It shouldn't have been allowed to continue. He shouldn't have allowed it to begin with. Yet it did and he could not bring himself to be sorry for it. He would not be sorry.

Teeth gently scrapped against the hardened flesh of his neck. He could feel the smirk against his skin as he moaned, leaning his head to the side to give the younger vampire better access.

He sought a better lifestyle than had previously been offered to him. Opting instead to feed off of animals rather than humans, Carlisle couldn't imagine the guilt that would haunt him should he ever choose to do otherwise. He was a healer not a murderer.

His kissed him fiercely, both vampires struggling for dominance, their bodies pressed up against each other. A fierceness he had forgotten he possessed was rekindled when they came together and he never relented without a fight. Fingernails dug into his hips as he thrust his tongue into the younger vampire's mouth.

Carlisle would lie to himself when the nomads moved on, saying he'd never see him again and it would be for the better. As he watched the flames die he couldn't help but wish that they hadn't come.

This night the younger howled his name, neither caring if a stray human would chance to hear it. Carlisle was pulled down for another intense kiss, both knowing it would be a while before they'd see each other again. Carlisle and his family were to move in the morning. The younger smirked slightly as they parted, keeping his hand on the back of Carlisle's neck.

"There's no where you can go that I won't find you." He knew all too well the truth behind the words and, for once, did not deny it. He wanted to be found.

He stood rigid as the flames died down to nothing but small sparks. He knelt down and pulled a necklace out of the hot ashes, feeling a pang of loss in his chest as he pocketed the small leather cord. He had tried, but the young nomad allowed his bloodlust get the better of him. He turned his back to the ashes knowing Victoria would soon be there howling in rage as she looked upon the scene. She would be ready to lash out at anyone in sight and Carlisle knew he would be unable to put up much of a fight at the moment.

Could he have prevented this somehow? Prevented Bella's close encounter and James' death? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It was now the unknown.


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