Summary: Bella left Forks when she found out she was pregnant, just months before graduation. What happens when she runs into Edward years later? Will Bella have to suffer being around him, or will old feelings come back?


Song: Poker Face - Lady Gaga


Edward's POV

Bella's gone. She's GONE.

She just left without warning. She didn't leave a note or anything.

Her house is empty. Charlie and Renee, they're gone too.

She didn't even tell me she was going to leave. She didn't tell anyone.

Today, she wasn't in class. The teacher said she had moved. I didn't believe she really moved. I thought he was making a mistake or something. Or maybe he just meant she was switching schools, I mean she was considering it after all.

But no, she was gone. Completely gone. She didn't leave a new address or even any clues. When I tried calling her cell, it was disconnected.

I have no idea why they left. We only have one more semester until we graduate. Just four and a half more months. Just four and a half months until we were free to go to college and live our lives together. But, she's gone.

It's almost as if she had disappeared.


6 Years Later.


Bella's POV

"Madison! It's time for your first day of kindergarten! Are you excited?" I asked the 5 year old, as she skipped around our new living room in her cute little dress.

"Yeah! Mommy, I am!" she replied, shooting me a huge grin.

I finished packing her lunch, and put it neatly into her princess lunch pail.

"Mommy, when are we going to get rid of these boxes? They're annoying!" she said, sitting on one of the shorter ones.

"We just moved in a few days ago, honey. We'll unpack soon. Auntie Angela will come over this weekend and help, alright?" I responded, grabbing all of her school stuff.

Technically, Angela wasn't her aunt, but she's a really close friend, and Madison's godmother. She always called her 'auntie', so we just went with it.

"Okay, let's go honey! Mommy needs to get you to school so she can get to work on time. I don't want to make a bad first impression."


We walked into the front office to get Madison's room and teacher assignment.

"Hello, I can help you over here!" came the voice of one of the ladies at the counter,

"Hi, this is my daughter's first day of kindergarten," I started.

"Oh, and you need a room assignment. What is your daughter's name?" she asked, clicking something on the computer.

"Madison Dwyer."

Oh, you're probably wondering about the last name. When I... moved... 6 years ago, I changed my name to Marie and took my step-father's last name. So, I am now known as Marie Dwyer. Back then, I also went to great lengths to 'protect' my identity. I dyed my hair light brown, and experimented with it a lot. I finally settled on an auburn color and decided I liked it, so I still keep it up now. I know my hair is falling out young, but now that I'm a business woman and a single mother, I have greater worries.

"Oh, yes. Your room is D5, it's right down the hall to the right. Have a great first day!" she smiled at Madison, who gave her a toothy (or toothless) grin back.

"C'mon, Madison." I said, grabbing her hand. I walked her down the hall to her class, "Alright, honey, have a good day!"

I kissed her head and picked her up into a hug.

"Will you walk me in, Mommy?" she asked.

"Sure, honey--" I froze when I looked up into the classroom. I saw those piercing green eyes I promised myself I would never see again.

"On second thought, Mommy is already running late for work. I'll see you right after work, okay honey?"

"Okay, I love you Mommy," she said, looking up at me with sad eyes. Those green eyes...

I gave her a small smile. I really felt bad for just leaving her, but... you know.

I need to hurry up and get out of here before--

"Hello, I'm Mr. Cullen."

I looked up from Madison, and smiled awkwardly at him. Over the years I had gotten better and faking and lying, but I'm not sure I could keep it up in front of him...

"I'm Madison!" Madison exclaimed waving at the man.

The man who just happened to be her father.

But, she doesn't have to know that.

"This is my first year as a teacher, so I hope I do well with your daughter. Is there anything I need to know? Allergies, preferences? Anything that might help me teach her better?"

"No, I can't think of anything," except for the fact that she's your daughter...

"I like drawing!" Madison exclaimed, smiling.

"Well, we definitely have a lot of drawing time. We have a table over there if you'd like to get started," he said, pointing to a small table.

"It's hard to believe I used to fit in those chairs," I joked.

He chuckled.

Oh, how I miss that musical laugh.

I want to keep talking to him. His musical voice is addicting.

But, I really need to get to work. And I really shouldn't be talking to him. I promised I would never see him again.

But, all promises are meant to be broken. Right?

"You're here early. Most parents don't get their kids here until the last minute. On the first day, they tend to be late a lot too." he said, starting conversation.

"Yeah, I have work. There's a lot of traffic."

"Oh, definitely. May I ask what you do?"

"I'm actually a secretary. At Griffin and Mike's, you know, the law firm? Today is actually my first day."

"Oh, my sister works there,"



Shit! Alice!

You see, Edward has clearly fallen for my pity disguise. My fake name, colored contancts, and bleached hair.

But, Alice, she was a different story. Not so easily tricked.

And even so, Edward is only Madison's teacher. I won't be seeing much of him, anyways.

Thank god. I don't think I could handle it.

But, if Alice does work there, I'll be seeing her a lot. Everyday, possibly.

This won't be easy. I might have to get a new job.

This whole situation is making me a bit jumpy.

"You must be nervous."

"Yeah, I'm very nervous. I should get going. Bye, Edward,"

Wait! Shit! I just called him Edward!

Way to go, Bella. Err, Marie.

Great, being around Edward has made me forget my name.



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