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The Pink Ribbon Returns

~*Part Seven: Pinch Me!*~

Helga: (THE RIBBON!!) "Arnold loves Helga." Wha….?

She finished reading and she pinched herself. She quietly asked him.

Helga: Am I dreaming?

Arnold: I hope not. Because I wanted this to feel real……..

And to everyone amazement he stepped closer to her a kissed her on the cheek.

Curly: Even I'm not that crazy!

Gerald: Oh man I think I'm going to be sick.

Phoebe playfully hit him in the ribs with her elbow.

Phoebe: Gerald. Leave them alone.

Everyone else was "Oooooing" and saying "Go Arnold!" Except for three people.

Sid: Rhonda, tell me what I'm looking at?

Rhonda: Did I miss something here?

Nadine: Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?

Meanwhile Arnold stepped back from Helga, waiting for her reaction, when the bell rang for class. All the kids reluctantly went back into school, but they ran to the windows to watch the result of Arnold's affection. Even Mr Simmons was watching.

Arnold: Uh…Helga? You alright?

She snapped back to reality and her scowl came back. Her hands became fists and she stormed up to him. He just stood there, knowing that if she is going to pound him, it'll all be an act. Still he looked a little worried.

Mr Simmons: What are they doing out there?

No one answered. They were all waiting for the fight. Phoebe and Lila didn't look happy though.

Phoebe and Lila: What is she doing?!

Helga grabbed him by the front of his shirt with one hand. She lifted him into the air while she growled at him.

Helga: YOU just humiliated me in front of the entire grade….

Arnold winced. She said this last week to him. She was definitely going to pound him then, and that was just over a stupid baseball game. What would she do to him now? He shut his eyes waiting for the pain.

Helga: …but this kind of humiliation, I can handle.

Arnold: Huh…?

He opened his eyes and saw the gentle Helga he'd only ever taken glimpses at in the past. She smiled cheekily at him then pulled him close and kissed him on the lips. His eyes widen in surprise then they slowly closed as he wound him arms around her.


Mr Simmons: Oh my.

Gerald: Now I KNOW I'm going to be sick.

They stopped when they heard the class cheer. She put him back on the ground and they walked back to class. Just outside the classroom they looked at the ribbon in her hand, she smiled at him. She took the big pink bow off her head and chucked it in the bin. She let her pigtails down then put their special ribbon in her hair. He smiled happily and whispered something to her. For the rest of the day, she was in heaven as Arnold's words repeated in her head.

Helga: ("We'll always have Pierre.") Aahhh . . .

~*End of Story*~

AN: That is people it's not going to be a trilogy Because I'm not that great at continuing LONG stories. Hope you enjoyed this one though.