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Paring: Amuto


Amu's POV

How can I not notice my feelings for him? Am I that dumb? He will never like me back though. Maybe I should tell him, since every time I admit my love for someone I always don't love them anymore. But what is there not to love about that cat? I am so full of questions, that only my heart can answer. Well I better tell him to let it of my chest.

"Hey Amu! I love you too!" Ikuto told me.

"Huh!" I turned around and he wasn't there anymore. I been having these illusions of Ikuto and they have been hurting my heart. Why do I yearn for Ikuto so much? All of these questions ran through my mind. When all the sudden I heard a voice.

"Hey Amu, are you okay?"

"Oh hey Nagihiko!" I said as I faked a smile.

"Are you okay? You have been acting really weird lately especially to Tadase."

"Yeah I am fine and really. I don't think so; he is just getting on my nerves about uh Ikuto."

"Oh well if you need help just ask Rima and me."

"Thanks!" I said to Nagihiko in a more cheerful tone.

"Well I have to go!" He said to me.

I ran off. Tears for some reason were streaming down my face. Soon I found myself lost and in a place I had never seen before. Where was I? I didn't know where to go and what to do. Why do bad things always happen to me? I sighed. I really wanted to see Ikuto at this moment, but he probably didn't ever want to see me.

"Of course I do baby. I want and to see you every day." Ikuto or rather then my illusion of him.

"Stop!" I yelled out loud. There was one man around who heard me. He kind of looked familiar. I inched closer and closer and soon heard a BUMP. I had ran into this man and now I realized who he was, it was the man of my dreams, Ikuto.

"Amu is something wrong?" Ikuto questioned.

"Umm no, I mean yeah. I have something to tell you!"

"And what is that Amu?" He asked me.

"Well, it is kind of hard to say. The truth is I umm love umm you!" I said and started to run as far from her as I could. He didn't follow me so I figured he didn't love me back. I made me sad, but I had to forget about that and be my fake 'Cool and Spicy' character. I wondered if Ikuto would like no love me if I was my true myself. Then I thought I always act normal towards him, so it wouldn't make a difference. Why did I fall for such a man? Why couldn't I settle for Kairi? He loved me, so why can't I love him back? I guess it is the same thing for Ikuto. I love him, so why can't he love me back? These questions will never be answered will they?

Ikuto's POV

Where did that girl go? Where is Amu? I was worried about here. She just ran off, but why would she just admit she loved me like that. Thinking of that made me blush. I have never thought that about are relationship like that. And now that I do, maybe I do like her. Everything ran through my head in about one second. Why would I like her? What features does she offer me? She is not the kind of girl I would fall for. I would fall for someone hotter. I don't want to care for her. And I don't want her to love me. I can't change the way I feel about her though and I guess it is the same for her. Maybe we will have a happy ending.

"Time to look for Amu!" I said to myself.


Amu's POV

"Here I sit on this bench, with only a bird to accompany me. He is probably like me all alone. Did you get dumped by the one you love too? Let us be alone together." I said to the bird.

"You are not alone." Ikuto said.

"Yeah sure, you are probably just another illusion." I said to the fake.

"Illusion, no I am the real thing." He said as he planted a kiss on my face. "I love you to Amu!"

I never thought I would have a happy ending, but now I do and with the man of my dreams, Ikuto. I love him and now I know he loves me to and I am so happy, I could die!

"I love you Ikuto!" I said while jumping into his arms.

"I love you too!" He said while planting a kiss on my lips.

"Let's be together forever!" I said to the catlike man.

He replied to me. "Of course!"


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