's because he's your nii-chan Misaki." Nee-chan pointed out. I guess she came along with Nii-chan to help me move in. But as I got in, the whole apartment was filled with new furniture and carpet. There was even a vase and flowers on a coffee table "I-is this my apartment…"

"Surprise!" They both yelled. "We filled your apartment with furniture, so it's wouldn't look so plain." Explained Nii-chan.

"But, the cost!" I yelled.

"Don't worry about that Misaki. This is actually old furniture my parents had in their basement." Explained Nee-chan. "Takahiro and I refurnished it! We also got a washing machine for you, but you may still have to hang the clothes to dry them."

I stood there stunned. They did this all, just for me? All I felt was the warmth coming from them, and my tears. "Misaki, what's wrong?" asked Nii-chan.

"I-I'm just very happy. T-thank you!" They showed me the whole entire apartment including my bedroom. I really couldn't believe that it was all used furniture, they all looked so new! And to thank them I cooked a very big dinner, since they also gave me some groceries to last me about a week or so.

Hours later they were about to leave. "Be safe Misaki." Nii-chan said, hugging me good-bye.


Nee-chan kissed my forehead. "See you soon Misaki." She smiled before they both left. I watch from the window as they both started to go downstairs. Smiling, I closed the curtains and started on the dishes.

I really do owe them; I mean look what they did for me. No one could have done this for me.

After scrubbing the dishes, I cleaned the kitchen and took a shower. While in there I expected someone coming through the door and attack me while I was naked and venerable. Of course, no one did. I started to wonder, would I really miss those attacks? I shook myself into reality. Those attacks will not come for me anymore, and I do not miss them either.

Once I was done, I dressed in my pajamas and got into bed. I have classes tomorrow so I better get a good night's rest.

However as I was about to drift into a slumber, I heard a loud thump coming from next door. Standing up, I turned back and stared at the wall. There was nothing. Thinking it was just some pet or something I went back to bed when I started to hear some voices. I pressed my ear against the wall. I shouldn't be eavesdropping, but what if someone was getting hurt? I could call the police and-

"Ah! D-Don't touch me there! A-ah!" It was a man's moaning voice, but I feel as if I know that voice. I shrugged. They must have been a newly wed couple or something. I was about to sleep once again when I heard another voice, and it wasn't a woman's.

"You're so cute Hiro-san…" Hiro-san? That was also a man's voice. So another gay couple huh? I guess it shouldn't really bother me.

"S-stupid, they call me Demon Kamijou at the university. How can I be cute?" I almost fell off my bed when I heard that name. Demon Kamijou? No way that was him! But his voice, that is his voice!

Crap, crap, crap! I'm living right next to Demon Kamijou? And he's gay?


Author's Note: So, that is my first Junjo Romantica fanfiction! Like I said, Ester-the-Scribe's There Will Always be Drama inspired me to write this story. Sorry it was so short, I hope the next few chapters will be longer. So please review, I want to hear what you all think!

Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. I checked it over twice, so just tell me if I missed anything.