Hello all! I am a huge fan of the Geneforge series, so I decided that I would write a fanfic about it. So, here it goes!

Geneforge: Rebellion

Chapter 1


Across a gentle sea sailed a creature with a flat back, a large neck, and ripping muscles all over it's body. For the last three years Aidan had been waiting for this moment. He and two others were riding this creature to Southforge Citadel, where they would be altered by the Geneforge and would fight for the rebellion. Finally, the craft cruised to a stop at a small dock.

The leader of the small caravan, Greta, jumped off the craft as well as the other two prospectives that were to be altered by the Geneforge. Aidan was given instructions to unload the boat while the others went to set up camp.

After several trips back and forth from the craft, up a hill, and back, Aidan collapsed by the fireside. Magda, one of the prospectives came up to Aidan and sat him up. Magda was a servile. Serviles are creatures made by the Shapers, a cult that controlled most of the world. They have the power to create life and serviles are a shining example of that. They were created to do tasks that the Shapers felt were above them. However, some escaped and some were left on barren islands. Eventually, some of them evolved into intelligent creatures and joined the rebellion.

Magda was training to be a healer for the rebellion, and she displayed a bit of the little magic she knows to give him some energy. Tyrol, the other prospective, snorted and walked towards the dock. Greta then gasped and told everyone to get a weapon from the nearby storeroom.

The three hurriedly went inside and cleaned out the room. Magda had grabbed a small dagger, a new robe, and a small wooden shield. Tyrol quickly grabbed a wand and a set of chitin armor, flimsy stuff that was cheap yet surprisingly protective. Aidan sighed and took what was left, a dagger and some chitin armor.

Greta had already extinguished the fire and told them to follow her when they returned, and she broke into a full sprint. She refused to answer any questions when suddenly, an ambush struck. Surrounding them were several Shaper soldiers and creations.

Greta told them to run but they were surrounded and had no choice but to fight. Greta quickly created several Battle Betas, giant, hulk like creatures, to fight with them. The battle began and the young group of future rebels were holding their own. However, the Shapers kept coming and they killed Tyrol. Magda was trying to escape when she tripped. She was instantly impaled by a poisoned thorn.

Aidan however was not killed. He was but in shackles as was Greta and they were dragged away .