Booth's POV

I sat in my chair with Melanie giggling on my lap. I tried shushing her but with Melanie that was an impossible task. Melanie Jane Booth did not know how to be quiet. Mikey and Chrissy were on either side of my chair waiting for their mother to be brought in.

"She's going to love it." Chrissy whispered.

"I hope so." I told her and she placed her small hand on my upper arm.

"She will daddy. Don't worry."

"It looks funky." Mikey told us.

"Cause it's a painting." Chrissy explained.

"I know it's a painting." Mikey responded, sounding irritated. "It just looks funky."

"It's pretty." Melanie added.

"Keep your eyes closed." We heard Parker say as he led Bones in since she was blindfolded. I asked for his help since I was in my chair.

"What is going on?" Bones asked and Melanie giggled, again. "Do I hear Melanie?"

"Hi mommy." Melanie said and Mikey and Chrissy shushed her.

"Hello sweetheart." I watched as Parker placed her in the prearranged spot and then he stepped away from her to come stand with us.

"Okay Bones, you can take your blindfold off." I told her and we watched as she very slowly reached up, behind her head and untied my tie that was around her eyes. As soon as her eyes focused on the painting in front of her, above the fireplace she gasped.

"It's so beautiful. " She reached up and ran her hand over the faces of every person on the painting.

"Do you like it mama?" Chrissy asked her and Bones turned to us with tears rolling down her face.

"I love it."

"It's for your berriseray." Melanie informed her as she jumped off of my lap and ran over to her mother followed by Mikey and Chrissy. The three of them embraced their mother.

"Happy anniversary mommy." Mikey and Chrissy said.

"Thank you." Bones hugged all three of her children.

"Daddy bought pie for you." Mikey informed her.

"For me huh? I don't like pie and after ten years your father should know that." She said, looking pointedly at me and I just grinned.

"Of course I know that and I have something else for you in the kitchen Bones."

"Well I suggest that we go find out what daddy has for me." Melanie, Mikey and Chrissy ran into the kitchen.

"I'll go make sure that they don't destroy the kitchen." Parker told us. He slapped me on the shoulder as he moved to the kitchen but Bones stopped and hugged him before he got very far.

"Thank you Parker."

"It was all dad. Happy Anniversary Bones." He kissed her and then left us alone. With a smile Bones came over and planted herself on my lap. I placed on arm around her waist and the other on the back of her neck and brought her face down to mine for a slow kiss.

"Happy Anniversary." I told her breathlessly when we broke apart.

"Happy Anniversary Booth. I really love the painting. Did Angela paint it?"

"She did."

"I've wanted this for so long. Thank you."

Since Melanie had been born, Bones had been talking about talking to Angela about painting a family portrait but she never did simply because she knew that Angela had her hands full with her own two children, husband and job so she never wanted to add to her burdens by asking but not me. I didn't have a problem asking. I have always felt that if someone didn't want to do something then they simply wouldn't, especially Angela so I didn't have a problem asking. I knew if she didn't want to it then she wouldn't but it was either the sweet way I asked, my charm or the amount of money I offered or both but she agreed to paint our family's portrait.

I took pictures of everyone and gave them to Angela who painted them on canvas and it was genius. She took those pictures and painted a very accurate portrait of my family. She put Bones and I in chairs, a regular chair for me and not my wheelchair. Melanie was on our lap; Michael was standing beside Bones and Christine was standing next to me and finally Parker was behind Bones and I with a hand on each of our shoulders. In my opinion, it was the best piece of art that I had ever seen.

"I know that and you know me. I always make sure to give you what you want." I sat up a little straighter in my chair and kissed her again.

"Mom, dad, come on. We want pie." Mikey called and Bones and I pulled apart laughing.

"He is just like you." Bones said pulling off of my lap. "His stomach controls most everything in his life." Bones stepped behind me and began pushing me to the kitchen.

"My stomach doesn't control everything." I told her and she started laughing.

"Surprise." The kids yelled when we got to the kitchen. They had pulled out the edible arrangement that I had bought for Bones from the kids.

"It's perfect. It's just what I wanted." She pulled a strawberry off of the arrangement and popped it into her mouth. "It tastes delicious. You all should have some fruit."

"There is fruit in our pie." Chrissy told her mother. "We have peach pie and there are peaches in the pie." I laughed.

"Of course there is." Everyone laughed and sat down to enjoy our anniversary dessert.

"Do you think that they will be okay?" Bones asked me.

"They will be fine. Parker can handle them."

We needed a weekend away and our anniversary provided the perfect opportunity to do so. I love Hockey and Bones was taking me to Philadelphia for one of the games of The Stanley Cup Finals and I was thrilled. Parker was home for from school for the summer he agreed to stay and watch the kids. I know that Bones is nervous about leaving the twins and Melanie home with their nineteen year old brother but Parker was mature and I knew that everything would be fine.

"Michael, Christine and Melanie can really be a handful, especially when they are together."

"We've left Parker with them before and they were fine."

"That was only for an evening. This is for two days. They will be home alone all night. That's never happened before. "

"They'll be fine tonight. Their plan is to crash in our bed."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Yep, Parker told me that he and the kids were all going to sleep in our bed tonight."

"Why on earth would they do that when they all have their own beds?"

"Cause its fun. They are going to watch some movies and have some snacks."

"In our bed? They are going to eat in our bed? I don't even let you eat in our bed and Melanie, she is never a neat eater. There will be food everywhere."

"I know that and now Parker knows that. I made him promise to change the sheets and he guaranteed that we would never know that they had a party in our bed."

"I will know especially since you just told me."

"The kids are going to have fun and that's all that matters."

"Their safety is all that matters Booth, not having fun."

"Bones, the kids will be fine. Trust Parker. Trust me."

"I do."

For the rest of the drive to Philadelphia Bones didn't mention the kids but I saw that she was trying not to. I knew it was killing her but she was trying her best to conceal that and I loved her for that. I couldn't blame her. If she wasn't worried about our three children being left alone with my nineteen year old son I would worry that something was wrong. I had some apprehension but I have total confidence in Parker's ability to take care of things and if for some reason, something came up that Parker couldn't handle Angela and Jack were close by, something I reminded Bones about.

"We've got quite a few hours before the game starts." Bones noted placing herself on my lap. We had just gotten settled into our hotel room with an amazing king size bed that needed christened and since Bones had just hung up the phone with Parker and was confident that everything was fine she was relaxed and ready to enjoy some grown up time with me.

"Yes we do." I began placing kisses on her neck as I unbuttoned her blouse.

"It's been so long since we have been really alone like this." She whispered breathlessly and she was right. We still have a very active sex life, three to four times a week and that's pretty impressive considering we have three, sometimes four kids but it was always quiet, and somewhat rushed due to fear of being caught. Maybe once or twice a month, we have a few hours to ourselves and it's enough to keep us satisfied for a short period of time.

"Just think, you can scream all you want." I slipped her shirt off her shoulders, unhooked her bra and cupped a ripe full breast in my hand. She moaned and threw her head back. With a cocky grin, I attached my mouth to a hardened nipple and her groan of delight was music to my ears. She loved having her breasts fondled or sucked and I loved the sounds that I could make her make. "Stand up." I demanded after a few minutes and she did as I asked. "Take your pants and underwear off." I watched, practically drooling as she reveled herself to me and after ten years and three kids later she is still as beautiful to me as she was the day I met her, more beautiful in fact. "Now get on the bed, the edge."

"Yes sir." She perched herself on the edge of the bed because she knows exactly what I want to do. I wheeled myself as close to the bed as my chair would go and Bones spread her legs placing her feet on the handlebars. I took a minute to inhale the scent the was pure Bones before I dove in for my favorite taste in the world. Bones. She sat up on her elbows to watch as I indulged myself. "Boooooth." She groaned. She was trying to push her legs together but I wouldn't let her. I placed my hands on her thighs to keep her legs apart so I could tongue her deeper. I was convinced that she tasted sweeter the deeper I tasted. "Oh…Booth…" I knew she was getting close. She reached down and pressed my head to her center which was fine with me. As her moaning became louder and constant I felt her walls begin to clench I increased my efforts until she was crying out and bucking her hips in pleasure. When her body finally relaxed I looked up between her legs and grinned.

"You're not ready to stop are you?" I asked as she collapsed exhausted on the bed.

"Not even close but since you are still fully clothed I thought that I may relax until you are ready."

"You're not going to help me undress?" I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor.

"You are a big boy. You can undress yourself." She rolled over onto her stomach. "Wake me when you are ready to proceed."

"Are you kidding me?" I grumbled and then I heard her giggle. Like it always happens, whenever I am anxious or excited as I was right now, I tend to struggle with normal activities and right now I was having a lot of trouble getting my pants off and my erection was not helping matters. "Bones…help." I begged. She slowly crawled off the bed and knelt down, naked in front of me.

"Are you having a problem removing your pants Booth?" She cupped my erection through my jeans. "Is this what is giving you problems?"

"Yeah." I managed to get out.

"It seems to be a very big problem." I could only grunt in response. She removed her hand from my erection and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my zipper. "Lift." Placing my hands on the handlebars, I lifted my lower body up, lifting my butt out of the seat and she pulled my pants and boxers down so slow that my arms were shaking by the time she finished. "Now you're going to have to put yourself into the bed."

"I can do that." She stepped away from my chair and I easily transferred my naked body onto the bed.

"Assume the position."

"Up or down?" Since Bones had to ride me we usually alternated between me lying flat on my back or I sat up against the headboard.

"Your choice." I laid flat on my back and my beautiful wife straddled my thighs, positioning herself over the tip. I could feel her wetness on me. "I love you Booth. Happy anniversary." Before I could respond she speared herself on top of me and I groaned and thus began the hard and fast ride I desired.

As good as it was whenever we made love, there was still and would always be a part of me that misses being on top, being the man. I miss feeling her body beneath mine. I miss feeling her breasts crushed to my bare chest. I miss the feeling of her legs wrapped around my lower back. I miss her nails scratching my back when she was overcome with pleasure. I miss the power of my strokes within her when I was on my knees and Bones knows it. We talked a lot about it after my legs let me down again. For awhile I had trouble making love to her because I was feeling like less of a man but like she always did, she patiently talked me out of my funk and since then every time we make love she puts me over the edge by pressing her body to me, crushing her breasts to my chest so I can wrap my arms around her; her back, her head and sometimes my hands end up clutching her luscious rear end.

Bones was putting me over the edge right now. After her latest orgasm, she lay on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her back while she pumped her hips and me into oblivion. Using all the strength that I had left, I was able to pump myself slightly inside of Bones before I was crying out as my body convulsed with pleasure. Bones followed a few minutes later.

"I love you too Bones. Happy Anniversary. "I repeated her sentiment with a kiss on her sweaty head.

Bones' POV

"Thank you Bones, for this amazing weekend." Booth told me on the drive home.

"You deserved it."

"We both did Bones. It was long overdue." Booth reached across the seat and took my free hand in his. "I love our children but I really miss having alone time."

"So do I."

Our weekend together, alone, was very enjoyable. Booth was right. We rarely get any alone time anymore so this weekend we took advantage of it. We made love, quite a few times which was very enjoyable and we were actually able to sleep naked and there is nothing that I enjoy more than having my naked body pressed against Booth's naked body while I sleep. We spent most of the weekend in bed, only getting out long enough to go to the game, where we alternated between talking and making love and for the first time in a long time the topic of conversation was not our children or work and it was refreshing. It felt like old times. We were supposed to check out first thing this morning but we reserved the room for another night so we could simply stay in bed with each other until we had to leave late this afternoon.

"I've been thinking Booth." I told him.

"You're always thinking Bones."

"I am thinking about something in particular."

"What's up Bones?"

"I think that we should talk to Parker about the change in our will that we are considering." Over the past few months we had been discussing making Parker Melanie's legal guardian if anything would happen to us. I had been undecided, having an equal lists of pros and cons until this weekend when Parker proved to me that Melanie would be well taken care of by him.

"Have we made a decision and by we I mean you?"

"When you say we you cannot possibly mean me."

"I made my decision. You were the holdout."

"I've made my decision and I agree with you. I believe Parker would be the perfect guardian for Melanie."

"Hey bub, can Bones and I talk to you before you leave?" Booth asked Parker. We had just finished putting all of the kids in bed for the night. They were pleasantly exhausted. Parker filled the day with fun activities.

"Sure thing. " Parker sat down and I handed him a soda. "Am I in trouble? I didn't let the twins burn down the house even though they asked."

"What?" I gasped and then Parker grinned and I knew he was joking. "That was not funny."

"It was a little." Parker told me and Booth laughed.

"First of all, thank you for taking such good care of Michael, Christine and Melanie this weekend. Your father and I needed a weekend away and it was comforting to know that they were being taken care of. I didn't have to worry about them." Booth began to fake a cough and I glared at him.

"Nice try Bones. I know you spent the whole weekend worrying. You called me constantly." I smiled sheepishly. He was right.

"If you can believe it, I worried less than I thought I would."

"Trust me Parks, she could have called a lot more." Now Parker was the one laughing.

"I could have." I agreed.

"Seriously though, Thanks bub for giving up a weekend to take care of your brother and sisters. We really appreciate it."

"I enjoyed it."

"Parker, your father and I have a question for you."


"Melanie adores you and there is no one that we trust more than you with her." Booth told his son.

"The feeling mutual." Parker told us and I smiled at my step son then I glanced at Booth and he gave me a small nod. "What is going on?" Parker didn't miss that nod.

"Your father and I want to make you Melanie's legal guardian if something would happen to us."

"What about Mikey and Chrissy?"

"What about them?" Booth asked.

"Who gets them or who becomes their legal guardian?"

"We have Jack and Angela listed." Parker didn't answer. He sat there for a few minutes, sipping his soda and thinking over his answer I assumed so Booth and I sat quietly until he spoke again.

"No. I'm sorry I can't."

"That's fine son. We realize that it is a lot to ask of you."

"That's not the reason. I want to do it but I can't just take care of Melanie. If I agree to become Mel's legal guardian then I have to become Mikey and Chrissy's legal guardian. Why won't you let me take them as well?" To say I was surprised by Parker's reaction was an understatement. He truly was his father's son in every way.

"Three kids is an awful lot to ask of you." Booth told him.

"I don't care. They all are my siblings and if anyone should take care of them if something should happen to you it should be me and the three of them should not be separated."

"Parker please don't take it personally that Jack and Angela are listed as the twins' guardians." I explained. "At first we had all three children going to Jack and Angela but after talking about it we determined that Melanie wouldn't adjust with anyone with you. We considered giving you all three of them but we thought that it would just be too much for you. You might be in college or have a family of your own and giving you three children would be overwhelming."

"I really don't care how overwhelming it is, I will do whatever I have to do to take care of Mikey, Chrissy and Melanie."

"Before you make your decision Parker I want to make sure that realize that agreeing to take care of Melanie will be a lifelong commitment. She will most likely never be totally on her own. You will have to care for her for the rest of your or her life." Booth said. We wanted to make sure that Parker knew exactly what he was committing to.

"I know that and I am willing. I love Melanie, Mikey and Chrissy but Mel, she holds a real special place in my heart. I named her so we are connected."

I knew without a doubt that Parker would take excellent care of our children, his siblings and looking at Booth, I knew he felt the same way. I felt tears fill my eyes.

"Thank you Parker." I whispered over the lump in my throat. "I know under your care, the twins and Melanie will be well cared for." I stood and went over to Parker who stood as well and we hugged. "Thank you." I repeated.

"I hope to God that nothing happens to you guys but if it does I will make you proud. I definitely am not you guys but I will raise them how you want them raised and I will love them with everything I have."

"That's all that we could as Parker." Booth told him tearfully. "Now get over and give your old man a hug." Parker grinned and went over and hugged his father. "You have made me, made us very proud and we love you son."

"I love you too."

"Whatcha doing Bones?" Booth had just returned from walking or wheeling Parker to his car and he found me standing in the living room looking at the painting of my family.


"Let's look together." I heard him slap his thighs indicating that I should sit on his lap which I did. I wrapped an arm around his neck and he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Do you see what we created?" I asked.

"I see it every day Temperance."

"I find that I am feeling exceptional emotional today." I whispered as a tear slipped down my cheek.

"That's perfectly acceptable Bones."

"I shouldn't be surprised but Parker's response to our request blew me away."

"Parker has grown into an amazing man." Booth said proudly.

"Thanks to you. He had a wonderful role model."

"Not always." He mumbled.

"That was a long time ago."

"I left my family. What kind of role model is that?" Even after all these years, he still carried around guilt.

"You thought you were keeping them, us safe." Booth hugged me tightly and laid his head on my chest.

"I'm so sorry Bones."

"I know you are and that's why I forgave you five and a half years ago Seeley Booth. Now can we leave this conversation in the past?"

"Yeah." He lifted his head, kissed me quickly and then returned to my chest.

"Thank you for making me believe that love was possible; that it was possible to be loved unconditionally and forever. I know without a doubt that I will be loved and surrounded by those people that love me for the rest of my life."

"Damn straight Bones. You will forever be loved and cherished by me, Parker, Michael, Christine and Melanie."

"And that is because of you. Thank you for giving me the family that I always wanted."

"You're welcome. Thank you for giving me the family that I always wanted. I love you so much Temperance Brennan-Booth." His voice was so tender and loving.

"I love you too, more than you can possibly know." I whispered. Again, Booth lifted his head and we shared a slow, tender kiss.

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