-Twilight's Bloom-
By: Concubine99

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Warning(s): Slash; Language; Adult Content; Protective!Draco;

Parings:Edward/Harry; Jasper/Alice; Emmett/Rosalie; Carlisle/Male!OC [I like Emse but I want to experiment a bit! Sorry!]; Draco/Jacob; Sirius/Remus

Summary: They've been hiding and running, training and indulging for years. What are the chances they meet a family hiding away a secret nearly as big as their own in the little town of Forks?

Note: I couldn't resist! I've been noticing all these Twilight/Harry Potter crossover and I'm weak and just could not resist doing one!

No, it's not Draco/Harry! No matter what it looks like!

Every Story Has a Beginning; Every Flower Starts With a Seed

Cedric died in front of me. I had no chance of warning him or to tell him to get out of the way. I led him to his death but I didn't mean to- honestly! I had thought it was only fair to share First place. He arrived at the same time, we helped each other out.

It was only fair. And yet, he died. He died in that dirty cemetery surrounded by hostile wizards and he died without a chance to react.

He died because of me.

But I brought his body back; I couldn't very well leave it there, surrounded by those hostile enemies and dirty tombstones.

And his father thanked me. I'm not sure what I felt at that moment but it was far from relief or happiness. I think it made me feel worse. Why didn't he blame me for Cedric's death? I wanted to ask, and I think I opened my mouth to do so but nothing came out, and I wisely kept quite as I realized how very close his father was close to crying.

I wasn't crying.

And then Dumbledore and Snape were whispering to each other and Snape was nodding and he left with a glance towards me. Did he stare at me with pity for a moment? Or perhaps it was hate…that sounded much more like the Snape I knew.

And then Lucius Malfoy entered the picture and I remembered screaming at him, I remembered trying to escape Sirius' grasp so I could launch myself towards the aristocrat. I wanted to hurt him. He had been there; he had stood there as Voldemort came back! And to me, he practically killed Cedric himself.

I hated him.

But he stood there, letting me say all these things. He didn't blink when I cursed and swore, when I badmouthed his family, when I swore I would get revenge one day.

He stood there and took it all. And when I was tired of my screaming and had rested back against Sirius' arms, he smiled.

"I will let you curse my name, my family, I will pledge my pride and my honor and my loyalty to you, Harry James Potter, so long as you take care of my son."

And I think I hated him a bit less when his words sunk in and I realized he wanted to save his son. I still hated him, God how I hated him but I think I felt a spark of respect for him, similar perhaps to what I felt for Snape.

And he kept his smile as Sirius said a few nasty words to him and he continued to smile as Dumbledore asked quite seriously if he knew what he was saying.

"Of course, Headmaster. I am pledging myself to young Mr. Potter. His will is my command, so long as he takes care of my son and in turn, my son will always watch over him," he said, his voice smooth and devoid of any real emotion.

And I think I nodded and I was too tired to push him away when he grabbed my hands and kissed them. And I was too confused and drained to understand the words Lucius Malfoy whispered to me.

And when I awoke the next day, I was not in the infirmary of Hogwarts. I wasn't in Hogwarts.

Draco Malfoy sat on a chair next to where I lay, his back straight and his eyes glued to me and I shifted away, trying to find my wand.

He handed it over to me.

And I nearly hexed him but he jumped on me and I realized just how large Draco Malfoy was compared to me.

And I wanted to hurt him, God I wanted to lash out and hit and punch and curse him!

But he kept his hold on me – not tight enough to bruise- and I stopped struggling after awhile. I think he found it all amusing.

"You promised my father you'd take care of me," he said with a mask of complete indifference and I didn't want to listen, didn't want his heat against my body and didn't want his smooth hands holding me down.

He smiled as if sensing my discomfort. "Dumbledore has taken advantage of the opportunity presented to him. Do you know what a Soul Oath is, Harry?" He asked and despite myself, I liked how he said my name. It was said softly, like a mother or lover would say a name and I shuddered at the comparison.

"No I do not." He found it amusing and he gave a small laugh, a snicker, a chuckle, a mirthless laugh.

"You do a Soul Oath with my father and yet not know what it is?"

"I did what now?"

"You accepted my father's Soul Oath. He swore his pride, his honor and his loyalty to you. What did you think that was? Simple poetry? No, you accepted and now he is bonded to your will. He's assuming you will wish for him to stop serving the Dark Lord and he has. He now is a spy and I am to watch over you and you are to take care of me."

And I wondered how did this happen. And I wondered how Dumbledore let this happen. And I wondered why we were here.

And then he spoke, still holding me down, his heat still warming me and his eyes (were they always that pale and that beautiful) piercing and holding my gaze.

He spoke of how it was for the best if I did not stay in Hogwarts until everything cooled down. That it was best if I stayed away from the Wizarding World until the knowledge of Voldemort was accepted more. That I train so as to fight Voldemort, to prepare.

And I laughed because really, who was to prepare me if I wasn't at school? Who would prepare me to stand up against that- that monster?

And he smiled and he kissed me on my cheek, a peck but it startled me and I pushed and tried to pull away from him but he laughed and laughed harder, surprised and amused at my reaction and God did I want to hit him at that moment. Slap that grin off his face but he was stronger and I was tired and it didn't take long before I sank deeper into the mattress.

And then he spoke of all the places we would visit and all the people we would meet and all the things he personally could teach me and I couldn't help but feel a bit excited as he told me these tales and spoke like a child.

I lay underneath him for what felt like hours, listening to him speak so softly to me and when he stopped talking, indeed the hours had flown by and the sun that had been up in the sky when I awoke had begun to touch the horizon.

And I realized I no longer hated Draco Malfoy. And I wanted to tell him but I didn't. I glared and told him that this could not happen. That I had to go back to Hogwarts. That his father could take back his Oath. I told him I wanted to go home.

But he just smiled. I wondered why he was smiling so much when he rarely did before, when he use to sneer and frown and glare. He spoke to me in a calm voice, soft and far different from his biting words of before.

"He can't take a Soul Oath back and Dumbledore wants you away from Hogwarts, away from the Dark Lord's influence. He wants you somewhere safe where you can train and prepare. The war is starting but it will not reach its peak yet, not yet. You must prepare. The Dark Lord you faced all those times before was a mere shadow to the man he is now. You will not always be able to survive on luck…"

I cried I think because I truly wanted to go back, despite the fact that I liked the adventures Draco said we would have all around the world. I wanted to go back to Hogwarts, back home.

But he shook his head in a sad manner and mumbled that not many believed the Dark Lord's return. And that the Ministry would do anything to discredit me and I hated it how his words rang true to me. Deep down I knew he spoke only the truth.

And he spoke of how it would be better for everyone if I stayed away and his comment reminded me of Cedric and despite my attempts, I cried. I cried in front of him and I doubt I cared at that moment.

Cedric was dead because of me, because I wanted to be fair, because I had a Madman after me, because he knew me, because he was a spare.

And Draco held me and let me cry and at some point he released me and let me curl up into a tight ball and I continued to cry and cry and cry.

And I cried and cried and continued to cry until my head ached with every breath I took and my eyes were dried and my breathing regular.

"Sometimes Potter," and a frown for the first time curled his lips, "Sometimes I think you care took much…that's not a good thing at all."

And I agreed with him. I didn't want to care and I didn't want to cry so much every time someone died because of me and I didn't want this burning guilt under my chest but it was there and it hurt.

But then he smiled at me again and I tried smiling too but couldn't. "Don't worry. All you have to do is let me watch over you and vouch for me whenever I need it and you'll be fulfilling your part of the Oath. I will do the rest. Just- just trust me. I know it sounds almost cliché and I doubt you're all too thrilled of being stuck with me of all people but I'll take care of you and I'll take care of everything."

And I had to, I had to ask why he was doing this and he smiled in a bittersweet manner that made me sad. I didn't tell him though.

"Partly because of the Oath, partly because I wish to help my father, partly because I wish to help you and partly because I want to escape."

And for a moment, I couldn't remember why I hated him so much a few hours ago. I tried to muster up that hate, that familiar feeling when it came to Draco Malfoy but it didn't surface, it didn't flicker and although it worried me, I resigned my attempts.

"Will you stay with me?" I asked him, not quite sure why this question was so important to me, why I needed his answer but I did and I asked and he answered.

"I will stay with you no matter what. Will you stay with me?" He asked with a smile but I could detect the uncertainty in his eyes and I wondered: had he always been this open, this easy to read?

"Yes," I promised, despite that little voice that pleaded with me not to.

I stayed in bed for the next three days and he brought me food and he sat next to me and he spoke to me in that soft voice of his and by the time we had to leave, I didn't remember I once hated him.

I didn't want to. And when we left the small cabin, the Portkey taking us to somewhere in the Philippines, I let myself bury any thoughts of my old life away and I concentrated on our awaiting adventures.

Yet…at times, I sometimes still caught myself thinking of them, of my old life, of Hogwarts. I think of Ron and his loud voice and his freckles, I think of Hermione and her books and her hair, I think of Dumbledore and his socks and candy obsession, I think of Sirius and Remus, who I found out through Draco who found out through his father, are an item. I think of my teachers and I think of the rest of the Gryffindors and how I sort of miss Dobby. How I missed Hogwarts' talking portraits and living ghost.

How I missed the Wizarding World. And I find myself sometimes crying because of Cedric, and crying because Sirius is still a fugitive, a still cry because I feel like I'm running away from my responsibility.

And then Draco reminds me I am not running away from my responsibility. That I am traveling and training and working on my powers so I can take on my responsibility more efficiently.

And I had to smile at Draco's attempts of cheering me up and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but I always try to smile and act like they do simply so he wouldn't stare at me as if he was failing me.

And that's how we spent our years since our Fourth Year to now doing. Running and hiding, training and indulging.

And now we're here. Our final destination. After this, we'll be going back. This is our little break. Our little vacation before we enter Hell; before I have to lead strangers and friends to war with hostile and vicious monsters.

We'll be spending it here, in this little town, acting like normal muggles, going to their school and laughing as if nothing was wrong.

And I know why Draco is doing this. He wants to give me a few months of suppose normality, the life of a normal teenager who doesn't fight in wars and who doesn't go to the top of remote mountains simply to learn how to clear one's mind.

I doubt this little town of Forks, no matter how dull and normal, will give me any sense of normality.

But I think I can pretend for a little while and enjoy it for a little while.

Just for a little while until I have to return and be the soldier and leader and killer I've been training to be.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the prelude? Please tell me what you guys think! I'm only going to continue this if enough people like it and have a response to it!

Anyway, onward to chapter two!

P.S. Yes, I know there was a lot of repetition; I did that on purpose. Just working on my parallelism and usage of anaphora and all other figurative devices. It was a prelude, wanted to experiment a bit!