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I'd Give Up Forever To Touch You

Thudding footfalls and the pounding of blood in her ears was all Annie could hear as she ran down the hallway. Wet black streaks were smeared on her cheeks as her mascara ran with her tears. Her face was red and puffy from all the crying she had done.

"Sam!" Annie called out. "Dean! Dean Winchester answer me, damn it!"

She ignored the people that stared as she continued to run down the hall.

God, it was just like the last time she was away with Lexie. No--this time it was worse. She had yet to hear about the Winchesters. Had yet to see them. She only knew that something happened. And it was bad.

Sliding around the corner Annie caught herself as she went to fall and kept running until she skidded to a stop in front of the nurses station/information desk.

"Sam Winchester?" Annie asked breathlessly.

The held up her index finger indicating Annie to wait while she finished her phone call.

"What about a Dean?"

"Well I heard Libby was in the on-call lounge with the janitor on floor 8." The nurse shook her finger at Annie and then muttered, "Ma'am, just like give me a sec."

Annie felt her face grow hot and she reached over the desk and slammed her hand down on the phone, knowing she disconnected the call when the nurse gave a scandalized gasp.

"I don't fucking care who the Hell's banging who! I asked a Goddamn question! I don't know if my family's dead or what's going on and you hold your damn finger up at me and tell me to wait while you gossip?!" Annie was leaned over the desk, her face practically pressed against the nurse's.

"Ma'am, I..."

"Don't 'Ma'am' me! Do your fucking job and tell me where my family is!"

"Annie!" Sam's voice was like a high-pitched whistle to a dog, it hit her ears instantly and seemed to boom.

"God you're so lucky. Had I needed to ask you again, you would've been working at McDonald's the rest of your pathetic life."

With the words of venom shot at the nurse Annie took off and soon found herself in Sam's arms. Hitting him with such a force that caused the air to leave both of their lungs.

"Oh God..." When Annie pulled back she got a good look at Sam's bruised face and red eyes. "Sammy."

Sam pulled Annie back into his arms as her tears started flowing again. He ignored the pain as his ribs felt as though they broke again and his body set fire when she wrapped her arms around him while she sobbed.

"How--How b-bad is it?" She gasped out through her sobs.

"Come on." His voice was thick.

Annie's brow furrowed as Sam pulled her down another all and to a small room.


Annie rushed into the room carefully flung herself into John Winchester's arms--well arm, as his left arm was in a sling.

"Hey Anna." John pressed a kiss to the side of her head.

A man in a white coat at the door cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry," He said softly. "but we prefer that only family be back here."

"She is family. She's my daughter-in-law." John's face had a look as if he were daring the doctor to argue with him.

"I didn't realize. I'm sorry." The doctor apologized again. "I would like to talk to you about your son."

John shared a look with Sam and then cleared his throat. "Sam, why don't you take Anna to see Dean."

It wasn't a question. It was an order and Sam knew it.

Sam nodded his head in the direction of the hallway and Annie quickly followed him from the room and down the hall. Annie felt her knees start to quake when they came to a stop in front of a spacious room that only housed medical necessities and a hospital bed. A hospital that held a deathly pale Dean hooked up to breathing tubes and so many other machines Annie couldn't tell where all the wires were going to and coming from.

Sam helped her into the room and pulled a chair up next to Dean's bed and helped her sit.

"Maybe talk to him? I know doctors say there's no point in really doing it, but Hell in our line of work who knows?" Sam's voice shook and his chin quivered. "Right?"

Annie felt a fresh batch of tears start flowing as she nodded in agreement to Sam. "Sure."

Pressing a kiss to her head Sam whispered a "talk to him" and then left the room to hear what the doctor had to say.

"Dean?" She reached for his hand but her hand hesitantly hovered above his, wondering if she should hold his or not. He looked as though he might shatter if she even breathed along him. "I'm here."

Resting her head against his arm, her breathing began to slow and her eyes slowly closed. Sleep taking over from the exhaustion and worry from the day's events.


"Come on, Dean!" A nine-year old Annie pulled on a nine-year old Dean's hand, a friend of hers since she was five.

"In a little bit, Annie." Dean shrugged her off and went back to his video game.

Annie frowned and crossed her arms. "My Dad will be here soon Dean, and I don't know when--if we'll see each other again."


"Never mind. I'll go find Sammy."

Dean sighed and turned off his game as Annie left with a slam of the door.


And that was the last time they saw each other--for six years.


Dean hesitantly opened the bedroom door. His heart sunk at the sight of Annie laying on the bed in her black dress.

"Hey." His voice had gotten deeper and he had grown into his ears.

She remained quiet as he slowly laid next to her on the bed, face up to the ceiling, hands placed on his stomach in a replica as her.

"My Mom died." Her voice was quiet and broken.

Dean nodded and willed his chin not to shake. He needed to be strong while Annie broke.

"I know."

"My Dad's losing his mind."

It was true. No one seen it coming but everyone sat around and watched as it happened.

"I'm going to be alone."

He grabbed her hand and held it like a vice grip.



Annie awoke with a tear sliding down her cheek.

"You promised." She whispered but frowned when her tear stopped mid-way down her cheek and disappeared.

Sitting up she looked around the room with a furrowed brow and her hand pressed to her cheek.


A feathering over her hand that rested on her cheek caused her to look at the comatose man on the bed in front of her.

With a shake of her head, Annie stood and left the room, bumping into Sam as she did.

"Hey, I uh, have to make a run real quick. Want to go?"

Annie nodded. Anything to get away from there.


"From what I heard from the doctors, if Dean wakes--he'll most likely never be Dean again."

Sam clenched his jaw and shook his head. "That's not gonna happen."

Annie sighed. Too tired to fight. "So what's in the bag?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out."

Sam had a slight sparkle to his eye and Annie's brow furrowed in confusion.

The two walked down the block to the hospital in relative silence until something caught Annie's eye and she froze on the spot.

"Oh my God..."

"Annie...?" Sam stopped and followed the direction of her gaze and his jaw dropped.

Annie walked past Sam and stopped a few feet from the bench that was placed on the hospital grounds. It had been over 12 years.


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