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The next day dawned bright and sunny. The sun shone through the bed curtain, and woke Hazel with an intrusion of the back of her eyelids. Groaning, she turned over in an attempt to block the sun from her vision, and lay there for a moment before remembering what day it was.

She got up hurriedly and checked the time; seeing she had about twenty minutes before breakfast was due to start.

Hazel ran frantically around the room, collecting her things and putting on her robes. With about five minutes to go, she sat down on the bed and re-read today's lesson plan on her bedside table, written in Snape's neat handwriting.

"The Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to temporarily transform into the physical form of another."

She read this slightly annoyed that it sounded like Snape thought she was stupid. She glanced briefly at the other days' plans for that week; sure enough each days plan was filled out as if she knew nothing.

Sighing, she thought determinedly about proving him wrong. Being nice seemed like a good start.

She gathered her things and walked determinedly to Snape's room.

With a light knock on the door, she stood timidly and waited for him to answer it. Ten seconds later the door opened and a thoroughly annoyed looking Snape looked down at her.

"Yes?" He asked dully.

"Hi!" She greeted him brightly. "Did you sleep well?"

Snape spluttered. "Uh- yes… ok I guess…" He looked confused and angry. "Why are you here?"

Hazel smiled at him. "I thought maybe… we could go down to breakfast together." She suddenly got nervous.

Snape stared at her. "Why?" He asked sharply.

Hazel began to wonder if this was such a good idea, Snape looked ready to kill.

"Um… well seeing as we're going to be working together, I thought we could start getting more acquainted."

Snape raised his eyebrows but said nothing; he went back inside his room and began gathering his possessions.

Hazel stood in the doorway and watched him, slightly amused at the sight of Snape; flustered, embarrassed and nervous as he ran around his room getting ready.

Once he was ready, he came to the door where Hazel was standing waiting patiently for him. She smiled at him warmly; he just gave her a look of distaste.

He muttered a spell under his breath and magically locked the door behind him. He could not look at her for he was so flustered and embarrassed.

She looked at him. "Shall we go then?"

Snape raised and eyebrow. "If we must"

"Oh, we must." Giggled Hazel cheekily.

They set off down the hall, Hazel walking very close to the Professor.

Merely a few meters down the hall, Snape drew to a halt, and turned and looked at her somewhat annoyed.

"Must you walk so closely, Miss Oakleigh?"

Hazel smiled. "Please, call me Hazel. Well if you find it uncomfortable, I have another way, don't worry."

Snape looked at her with slight worry.

"I am worried, Miss Oakleigh."

Hazel merely smiled again as they set off down the hall. After a few more meters she linked her arm through his, and continued walking.

She could feel Snape stiffen beside her; he clearly looked shocked and embarrassed, but he neither stopped walking nor said anything to her.

They continued onto the Great Hall, and arrived just as the bell was going for breakfast.

Most students were already seated, and all the teachers were there. Snape tried to pull away from her as they entered, but Hazel wouldn't let go. She kept a firm grip on him as he led them up towards the staff table.

Meanwhile at the Gryffindor table, the food had just appeared. Harry, Ron and Hermione began helping themselves to toast, porridge and pancakes.

Suddenly a great murmer ran through the school, and Ron looked up in surprise.

"What the… hey, Harry!" He dug Harry hard in the ribs, causing him to flinch in pain.

"Ouch! Ron what…?" He trailed off when he saw what Ron was pointing at.

"Hey isn't that the new potions teacher, Professor Oakleigh? Who's that that's leading her up the stairs?"

He nearly spat out his pumpkin juice.


He and Ron both nearly keeled over from laughter at the sight of their usually strict, hard looking Professor leading a lady to her seat like a gentleman would.

"Although he doesn't look like he particularly wants to" Harry added with a snort.
Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Boys…" She muttered to Ginny, who laughed and took more toast.

Several Slytherins cheered as they also noticed

Just as they arrived at their seat, Dumbledore turned and greeted them with a warm smile and a twinkle in his eye.

"Ah, good morning Severus, Miss Oakleigh." He nodded his head to her.

"Headmaster." Snape bowed politely, and Hazel did a little curtsey.

"You always were the gentleman Severus, helping a lady to her seat. Not too many people believe in those practices these days."

Snape gave Dumbledore a look of deepest loathing; he had no choice but to help Hazel to her seat. He pulled out her chair, waited for her to sit, and pushed it in for her, then took his own seat.

Dumbledore smiled. "Of course, I still do the same with Minerva."

Professor McGonagal, who was sitting on Dumbledore's left, blushed a deep crimson.

Hazel and Snape both began helping themselves to breakfast. Dumbledore chatted merrily with them, providing each with a good excuse to pretend the other didn't exist. Snape mainly answered with a "Yes headmaster." Or "No headmaster." But Hazel chatted a lot more freely.

Soon the bell rang for first period, and Dumbledore stood up as the students began leaving. "Have a wonderful day!" Was all he had to say to them.

Snape also stood, ready to leave for class. Hazel did the same, suddenly getting nervous. She must have made it obvious, as Professor Sprout turned to her; putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry dear, you'll be fine. Just keep a clear mind and you'll do great." She gave her a reassuring look.

Hazel smiled, trying to calm herself down. "Thanks." Was all she could muster.

Professor Sprout nodded and went off in the direction of Greenhouse Three.

Hazel turned back to Snape who was impatiently and grudgingly waiting for her.

"Are you ready, Miss Oakleigh?" He sighed, trying to keep his frustration down.

"I would like to go over today's lesson plan so please follow me quickly."

Hazel nodded and followed him out the door and toward the dungeons; this time not taking his arm.

Once they had reached Snapes classroom in the dungeon, he led her straight to his office, which adjoined the room.

"Right," He began swiftly, pulling some parchment from his pocket and setting it on the desk in front of her.

Hazel was too busy staring around his office to even notice. The weird and magical possessions that lay in this room were extraordinary to her; including something that looked like an eyeball floating in some kind of black liquidy potion.

Snape cleared his throat. "Hem hem." He said roughly, causing her to look up, startled.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I just got distracted by your erm… lovely office."

"Yes… well I would just like to say a few things."
Hazel nodded for him to continue.

"I would like to make one thing perfectly clear; this is still my classroom. It will always be my classroom. Now if you hadn't noticed, I don't want you here, but I have to put up with it. Any attempts to steal my job will be boycotted immediately, so don't even think about trying it."

Hazel looked slightly shocked and somewhat sad at this statement, but nodded and let him continue his little speech.

"One thing I did not mention on the plan was that for the first few lessons or so you will not be doing anything. You will be merely observing, taking notes on my teaching methods, the way things are run, and anything else you may find important. Do not speak unless spoken to by me, and do not attempt to help any of my students with their work; you are not yet qualified. Any questions you may have about the class may be submitted to me outside of class time. Is this all clear?"

Hazel looked at him nervously. She felt as if she were back in first year again.

"Yes sir." She mumbled, now staring at the floor.

"Good." He spoke crisply. "Now, I believe class is starting." He rose from his chair and led Hazel out the door.

She took a seat at the front of the room, slightly to the side so as to keep out of Snape's way.

The class filed in noisily; among them Harry Potter, who nudged Ron at the sight of her sitting there looking quite pretty.

"Bloody hell." Ron whispered. "She's even better looking up close!"

He kept staring at her until he tripped over a chair.

Harry laughed and agreed, but Hermione gave Ron a furious glare and said nothing; causing him to look at Harry for the answer; who merely shrugged.

"I don't know mate, girls are weird." He said, trying to cover for Hermiones hurt glare. She just gave him an equally evil glare and took her seat facing Snape and Hazel.

"Silence!" Snape yelled. The room fell silent.

"Today… " Snape began tirelessly, looking around the room at the students. "Today we have the student teacher Professor Oakleigh joining our class. And she will be for quite some time." He glanced at her with annoyance.

"She is merely observing today, so there will be no need to speak to her. Severe punishments will be handed out for those who disrupt her note taking. Likewise for Miss Oakleigh." Snape smirked in her direction.

Hazel tried to keep her composure as the whole class stared at her. Snape was making it quite clear to everybody that he didn't like her.

"We will be brewing a Polyjuice Potion." He waved his wand and the instructions appeared on the board.

Hazel began scribbling notes frantically; noting down every little detail she could think of.

"Ingredients are in the cupboard. You may begin." Snape said abruptly turning back to his desk to read The Daily Prophet.

The class went about collecting ingredients and lighting their cauldrons, chatting very quietly as they did.

As this was a very difficult potion to brew, many people required help with their work. Snape noticed this and rolled his eyes; getting up from his desk to assist Neville Longbottom, who's potion had just started emitting bright red sparks.

Hazel looked up from her notes and noticed Ron with his hand in the air, waiting patiently for Snape; whom he evidently knew wouldn't come to his aid.

Although she had been forbidden from helping anybody during the class and even from speaking, Hazel thought she'd throw caution to the wind and try and assist Ron.
She was very talented in the field of potions, and the Polyjuice Potion happened to be one of her specialties.

She gave him a small smile and made her way over to his table; Hermione giving her yet another glare.

"Do you need help?" She asked the now nervous looking Ron politely. His cheeks flared a deep scarlet and he mumbled something about his potion being the wrong colour.

Harry stifled a laugh behind his hand.

Hazel looked at the potion and noticed what was wrong immediately.

"You just need to add another handful of lacewing flies." She hissed under her breath so that Snape wouldn't hear.

"Thanks." Ron said, trying to sound confident but failing; blushing furiously.

Hazel smiled and turned around; ready to whiz back to her desk before Snape noticed.

Unfortunately for her, her actions did not go unnoticed. Snape had turned from helping Neville at the same time; giving Hazel a look of severe anger. The class stopped, transfixed as Snape walk over to her, fuming.

"Miss Oakleigh, kindly explain why you were over there talking to one of my students?" His expression and voice were not kind at all.

"I- uh.. Mr. Weasley needed help sir. And seeing as you were busy I thought I might step in."

Ron flushed at the fact she knew his name. Snape however, was not at all pleased with her excuse.

He did not yell, but his voice was so harsh and cold that everyone in the room knew he was angry. Nobody wanted to deal with Snape in this mood.

"Did I, or did I not, strictly forbid you from helping my students?"

Hazel said nothing.

"And did I, or did I not, make it perfectly clear you were not to speak to anyone except for myself when spoken to?"

Hazel muttered something undetectable under her breath.

"What?!" Snape was actually yelling this time. "ANSWER ME!"

"Yes-yes… yes you did say that, sir." Hazel said slightly louder, her voice and body shaking, not daring to meet his eyes.

The class held their breath, waiting for Snape to crack.

"And you disobeyed me?!" Snape's voice was bouncing off the dungeons stonewalls now.

"… yes sir" Hazel repeated nervously.

Ron stood up bravely before Snape could talk. "She was only trying to help, Professor. And she got it right, too." He attempted to show Snape his cauldron, which had a perfect Polyjuice Potion bubbling away contently in it, but Snape rounded on him.

"Silence Weasley! You will not talk or attempt to defend Miss Oakleigh in anyway. Ten points from Gryffindor."

The other Gryffindor's groaned in annoyance, and several Slytherins laughed and cheered.

"Silence!" Snape bellowed again, turning back to Hazel. The room went quiet once again.

"Right then, it seems to me you do not understand how to follow instructions. If you weren't going to be a teacher here, I would give you detention and send you back to the first year.
As it is, you are not. I have one thing to say to you, GET OUT AND DO NOT COME BACK!"

He screamed this last sentence at her and thrust his hand toward the door, pointing at it for her to get out.
Hazel was too shocked and scared for words and stayed rooted to the spot.

The class watched in horror as Snape's face froze with anger and he grabbed a hold of Hazels collar.

"I said, GET OUT!" He flicked out his wand with his free hand and made the door fly open. He then placed both hands on her shoulders and threw her clean out the door; making her land face first onto the stone floor of the corridor.

The class looked horror-struck. Never did they imagine their potions master would ever do this, no matter how much he hated a person.

Ron made to stand up and go and help her, but Snape gave him a furious 'don't-disobey-me' glare.

"Leave your seat Weasley, and I will personally see to it that you are expelled."

Ron had no choice but to stay put. Snape seemed in a furious mood.

He gave his wand a little wave and the door slammed shut; blocking the view of Hazel trying to pick herself up.

Snape sneered at the class.

"Not a word will be spoken about this incident or the person responsible will be sorry they ever came to Hogwarts."

The class remained silent.

Just outside the door, Hazel had picked herself up, stumbling a bit as she tried to steady her shaking body. She could feel her face was wet, and bought her hand up to check. Sure enough, red sticky blood trickled all over her fingers as she did so. She could feel her nose was smashed, or at least bent the wrong way, and her lips were cut and bruised all along in many places.

Deciding it wouldn't be wise to attempt to return to Snapes' classroom, she though she had better pay a visit to Madam Pomfrey in the hospital wing and get cleared up.

She met nobody at all on her journey up the hospital wing, except for Peeves who blew raspberries at her as she staggered on past. She had realized her stomach was also in pain in addition to her face.

It was getting very difficult for her to walk, and she kept having to stop and lean on the walls for support every few minutes.

Finally reaching her destination of the hospital wing, she timidly knocked on the door, waiting for Madam Pomfrey to answer.

Nobody came, but her distinctive high voice came floating through a crack in the door.

"Visiting hours are not until school finishes, come back later!" She called, clearly thinking Hazel must be a student trying to come and visit a sick friend in the wing.

"Help me." Was all that Hazel could call; surprised to hear her voice came out hoarse and patchy. She wondered just how much damage Snape had done to her.

The sound of running feet was heard coming toward the door, and it flew open in a heartbeat. Madam Pomfrey looked at her horror-struck as she stood there, wheezing.

"Oh my… dear, what happened to you? Come on come sit on the bed and explain."

She led her over to the bed and Hazel told her the story about Snape and what had happened. Madam Pomfrey looked furious and worried.

"In all my years…" She held her heart for support.

"I always knew Severus Snape was evil, but to do this… oh my word."

She calmed herself for a few moments, gazing as if lost in thought.
Once she came to she realized the task at hand and stood up abruptly.

"Well the headmaster will be notified… most definitely. But now lie down on the bed so I may examine you."