The Pretty Committee: Uncovered

Since S, N, and B have gone to their respected Ivy Leagues colleges and J has gone off to her boarding school because of *ahem* inappropriate behaviour that is better to leave unmentioned, I have been bored out of my mind. Until, that is, I happen to stumble upon my next set of "preys".

Who are infamously known as TPC.

Consisting of Alpha M, Beta A and "minions" D, C and K, they have been the talk of the town ever since.

Anyway, since they seem new to this business, I'm going to give them a warm "Gossip Girl" welcome. By getting straight into their over-privileged lives and giving the scoop to you. ;P


M coming out of her "house" with her adorkable pug Bean (yeah I know, but he's just a dog! He can't sue me!). Ah, so M doesn't get her "maids" to do everything for her.

K going into the library with big Gucci sunnies on. Althought they keep the sun out, they don't keep my prying eyes off her! Wonder what she's doing in there...

C with her infamous Keds strapped to her feet, stepping out of M's guesthouse. How long has she been there living off M? And how much longer? Although it is handy to be living with your best friend with wardrobe like that...

And D? More on her later... I'm not perfect! Though I am close to it... ;P

Although they're still "freshmen" (in more ways than one), that doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on them!

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

Massie Block tugged on the hem of her pleated, uber short navy blue school skirt that she had had especially tailored for her. Although she had requested to have it hemmed 12 cm above her knee, the tailor had mistakenly read it for "21" cm and now it was underwear-bearingly short.

Oh well. We all know she secretly wants to flash in front of Derrington.

"First day of high school," Massie commented the obvious.

"Ahmmm... ahb-viously!" Alicia Rivera sniffed, loosening the matching school tie from her neck.

"What's taking Kristen so long?" Claire Lyons asked as she tugged on her plaits that he mother had done for her.

Dylan Marvil scuffed her black Manolo ballet slippers and sighed. "Maybe she accidentally went to OCD instead"

Massie stared icily at Dylan with her hazel eyes. She then pulled out her new pink rhinestone clad Treo that she had gotten as a back-to-school present and started texting Kristen.

Massie: Whr r U.? We cnt make our grand entrance w/out u.!!!

Kristen: I'm on my way. Don't go in w/out meh.!!

Just as Massie received the text, Kristen Gregory came running up the Westchester Private High's stone steps, with her, what looked like, a second hand navy blue blazer, bearing a school badge with a golden lion on it, slouched over her shoulders in an unflattering manner that made her hips look wide. Massie eyed the blazer in disgust.

"Hey!" Claire squealed and gave Kristen a massive hug. They looked like they hadn't seen each other in years.

Which was the opposite of true since they only saw each other yesterday.

Dylan and Alicia gave Kristen a more discreet welcome with air kisses to each cheek.

Kristen then went up to Massie with her arms held out. Massie scrunched her nose. She then started texting on her pink Treo again.

"Aren't you like, igno-"

"I just texted you the info of my tailor. You are NAWT going to school with a blazer on like that ever again." Massie cut her of crisply. "Meanwhile, you can borrow my other one."

She opened her white Juicy Couture tote bag and pulled out a folded and fitted blazer.

"You can thank me later. Just put tailoring cost under "M Block"" Massie thrusts the blazer at Kristen's shocked with a tinge of hurt face and spun around with her black Miu Miu bright ballet slippers.

"Ok. Today's song is "Labels or Love". From the beginning, "shopping for lables...""

"One, two, one, two..." Dylan muttered under her breath.

"Shush. It is time to make our entrance."