Hello everyone! This is my second fic on this account, amuto4life. Yay I am so happy. I mad at my other fic because I know Tadase is going to ruin there date and that is going to make me super mad. : (. So I decided to make a new fic with a brand new plot line. Yeah umm most characters are OOC especially Ikuto. Okay here is the summary

Summary: Ikuto is very smart and now has finished high school. He has about a year before he starts collage. So Ikuto decides to get a job and winds up as a teacher's assistant for AMU'S Class. This causes nothing, but causes for Amu.

Paring: Amuto


"Hello everyone I have to introduce a new assistant teacher. He is a very smart student and has graduated high school. He will be starting collage in about a year, so he will be here till then. Everyone please give a big welcome to Ikuto Tsukiyomi." Nikaidou the teacher said.

Amu was a little spaced out and soon she heard.

"I hate you; you are such a thieving cat." Tadase said loudly.

Ikuto didn't want to respond and just ignored him, which made Tadase upset. Then the bell rang and everyone ran out of the room even Nikaidou. The only two left in the room were Amu and Ikuto. (A/N The best couple in the world.) Ikuto walked over to the pink haired student and greeted her.

"Hey!" Amu replied to the man.

"Don't look down. I know you wanted to see me." Ikuto said to her.

Amu's POV

"Sure." I said in a kind of sad tone.

"What's wrong?" Ikuto asked me like he cared.

"Nothing!" I said as I ran through the door of the classroom. The truth is I actually don't know what is wrong with me. I mean if I told Ikuto, he would most likely laugh at me. I don't know why, but I think I am sad because of Ikuto. The strange thing is he hasn't done anything bad to me, I just feel different around him. It is just probably that he is my teacher kind of. Yep that is defiantly it. I not sure of it though, but if I just don't think about it everything will be great.

"Amu are you sure you are okay?" Ikuto asked me trying to polite, but it failed. My heart started to beat so fast. My chest became so tight. There was nothing I could to, but to run. I ran as fast as I could. Then I ran into something, and I looked up, it was Tadase. The man who is Ikuto's enemy, but why do I care, shouldn't I say Tadase enemy Ikuto. I mean I like Tadase right. I thought of this concept really hard. But I never reached a conclusion. I just don't know who I love. (A/N how could you even think you like Tadase Amu?) Well I have to get to the guardian's meeting.

The Guardian's Meeting

Normal POV

"Well we have a new matter to discuss at this meeting today. The theiving cat has been sent by Easter. (A/N or so he thought.) Ikuto has become an assistant teacher for me, Hinamori, Nagihiko and Mashiro-san." Tadase announced to the guardians

"Really!" Kukai was shocked.

"What do you think Hinamori?" Tadase asked Amu. Amu didn't hear because she was thinking deeply about her Ikuto confusion. "Huh Hinamori, what do you think about it?"

"Oh about Ikuto being our assistant teacher. I see nothing wrong with that!"

"What!" Tadase looked at her like she was some kind of freak.

"What is so wrong with it? He is not that bad Tadase. Stop freaking out. You used to now the guy, but he is different and nicer now."

"Hinamori-san! Don't talk like that. He is a thieving cat and it makes me sick. HINAMORI-SAN please leave right now!"

"Pathetic." Amu said as she left the room.

"Thanks for standing up for me!" Ikuto smirked.

Amu's POV

My heart started beating. I didn't know whether to say no promblem or I wasn't I was just saying what I believe.

"Wow Amu, you havn't talk too much today." Ikuto said as he left. I waved goodbye and I pray he didn't see, but I think he did. I walked off campus and walked to the bench me and Ikuto had our indirect kiss and I started to blush. Then to the tree we shared so many beautiful memories at. I was hopping he would pop out, but he didn't, so I continued walking, but then I heard his voice.

"Amu? What are you doing here?" He questioned.

"Umm." I said trying to think of a reason.

"I bet you came to see me." He said with a smirk on his face.

"Wipe that smirk off your face." I told him, but he wasn't there anymore. Then I realized it wasn't him so of his features were missing such as his cross necklace, so I must have been day dreaming about him. I was so confused. Why would I day dream about Ikuto? My brain was hurting. I didn't uderstand one thing. And then it all became clear to me. I love Ikuto, not Tadase, but Ikuto. The cat who works for Easter. The man who hates the Kiddy ki- I mean Tadase. He is the man I LOVE.


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