Kinda Kinky
by pari106

Code: Alec, Max, Drabble
Disclaimer: They're not mine (sigh).
Rating: PG…cause I use the word ass :P
Summary: What Alec was *really* thinking during that Crash scene in "Some Assembly Required", when
he questions Max about her and Zack.

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Kinda Kinky
by pari106

"Think there's something a little…"off" about Brother Zack?"

"Like what?"

"He doesn't act like any brother I've ever seen."

Way too sexy for the brother type…fabulous ass. Like Max. Must run in the "family"…

"You got something' to say, Alec, spit it out."

Okay…here goes.

"Seems to me…he's got the hots for you. It's kind of kinky, if you ask me."

Kinky is good. Much better than the cold shoulder treatment Max's been giving so far. I wait for her

'Threesome,' I pray. 'Say threesome.'

Max sneers. "I didn't, so stay out of it!"