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Hazel graduated Hogwarts years back, and has decided to come back and learn to teach potions. She will be a student teacher in Snape's classes, learning the ropes.

She has never met him before, as he only began working there the year after she left.

She's quite a shy girl, not fond of confrontation or arguing; preferring to leave things be and not make a fuss. Although when provoked can really let fire. She loves to write and draw and is particularly good at Potions and Defence Against The Dark Arts.

Appearance: Average height, slim build, bright piercing green eyes, lily white skin, black hair that's slightly layered and almost goes to her shoulders.

Relations: Cousin of Bellatrix Lestrange. Although she is intrigued by the dark arts, she is not evil like her cousin. Hasn't kept in contact with her since she became a Death Eater.

Blood Type: Pure Blood

Wand Type: Oak, 12'5 Inches, Unicorn Hair core.

Authors Note: I have changed certain aspects of the real story to suit my own needs (such as who's in what school year and possible characters that are already dead) so that is why some parts may differ from the real story. J.K Rowling owns all characters except for Hazel who is mine. I make no money from this story whatsoever.

Chapter 1

The tall, silvery iron gates stood tall above her. The gargoyles on either side stared down at her with piercing grey eyes. She wondered if she was imagining things when she could have sworn one of them blinked.

Shaking her head slightly trying to rid herself of those thoughts, she turned her gaze to the castle she would make her home once again.

It had been her home for many years, and was sad to leave. But now she was back; and teaching seemed even more exciting than being a student.

With a deep breath, and one last look at the muggle world behind her, Hazel Oakleigh stepped through the gates to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and began the walk up the steps toward the castle.

Once at the door, she pushed it open slightly, and crept through the small gap. Before she had even a mere second to take a look at her old school, she was advanced upon by someone running towards her.

"H-hey, Professor McGonagal." Hazel stuttered as she was held in a tight hug.

Professor McGonagal stepped back and looked at her.

"Oh please, call me Minerva. Your not a student anymore Miss Oakleigh; I mean look at how you've grown!"

Hazel smiled. "I've missed being here, its been so long."

Professor McGonagal returned her smile with a very enthusiastic grin. "The best Slytherin Hogwarts has ever seen!"

Hazel blushed, and Professor McGonagal took her arm and led her down the hall.

"Well I…" She began feebly, but the Professor cut her off.

"Oh don't be modest." She snapped. "We all know you were the only good thing to come out of Slytherin in centuries."

Hazel couldn't find a single reply to that remark, so decided to keep quiet for arguments sake.

She led her down the hallway, until they reached a stone gargoyle much like the ones on the entrance gate. Hazel felt herself shiver when the two of them stood upon it to make their way up to Dumbledore's office.

They found they didn't even need to knock, as Dumbledore had evidently seen them coming and had opened the door already.

"Ah, come in Minerva, come in. And Miss Oakleigh." He smiled pleasantly to her.

"What a pleasure to see you again."

"You too sir." Hazel replied politely, and shook his hand firmly.

Dumbledore stepped back. Aren't you going to greet our new Professor, Severus?"

A man Hazel hadn't noticed before stepped out of the shadows. He was tall, with a very pale complexion, dark, sunken eyes, a thin and narrow face with a rather large hooked nose, and long, black greasy hair, which fell over his face like curtains.

His clothing matched his hair; black, neat and straight. Although it looked as though it had been washed more recently than his hair. Hazel thought he looked very much like a vampire.

Dumbledore introduced them.

"This is Miss Hazel Oakleigh, Severus. The young lady that you will be teaching. (Snape gave him a look that purely stated he did not want to be doing just that)

Miss Oakleigh, this is Professor Severus Snape. Please feel free to ask him anything throughout the course of the next few months, he will be teaching you everything you need to know about the art of teaching Potions after all."

Hazel gave him a small smile, which he returned only briefly; folding his arms over his chest and then returning his gaze toward Dumbledore.

"Must she be in every class with me?" Snape protested, making Hazel feel more and more uncomfortable by the minute.

"Never one for company, were you Severus?" Professor McGonagal asked, with a slight rudeness about her voice.

Snape did not answer, and looked at Dumbledore pointedly, waiting for an answer.

"Yes, Severus, Miss Oakleigh will be accompanying you to 99% of your classes. We have gone over this before. You will be showing her how to run a class, teach the students and give out rewards, punishments and the like. If you don't agree to this you may need to find a job elsewhere, Severus." Dumbledore spoke with a sternness Hazel had never heard before.

Snape looked defeated, but still held his air of composure. "Yes headmaster."

Dumbledore nodded to him, and turned to Hazel.

"Now Miss Oakleigh, you begin your instruction. You have been given a room just down the hall form Severus's. It is near the Slytherin common room so you can both keep an eye on the students. If you need anything, please feel free to knock on Severus's door at anytime, he will be more than happy to assist you."

Snapes lip curled at this.

"But if its food you require, then seek the house-elves down in the kitchens, who will cook you up a feast at a whisper."

Hazel smiled; she had had many encounters with house-elves before.

"Do you have any questions, Miss Oakleigh?" Dumbledore asked her.

Hazel shook her head. "No headmaster, I think I've got it. It sounds wonderful."

"Excellent, excellent. Now that's sorted, shall we go down and begin the feast? There's a pumpkin pastie with my name on it."

They turned to leave, and made there way down to the Great Hall, Dumbledore helping Hazel to her seat at the teachers table, which was evidently next to Snape's.

She turned and greeted him nervously, but he merely nodded at her and directed his attention to Dumbledore, who had stood up at the podium ready to address the school.

The hall fell silent at his calm stare. Dumbledore cleared his throat.

"Welcome back for another great year at Hogwarts! Now before we begin the sorting, I have a few start of term announcements to give you."

Hazel watched the students look amongst themselves briefly, before turning back to Dumbledore's waiting stare.

"Now as you can see, we have a new member of staff with us this year." He turned to Hazel, who stood up gracefully.

"Professor Oakleigh will be learning to teach Potions, so she will joining Professor Snape in his teaching rounds. In a few months, she will be teaching the first years potions. Please make her feel welcome."

Everybody clapped and cheered; Hazel took a blushing curtsey and sat back down again.

Dumbledore rattled on with his usual notices about the forbidden forest and which areas of the school to avoid, then placed the sorting hat on the stool and beckoned Professor McGonagal to lead the first years into the hall.

Hazel felt sympathy for the trembling students as they walked toward the stool in single file. She remembered how scared she had felt the day she had been sorted.

After the sorting hat had sung its usual song, the students sat on the stool one by one, and placed the hat on their head.

Soon cries of "Gryffindor!" "Ravenclaw!" "Hufflepuff!" and "Slytherin!" filled the room, mixed with cheers from each house as the students were sorted.

Hazel thought she'd try and make conversation with Snape again.

"Were you nervous at your sorting? I know I was, I could hardly stand from all my shaking."

Snape looked at her with his lip curled. "No I wasn't. The hat put me in Slytherin, I walked to the table and that was that." He spoke with an abruptness that made Hazel feel inferior. She nodded at him and watched the rest of the sorting with flaming cheeks.

Finally, Zephyr, Adam, was sorted into Ravenclaw, and Dumbledore announced the start of the feast. Instantly food piled itself up on the plates and dishes and jugs of pumpkin juice and water appeared. Hazel looked around hungrily and helped herself to some soup and a goblet of pumpkin juice.

Professor Sprout was sitting on her right, and as soon as the sounds of happy talking and students eating filled the room, she turned to Hazel with a drumstick in her hand. "Oh, Miss Oakleigh! It's wonderful that your back! I never knew you had a thing for Potions!"

Hazel smiled. "Thankyou Professor, ah yes… I really enjoy Potions. I cant wait to start teaching." Professor Sprout gave her a happy look. "Well that's great to hear, dear. But good luck with him." She motioned to Snape, who was silently cutting up steak and looking at it like it had just told him it was going to murder him.

At the sound of talk about him, Snape looked over with pure loathing.

"Excuse me?" He asked sharply.

"N-nothing..." Professor Sprout stuttered, turning away and continuing to eat.

Hazel thought he may just be shy like her, so she decided to go with a friendlier approach.

"So," She began brightly, giving Snape a cheerful look, which he returned with one of slight shock at her friendly tone.

"I'm really looking forward to our classes together." She continued, ignoring Snapes look.

Snape didn't even batter an eyelid.

"Oh really? That's nice." He spoke in a flat monotone, sounding thoroughly uninterested.

Hazel didn't let this stop her.

"Yes, so what have you got planned for our lessons? I'm eager to find out more about what we're teaching." She said bubbly and sounding genuinely interested.

Snape raised and eyebrow.

"I have left the weeks lesson plan in your room. You will find everything you need to know on it." He sounded as if he wanted to end the conversation there, but Hazel persisted.

"Oh Thankyou! That's wonderful, I was wondering what was going to happen."

"Yes…" Was Snape's only reply; he seemed a bit wary. Hazel thought perhaps the other teachers had never made this kind of effort in speaking to him before.

Snape continued eating without another word, and Hazel chatted merrily with Professor Sprout, who was explaining a little more about the school that had changed since she'd been there.

After everybody had finished their dinner and puddings for dessert, and were feeling considerably fuller and sleepy, Dumbledore stood to address the school once more.

"I'm sure everyone will agree that was an excellent feast." Murmurs of agreement ran through the students Dumbledore waited for silence.

"And now, it is time for us to bid farewell and go to bed. We have a big day ahead of us for the new school year; lets make it a good one!"

The students clapped loudly, and Dumbledore dismissed them with a wave of his hand and a twinkle in his eye. He then turned to the teachers, ready to give them instructions.

"Ah, isn't it great to be back at Hogwarts? I do hope you all had a pleasant holiday." He smiled at them.

"Well now, the heads of houses would you please follow the prefects up to the common rooms just to keep an eye out for them?" Professor McGonagal, Professor Sprout, Professor Flitwick and Snape gave a small nod and got up to leave the room.

"Oh, actually Severus, I have a different job for you." Snape leered back towards the table looking slightly annoyed but covering it in front of the headmaster quickly.

"Would you please escort Miss Oakleigh to her room? After all it is right near yours. I would myself of course, but I have an urgent owl to send to the Ministry of Magic."

Snape gave Hazel a seething look before turning back to Dumbledore.

"Certainly, Headmaster." He spoke in his flat tone once again. Hazel, sensing Snape's dislike at this idea, decided to speak up.

"Oh it's alright Professor Dumbledore sir, I'm sure I can manage to find my way there."

Dumbledore chuckled, and Snape looked hopeful.

"No, no it's quite alright Miss Oakleigh, Severus would be more than delighted to help you I'm sure." Hazel glanced at Snape, who had the exact opposite look on his face than what Dumbledore had said.

"Now, now, off to bed with everyone, classes begin tomorrow, we need rest." And with that, he rose gracefully and began walking toward the door; the other teachers following.

Hazel looked to Snape again, he did not return the look, but merely stood and said, "Your room is this way." And began walking in the direction of the dungeons; Hazel following quickly behind him.

Once they'd gotten so far down in the school Hazel thought they might freeze, Snape stopped in front of a dark oak door.

"Here is your room, mine is that one up there." (He pointed to an identical door just a few meters up the hall) "And now it is late; so goodnight." He turned on his heel and made to walk to his room, when Hazel had a sudden thought and stopped him.

"What if I have any questions about the lesson plan?" She asked intently.

Snape sighed. "You will find you will have no questions once you have read it, but in the highly unlikely chance that you do, you will ask me tomorrow morning, five minutes before the lesson." He said stiffly, arms crossed and glaring at her.

Hazel smiled happily. "Oh ok, great!" Snape turned to leave again.

"Oh, wait!"

Snape turned around again, looking thoroughly disgruntled. "What is it?" He asked impatiently.

"Where's the nearest bathroom?"

Snape looked at her with an incredulous look. "There is a bathroom adjoining your bedroom. Now if that is all, goodnight."

He turned and began walking to his door.

"One more thing!" Hazel shouted, making Snape turn around in his tracks. If looks could kill the entire school would explode at this very moment.
"What do I do if there's a fire?"

Snape looked so shocked at this question Hazel thought he might fall over.

"You will be notified. Goodnight." He said sternly, emphasizing his point and walking to his room quickly so as to avoid any more questions.

Hazel giggled and turned to her own room; warily pushing open the door and taking a look inside.

The walls were a stone grey colour; parts covered with moving pictures of famous witches and wizards, the floor was a deep blood-red, and the furniture all a dark mahogany. A large four-poster bed was in the center of the room, with dark red satin sheets that matched the floor gleaming brightly on it. Across one wall was a bookshelf containing many magical books on any subject under the sun, with a large roaring fireplace underneath. Most of the other wall was taken up by a large bay window, with plenty of room to sit on, which overlooked the Forbidden Forest.

A great chandelier hung magnificently down from the roof; its crystals gleaming brightly. The bathroom adjoined along the other wall; its grey stone basin shining through the door.

On the whole, Hazel was very happy with her room. She found her luggage had been placed neatly at the foot of her bed, so she took out her nightdress and then began unpacking her clothes into one of the empty drawers.

After showering, dressing, and taking a quick look at the lesson plan Snape had left her, (which told her they were to be teaching students to brew a Polyjuice Potion) she decided to whiz into Snape's room before bed.

She did not knock, which proved to be the wrong thing to do because as soon as she opened the door she was greeted with the sight of Snape half dressed, trying to pull on a long grey t-shirt, which he was to wear to bed.

"Oh… I'm so sorry. I should have knocked." She stuttered nervously.

Snape pulled the t-shirt on hurriedly and blushed furiously when Hazel smirked at the sight of his Quidditch pajama pants, which were covered with pictures of broomsticks and snitches.

"Yes you should have. Now what do you want?" He snapped, looking furious with her.

Hazel regained her composure. "I just wanted to say goodnight!" She said cheerfully, taking a look around his room, which was almost exactly the same as hers but slightly bigger.

Hazel thought she saw the side of his mouth twitch as she said this.

"Oh and to say Thankyou of course. This is a great opportunity for me, so Thankyou heaps for helping me, I don't know how I'm ever going to repay you."

Snape ushered her toward the door.

"Well you can start by leaving. I can't sleep with you here. Now goodnight." He said firmly, pushing her out of the room and closing the door in her face.

"And don't come back unless someone's dying!" He yelled through the door, still sounding embarrassed. Hazel giggled and went back to her own room.

After getting ready for bed properly, she quietly hummed a Weird Sisters song under her breath and got into her four-poster bed; drawing the silky curtains around her and then drifting off into a peaceful sleep.