Disclaimer: I do not own SON and the main theme (and some of the characters) are from the series of books called 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George Martin.

Author's Notes: I'm basically new at writing SON fanfic but I have written some Buffy fics. I'm a huge George Martin fan so I decided to mix the books with SON, change around a few things and this is was the outcome. This first story will be based on the first book 'A Game of Thrones' and I hope people like it…

Chapter 1

The morning air blew around the wall, forcing Spencer to pull her cloak closer to her body. She sighed and kept her vigilance, staring at the road which was slowly becoming lighter in the morning rays. Her father and brothers had spent the night by the Wall ensuring that the men there had supplies to last them partially through the harsh winter common in the North. She had watched as her father set off to behead a man who had tried to run away from his posting on the Wall. The man had allegedly broken down in whimpers and crazed murmurings of murderous ghosts then abandoned his post. Leaving your post at the wall was certain death. There weren't enough men there as it was and volunteers were few and far to come by so once you joined they made sure you understood what you had sworn to do for the rest of your life. She knew her mother would not be happy with her spending most of the night looking out for her brothers but she couldn't help it. They were family after all and if there was one thing Arthur Carlin had instilled in his children, it was that family came above all else. Off course her mother couldn't complain too much as Spencer was sure Paula Carlin had spent most of the night looking out her window as well. Finally, the appearance of horses further down the road and Spencer could breathe a little easier. She gathered up her cloak and boots and headed out to the gate to meet her father and brothers as they approached their home. Spencer walked down the road breathing in the fresh, cool morning air oblivious to the woods that surrounded their home. The Carlins were forest men, the woods and the animals there were more friends than enemies.

Suddenly a shout broke out and Spencer watched as her younger brother Anthony led his horse off the road towards a slight clearing in the woods which led to the bank of a river. Spencer ran the last of the distance towards the commotion, hoping it was nothing too serious that Anthony had spotted. As she drew closer she could hear the excitement in his voice as he pointed out his discovery to his father. Spencer forced her way to the front of the group, missing the bemused faces of her older brothers, as she stood next to her father.

"Shouldn't you be still asleep?" Arthur Carlin asked his daughter. Truth be told he hadn't been surprised to see her heading down the road to meet them. She was always head strong and brave, albeit sometimes she held herself as lady-like as possible. It amused him to no end but his wife didn't always see the humour there.

"Father, you know I can't sleep while you all are gone. Besides, I would've missed whatever Anthony's found if I had stayed in with Mother" Spencer replied, smiling up at her father. The blond then turned to face her brother's discovery. Not too far from them, lying on the bank was a she-direwolf with what seemed like five new-born puppies. Direwolves were the emblem on the Carlin banner and thus were deeply respected by all those in the area. Seeing direwolves, however, was regarded as an omen of things to come and the expression on Arthur Carlin showed his silent musings on what his son had found.

"See Father? There. Can we keep them? There's five of them on for each of us" Anthony exclaimed excitedly.

"Yes son but as you can see their mother doesn't seem willing to give them up yet." The mother direwolf looked as though she was slowly dying but seemed intent on keeping the perceived threat away from her children. Even as she drew her last breath she tried to remain standing and bared her teeth, daring anyone to come closer. The Carlins had always perceived that having a direwolf among them would keep away any danger and once Arthur Carling had counted the number of puppies the she-wolf had he had already considered giving one to each of his children.

They all watched as the mother slowly lay down beside her children and passed on into the afterlife. Once they were sure that the wolf was dead, Glen stepped forward to claim on of the puppies as his own. Soon Clay followed with Anthony almost running beside him to pick their own as well. Spencer watched her brothers still a little unsure about the state of the mother.

"Aren't you going to pick one for yourself?" Arthur Carlin asked quietly to his daughter. He watched as the determination crossed over his daughter's face before she too headed towards the animals to pick her own. Arthur followed behind her to pick up the last one which would be for his other daughter, Danielle, who was probably still sleeping if his wife had not woke her up.

Spencer stared at the little bundle of fur in her arms. The pup she had picked was a deep brown with a white tipped tail. "Hmm what should I name you? It has to be something strong and brave because I know Glen will make fun of me if I give you a silly name." She continued her musings as the group turned back onto the road towards the house. "I know. How about…Phantom?" As if in agreement, the pup whimpered and snuggled deeper into her arms. "Yes I'll name you Phantom and you'll be the best direwolf ever to come into the Carlin household."

The day had gone by with all the Carlin children playing with their wolves. Danielle had squealed at the sight of her pup and had promptly named her Lady which brought snorts of laughter from her older brothers. Spencer had walked a little further into the yard so she could begin to train her pup but she decided to first feed it and herself. She was in the parlor trying to weasel some fruit from the cook when the horn sounded at the gate. That what the signal for incoming guests so Spencer abandoned her trial for food and headed to the yard to see who had come by their homestead.

Above her, in the main bedroom Paula Carlin sighed at the sound of the horn.

"I apologize Arthur but I still don't like it. Why would Robert come all the way here if it wasn't for a favor? And knowing him his favors will require you to travel away from Winterfell."

Arthur stared at his wife. He understood her concerns and shared some of them but Robert was his king and his friend, he could not refuse Robert welcome at Winterfell and neither could he back down from anything Robert asked of him. "I know. Let's just see what he wants. For all we know he could just be here to visit and hunt." Seeing the skepticism on his wife's face, Arthur rubbed his forehead tiredly. "Just bear with him for now? He is still our king and thus we need to obey him even if he asks the impossible." He turned from his wife and headed down to great the visitors who were now filling his yard.

Arthur had done nothing to ease her concerns but Paula knew he was a just and good man. If Robert required his services, Arthur would not refuse him. Oblivious to all this Spencer stared wide-eyed at the new arrivals in her home not knowing, though, how much this visit would change her life forever.

I know this is a vague beginning with not enough Spencer and no Ashley but I need to set the background to this and if I don't it won't make a lot of sense later on. I'm not going to keep directly with the books so if you decide to read the books and see that my story doesn't follow them then that's okay coz I'm planning on branching off into my own imagination later. Oh and if there's any complaints feel free to tell me, I don't mind criticism…too much.