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The Pink Ribbon Returns

~*Part One: Another LONG week*~

Monday, on the bus –

Helga was sitting on the bus by herself. Well not completely by herself. She was daydreaming of Arnold again.


She looked out the window of the bus, and there he was. His cornflower hair flowing in the wind behind him, as he ran along beside the bus. He looked despairingly up at her while trying to tell her something. Finally the bus stopped and he heaved himself up the steps. His flushed face turned to her, his eyes sparkling and he walked to where she was sitting. He bent down, held her by the shoulders and peered into her eyes. His blue-green eyes were full of…hope? No something more. Perhaps love? Yes that was it. Love.

~End of Dream~

Helga: Ahhh.

Then there he was, on the bus, walking towards her.

Helga: Déjà vu.

He walked down to where she's sitting. Just like in the dream, until WHAM! Helga tripped him. Groaning he picked himself up and looked at Helga. She stared at him mockingly.

Helga: Oh….. how clumsy of YOU! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (That's right, laugh at the torment you put your love through.)

Arnold: Thanks Helga. You've just made my day. (If she likes me so much, why is she doing this?)

He walked to the back of the bus and sat down. He pulled out the pink ribbon she gave him two days ago. It still had blue glitter on it. He remembered how he had carried it around in his pocket all weekend. He meant to talk to Helga about it, but whenever he got close enough to her, she teased him or told him to clear off.

Arnold: (I never will understand that girl. And maybe it's just as well! I'd hate to see what she'd do to me if she despised me.)

He looked at the ribbon in sorrow and put it back in his pocket. He leaned back in his seat with a sigh. Helga turned around to tease Arnold some more when she saw the ribbon hanging out of his pocket. She quickly faced the front of the bus.

Helga: EEEP!!

Phoebe: Helga what's wrong?

Helga looked up and saw her best friend, actually her only friend, had got on the bus. Helga moved over so Phoebe could sit down.

Helga: Oh….nothing. Heh.

Phoebe: Okay Helga. You don't have to tell me.

Helga: He's got the ribbon HERE! On the BUS! Taking it to SCHOOL!! I hope he doesn't know or else my life is over!!)

She turned around and looked at him again. He was staring out the window oblivious to the world.

Helga: (Calm down, Helga old girl. He's way too dense to know.)

She turned around relieved that her love is stupid. They all got off the bus outside the school and Arnold meet Gerald at the bike racks. Gerald saw that his friend was down in the dumps.

Gerald: Hey, what happened to you?

Arnold: Take a wild guess.

Gerald: Helga huh? She's always picking on you. Someone should do something about her! As a matter of fact, I'll do it!

Gerald walked off towards the front of the school while he rolled up his sleeves.

Arnold: Where are you going?

Gerald: To give Helga a piece of my mind!

Gerald passed Rhonda, Nadine, Stinky and Sid.

Stinky: Hey Gerald…


Sid turned to Rhonda.

Sid: What's up with him?

Arnold ran past.

Arnold: He's going to have a "talk" with Helga.

The four kids looked at each other. They knew there was going to be a fight, so they followed Arnold. Helga and Phoebe were just about to walk up the stairs when Gerald turned up.

Gerald: HELGA! What is it with you?!

Helga turned around and came face to face with Gerald. Phoebe looked worried.

Phoebe: Oh my. (I've never seen Gerald like this.)

Helga: What's your problem tall-hair boy?

Gerald: My problem is that you are constantly picking on my best friend and I don't like it!

The rest of the gang managed to catch up to Gerald. Arnold saw that Helga was in a bit of a fix.

Arnold: Uh… Gerald….

Sid: Yeah why do you pick on Arnold more than the rest of us?

Nadine: It's not like he's done anything to you?

Stinky: Maybe she likes him.

Everyone stared at Stinky and Helga started to go pale.

Phoebe: Oh my.

Arnold: (Oh no.)

Helga: (Since when did Stinko grow a brain?)

Sid: What do ya mean?

Stinky: My Pa said the more someone picks on you, the more they like you.

Rhonda: This right Helga?

Helga regained colour to the extent that she was red in the face.


Rhonda: Then why don't you prove it?

Everyone started murmuring that Helga should prove it and she looked horrified at them.

Helga: (If I say no they'll know I love Arnold and I'll never hear the end of it.) Alright.

Phoebe: Helga, you don't have to…

Helga: Quiet Pheebs.

She glared and pointed at Rhonda.

Helga: Ok fashion freak!! What do you want me to do?

Nadine whispered something in Rhonda's ear. Everyone looked curiously on while Helga and Arnold looked terrified.

Arnold: (Maybe they're going to make her kill me.)

Helga: (Please don't let it be that I have to physically hurt him.)

They looked at each other at the same time hoping the same thing, that this was all a nightmare.

Rhonda: Hey that could work!

Rhonda looked down her nose at Helga.

Rhonda: At lunch Helga you'll find out what you have to do. Till then.

Rhonda, Nadine, Sid and Stinky walked into the school, while Rhonda and Nadine were giggling their heads off. The bell rang, Gerald lead Phoebe inside leaving Helga and Arnold worrying about what's going to happen. Helga regained her usual temper.

Helga: For your sake foot-ball head, you'd better hope I don't have to put you in traction.

She walked inside while he tried to push his fear down.

In class –

Helga was sitting in her usual spot, one row to the right and two seats back from Arnold's desk. There she could throw spit wads at him with ease and not get caught. But she didn't do it today. Arnold was getting worried.

Arnold: (What's wrong with Helga? Maybe I shouldn't have told Gerald about her this morning.)

Meanwhile in Helga's head.

Helga: (Oh Arnold, if you do know how I feel then why didn't you stop Rhonda? I don't want to hurt you, but I may have to. Stupid pride! It always gets in the way when you're around.) Oooooh.

He heard Helga moan and turned around quickly. He just saw her dopey love sick grin before it turned into her usual grim state.

Helga: What?!

Arnold: Nothing Helga.

Helga: Then why don't you quit staring at me!

He turned and faced the front of the room again. On the other side of the room, Rhonda was debriefing Nadine and Sid on their parts in the Helga situation. Helga watched them huddled together and really started to worry.

~*End of Part One*~