-Twilight's Bloom-
By: Concubine99

Disclaimer: Own neither Twilight nor Harry Potter. They are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling respectively.

Warning(s):Slash; Language; Adult Content; Now Mpreg!

Parings: Edward/Harry; Jasper/Alice; Emmett/Rosalie; Carlisle/Yves [OC]; Jacob/Draco; Sirius/Remus; Ron/Hermione

Summary: Paradise happens with few people; the moment you start adding people, that's when paradise starts to crumble and real life kicks in. Harry and Draco will have to face their future in their own way, in similar…conditions.

Note: Always take the time to read my Ending Notes. I usually write little comments of importance!

Chapter XXVII


"Is that really the best you can do?" Lucius asked as he leaned against the back of his chair. "Really?"

"Father," Draco whispered, giving an imploring look which Lucius promptly ignored, his attention still on Jacob. "Well, Black?"

"What else do you want me to propose besides his happiness and my eternal loyalty?" Jacob said with a forming glare, "What, money?"

"As if you have a coin to your name, child," Lucius said with a short chortle. "My son is worth more than you have seen in your lifetime, more than just silly words from a mutt."

Jacob nearly bared his teeth at the man but refrained, the pressure of Draco's hand against his forearm keeping him grounded. He took a deep breath. "They're not empty words. He'll be happy. I'll make sure of it. I'll do whatever it takes, always. He'll always be protected and surrounded by respect and-"

"Here are my conditions," Lucius interrupted coldly, his face giving nothing away. "He is to visit me every weekend, without exception. How long he stays will be up to him and me. Your first male child will be the future Head of the Malfoy name and thus I will have a role in his upbringing and education. All children with magic will attend a Wizarding school. Draco, though will be marrying you, shall keep his last name, as will my first grandson, and last but not least, no son of mine will live in that shack you call a home, Black."


"Pick a location on your land," Lucius continued, his glare holding, "Large enough to hold a respectable house and I will have the contractors here ready to create a home worthy of the Malfoy name. Are we in agreement?"

Jacob shared a glance with Draco, "Why do I feel like your father is going to be overbearing and constantly around for the rest of our lives?"

"Don't you worry, Black," Lucius nearly hissed, "I'm planning on trying my hardest and keeping a distance from you. It's already hard enough just looking at you without skinning you."

"That's reassuring."

"Jacob," Draco said, giving the shapeshifter a jab in the ribs, "Those terms seem acceptable, father."

"Good," Lucius said, "I'll be bringing the documents sometime next week and the contractor tomorrow."

He stood up and Draco followed. Jacob seemed willing to keep sitting if it wasn't for Draco's glare. "Thank you, father," Draco said as he walked the man towards the fireplace. "We'll be here waiting, yes?"

Lucius gave his son a brief hug before pulling away, "Make sure you rest, Draco."

"I will," the wizard replied, giving a small smile. Jacob gave a halfhearted wave that Lucius ignored as he entered the green flames and then shouted his destination.

"I can't believe he called my house a shack," Jacob said the moment the man was gone.

"Compared to my house, it is," Draco replied matter-of-factly.

"Are we honestly going to agree to everything he's asked?" Jacob asked as he followed the wizard upstairs to the blonde's old room.

Harry had not been able to change Edward's mind about him leaving Forks and truthfully, Draco doubted he tried very much. It was a better idea for the hero to stay away from the Wizarding World in the aftermath of the Dark Lord's defeat and especially in his condition that would not be able to be concealed for long. Even the Order members who knew seemed on board.

So Draco had decided to stay here with Harry. The vampire had not been able to convince Harry to move in with him, instead, Harry had taken up residence in their old home in Forks and Draco easily preferred it that way.

Didn't stop the bloodsucker from practically living in the house with them, which only served to make Jacob antsy and stay over nearly as much as Edward. Which Draco didn't mind really, but sometimes the two creatures could be truly annoying.

"You have two seconds to get out, Edward, before I throw you out!"

Draco turned his attention towards Harry's door, his voice coming out loud and clear a second before the door opened and was promptly closed with Edward's figure standing outside in the hallway.

Jacob snickered. "Isn't he a little early to be so hormonal?"

"He's not hormonal," Edward snapped, shifting his gaze from the door to Jacob, "He just seems to think I'm suffocating him."

"Oh he's right," Draco said as he made his way towards Harry's door, "You're as bad as Jacob. Worse actually." He eyed the vampire dryly, "I understand you're worried, but he's not even showing yet…well, not much. Give him an hour without your gaze drilling a hole into his skull."

Draco was inside the Harry's room before Edward could respond.

"Heh," Jacob said, still grinning.

"I don't see what you find so amusing," Edward said softly, "When you're in the same boat as I am. Draco is very close to banishing you from the house. He's considering placing up a ward to keep you out for a bit."

"You're lying," Jacob growled.

Edward shrugged. "He's so much easier to read now that he's pregnant." He gave Jacob a quick smirk before he walked past the large shapeshifter and down the stairs.

"He was driving me up the wall," Harry said, "I freakin' sneezed and he was ready to call Carlisle and the Order. I tripped on my shoes and he gave me a thirty-minute lecture on the dangers of misplaced items. I don't know if he's going to survive this pregnancy, Draco. I'm going to end up killing him. I just- I just got this feeling that I'm going to snap and ring his neck!"

Draco couldn't help it. He laughed and he laughed until his side hurt.

Harry looked torn between being amused himself and being annoyed. He sat at the edge of his bed, his hands gripping the edges of the mattress and bunching up the sheets. "I'm glad I amuse you."

"Oh poppet," Draco said, taking a deep breath after his laughter had subsided, "I agree with Edward, you aren't hormonal. You're actually taking this entire thing quite well."

"You called me poppet," Harry said, looking torn between surprised and something else, something nostalgic and wistful. "You haven't called me that in a while."

"Yeah," Draco said softly, "I guess…I guess I've been so busy I forgot to keep up with my endearments."

There was a moment of quiet between them, neither making any effort to break it. Draco pressed down upon his stomach suddenly, a wince managing to twist his features, "Damn tyke. He thinks my organs are his playthings."


"Yeah," Draco grumbled, sitting up straighter. "Thank God I'm due soon. I can't take much more of this."

"You have the appointment for the operation already?"

"Yeah, the beginning of December," Draco said softly, "Dorian wants to get it over with before I enter too much into my eighth month."

"Huh," Harry. "Oh…so Snape sent me a letter. Seems the Order is releasing Bella to her father tonight."

Draco's scowl was answer enough to how he felt about that.

"Don't worry; they've finished checking her out physically, emotionally and mentally. She's good and there's no trace of him remaining. We can't just keep her locked away at Grimmuald's."

"Why the hell not?"

"Because she has family! Her dad's worried sick!"

"Meh," Draco grumbled. "Whatever. So long as she's back to her old, boring self I suppose there's no harm." He caught sight of Harry's expression and stiffened, "She is back to her old boring self, right?"

"Not…exactly," Harry said. "She knows…everything."


"Wizards, magic, vampires…shapeshifters," Harry mumbled, barely opening his mouth to let the last word out.

"she knows!" he cried out, "And they're letting her go? Why haven't they erased her memories?"

"They can't," Harry said, "Snape has never met her kind of mind before. It frustrates him."

"So what, she's a marvel now? A fucking wonder of the world?"

"Nah. He says she's just wired differently. His exact words were something along the lines of 'wired as incorrectly but as efficiently as one could imagine and not be a drooling mess'. "

"I still think we should employ a permanent solution-"

"Do you seriously want to kill her?" Harry interrupted, "Despite everything, she's innocent, you know."

"Look, so long as she keeps her mouth shut and out of my way," Draco grumbled, "I suppose I don't care if she lives happily until she hits old age and dies of a heart attack."

"You're real charming, you know that?" Harry said, trying to fit back a grin.

"And you rarely act your age," Draco bit back.

There was a knock on his door and Harry didn't have enough time to permit entrance before Edward swung the door open, a look in place that spoke of trouble.

"I have to go," he said, his lips curling in a way that showed great reluctance. "It seems Yves has received a letter in the mail from Marcus."

"Marcus…as in his sire?" Harry asked, surprised. "As in the Volturi?"

"Yes," Edward said. "It seems he- they want to meet with Yves." Edward swallowed. "Alice is worried; she can't seem to gain a grasp of the future at the moment."

"Ok," Harry said softly. "Do they…do they know?"

"We're not certain," Edward said softly, "However, they most likely will if they come. If Aro so much as touches one of us, he'll know. And if we flinch away at his touch, he will know we are trying to hide something."

"Why the hell are they even coming here?" Draco asked with a small scowl, "Supposedly the head of the Volturi rarely ever leave their little fortress."

"They don't," Edward said, "It's not their style. They send others to do their dirty work. The good news is that they are not arriving with the whole reinforcement. Yves is waiting for me.."

"Go," Harry said, "And let me know as soon as you can, ok?"

Edward nodded but he hesitated, still standing by the door as if unable to move from there. "Oh just go, won't you?" Draco snapped, "Harry will be fine, better actually, without your overbearing presence, I'm sure."

"Draco!" Harry hissed.

"What? It's the truth!"

"And to think there was a time I missed your sparkling personality, Draco," Edward said dryly.

"I'm not the one that sparkles in the sunlight, leech," Draco said with a dismissive flick of his wrist. "Get out of here, will you?"

Edward gave the smallest of growls before he was gone and Harry blinked in something that could be described as surprise. "Huh, he didn't even give me a kiss goodbye…" he mused only to have Edward appeared barely a second later, close enough that he could touch Harry.

Harry nearly jumped in surprised while Draco gave a small curse. Edward's small smile turned into a smirk. "Sorry," he said, "But I forgot to kiss you goodbye."

"Sap," Draco said just as Harry was about to. Harry gave a small amused snort instead as he leaned forward and shared a kiss with the vampire. "Be off with you now and good luck."

Edward arrived home to a grumbling Yves and an annoyed Rosalie and Jasper.

"Can you stop him please?" Jasper asked with a frown, "He's giving me a headache."

"He's just annoying me," Rosalie added in.

Yves barely spared them a glare before he went back to pacing in the room, biting at the tip of his finger and still mumbling under his breath.

"What about Alice? Has she seen anything?"

"Them arriving and meeting Harry, but its hazy at best, or so she says. Plus, it seems there might be a chance they won't come. It seems they're still deciding. Alice is worried about Harry's temper and inability to kiss ass," Emmett said as he entered the room. "I know this is bad of me, but I can't help but really want to see Harry glare down Aro and Caius. Can you say EPIC?"

Edward gave a glare, "He's in no condition to confront-"

"He's in perfect condition," Emmett said, "He's probably all hyped up on hormones and-"

"No, he's not," Edward said through clenched teeth. "He's being remarkably calm about this whole situation. Heaven knows how."

Jasper let out a small sigh, "I told you to calm Yves down, not add to the emotional overload in this room."

"Carlisle," Yves whispered as they heard the familiar sound of the soft rumble of Carlisle's car. "God, what took him so long?" Yves whispered but he looked only relieved as he finally took a seat.

"So what did the letter say exactly?"

"That he misses my company," Yves said, frowning yet looking almost pleased, "And that he has been meaning to contact me. Aro is not pleased with us apparently. He's found out about our involvement with the Wizarding World and he does not…appreciate the strain Edward's relationship with Harry has caused now between the Volturi and the Ministry."

"The Ministry?" Edward said incredulously. "They actually contacted the Volturi? Harry said-"

"The Wizarding World stays out of Volturi and vice versa but it seems they really do not appreciate a vampire romancing their hero," Yves said dryly before giving a small sigh. "It seems we've underestimated Harry's popularity."

"What does Aro want then?" Carlisle asked softly, already in the room and walking to where Yves sat.

"Marcus didn't say. He just warned me that Aro, with Caius' baiting, has been considering visiting us."

"Why not summon us to him?"

"It could be interpreted as a hostile action by the Wizarding World," Jasper said with a small shrug, "Harry is their hero. I doubt they would appreciate having him be summoned in front of the equivalent of royalty to vampires as if he had done something wrong. The Volturi only summon those they intend to…discipline after all."

"Fuck," Emmett in an airy manner that didn't quite suit him, "So should we contact…the Ministry…?"

"Yeah, let's do that. Let's cause more of a ruckus," Alice grumbled as she entered the room, massaging at her temples. "Have both sides find out about Harry's condition, and give the wizards more of a reason to hate us. Maybe we can talk to the-" she cut herself off, a vacant look taking over her face.

They knew that look and so they waited, although not patiently, for her to snap out of it and tell them. It was a slow change, the empty look leaving slowly and replaced by anger and what looked like fear.

"Aro's not just thinking about it," Alice said, "He is coming. I- I can't really see how it'll end. Harry's future is even more blurry and uncertain than before, and so any vision involving him is at best fuzzy."

"Everything will be fine," Carlisle said softly, soothingly, and with a certain authority not usually in his voice when he spoke to his family. "We'll prepare for the visit- do you know how many are coming?"

"The three of them, a couple of guards…Jane," Alice said, "And I've got this feeling that Harry is not going to like her."

Edward closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. "Harry is very honest about when he dislikes people, Alice."

"I know."

"He's very vocal," Edward continued, "And when he's pissed off, he sometimes gets more than just vocal."

"I know," Alice said stressed. "Hopefully Jane will be…quiet throughout the whole thing and Harry won't bristle."

"This is going to be a disaster," Edward whispered, running a hand through his hair. "Do the Volturi know about Harry being pregnant? Do they even know that's possible?"

"I've never heard of a half-human, half-vampire actually existing," Yves said, "Carlisle and I have heard stories…"

"I doubt the Volturi know for certain," Carlisle said. "We may not need to tell them."

"They'll know something's off with him," Emmett said, "They're not stupid."

"We need to talk to the Order," Jasper interrupted. "We're stuck in the middle of an argument between two different governments. We're pawns at the moment. We need to be prepared to be stuck in the middle of a pissing contest."

"Harry's going to hate this," Edward sighed.

"Not as much as Draco," Emmett pointed out, looking as if he was holding back a grin. "And just wait until the wolves find out there's gonna be even more vampires around."

It was very quiet after Emmett's comment before, almost in union, they all sighed in something that could only be described as exasperation and gloom.

Harry let out a small sigh the moment Edward finished speaking.

"Well, you're right, Draco's reaction is worrisome…as is the wolves and the Order. Really, about the only person on my side that you needn't worry about is…well, me."

"You're…fine with this?"

"Of course not," Harry said with a dry look, "Why would I want a bunch of noisy vampire…lords anywhere near me? No, I'm just more understanding is all."

"Thanks," Edward said, his voice holding traces of sarcasm.

"If it makes you feel better, Draco won't blame you," Harry said, "He'll be blaming the Ministry and the bunch of incompetents that place attracts."


"Eh," Harry said with a simple shrug, looking rather nonchalant. "So how do you want to play this?"

"I wish we could hide you away somewhere or even hide your condition but…" Edward shook his head. "They are not stupid and the moment Aro touches any of us, he'll know."

Harry ran a hand through his hair. "I should have known better than to think this would all go smoothly." He looked almost thoughtful, "We should contact Santi. I want to know if he truly does know of a dhampire family…"

Edward scowled but agreed nonetheless. Santiago may not be his favorite person but the incubus had his uses and was, if nothing else, a good ally, a good…friend. He shook his head, the thought of Santi as a friend making him want to cringe.

He didn't of course. He wouldn't want Harry to think there was something else wrong at the moment.

"Why do I get the feeling that your father is going to be involved in our lives a lot?" Jacob asked as he and Draco watched Lucius's form slowly approach Jacob's house, a plump man at his side.

Jacob could feel the heat of Draco's glare on his neck and so he was quick to add, "I'm not saying it would be such a terrible thing, of course. Just…asking, you know?"

Draco's glare didn't soften in the least, "You're asked this already. Just- just be respectable."

"Sure, sure. I always am, aren't I?" he asked, finally glancing towards Draco with a grin. His answer was a rather dry look.

"Son," Lucius said with a firm nod but rather soft eyes- softer, at least, than the eyes he directed towards Jacob.

"Mr. Wicket, my son and future son-in-law," Lucius said, looking pained for a moment.

The plump wizard nearly beamed at them, his rosy cheeks seeming to darken slightly. "Congratulations, Mr. Malfoy, on both your marriage and child," he said, "Now, your father tells me that you wish to build a house on these beautiful grounds."

"Er…" Draco looked uncomfortable for a moment, "Yes. There's good land about a mile off where a chalet would fit perfectly."

"A chalet, really?" the wizard said with a hearty laugh that had Jacob grinning and Draco wincing. "I don't think in all my years as a contractor, I've ever had a Malfoy want a chalet."

"Villa then," Draco said with a roll of his eyes, "I just thought a house of wood would fit better with the scenery."

"Of course, of course," Wicket said, nodding slightly. "Well, how about we take a look at this land?"

Jacob jerked a thumb of his shoulder, "We can take my car or we can walk," he glanced to Draco, a frown quickly tugging his lips, "Though Draco here shouldn't be doing so much-"

"It's a bloody quick hike," he grounded out, "If I get tired, I'm sure you'll be useful and carry me the rest of the way."


"I'm fine!" he snapped, "Quite frankly, a bit of exercise is what I need."

Jacob still slightly worried but he gave a small nod, "Ok, so yeah, either car or walk, what will it be?"

"As if I'd trust you to drive me anywhere, even if it was a mile away," Lucius said with a small sneer. "Just lead the way."

Wicket didn't seem to feel the tension in the air, his grin still pleasantly plastered on his round face. "Oh, I think this is going to be so much fun!" he said as he followed slightly behind Jacob but by Lucius' side. "I think the last time I had such great land to work on was for that bungalow that I built for Mrs. Malfoy all those years ago…"

"Yes," Lucius said. "I sold it recently."

"What?" Draco asked, looking startled and nearly tripped over his own feet. Jacob's hands were around him before he even managed to find his proper footing. "Be careful," the shapeshifter said, frowning. "Do you want to break your neck?"

"Shut up," Draco grumbled, jerking his arm from Jacob's grip before he turned towards his father. "You sold the Italy bungalow? Why?"

"Your mother only visited that house whenever she could not stand the sight of me," Lucius said, his voice low and with a hint of something that could have been vulnerability on anyone else, "I do not care for the memories."

Draco looked as if he wanted to protest, but then there was a flicker of something on his face before he bit his lip and schooled his features. Jacob caught the expression and nearly said something about it but Lucius was already walking, as was Mr. Wicket, and Draco was avoiding his gaze.

It didn't matter, Jacob thought. They would eventually talk. Perhaps once Draco's dad was no longer around. Draco tended to claim down around his father, after all.

They arrived at their destination quicker than Jacob had thought they would have but still after nearly an hour walking. The area was mostly a clearing, the grass and vegetation nearly reaching their calves. There were no other residences nearby though the pack patrolled around the area quite frequently.

"What do you think?" he asked, mostly to Draco.

"Oh, yes, yes," Mr. Wicket answered however, his eyes lit, "This has such great potential. We would have to, of course, remove some of these trees…clean the area up a little…" he glanced towards Jacob, "Is this your land?"

"Yeah," Jacob said, scratching his head, "Been in the family for a while though we haven't done anything to it."

"Is it part of the Reservation?" Draco asked, more out of curiosity than anything else.

"No," Jacob answered curtly, giving a small frown. He looked almost annoyed. "My great-grandfather supposedly made this neutral ground between the tribe and the Cullens."

Draco dimly remembered Harry mentioning an Ephraim in connection to Yves though the other wizard had been very vague in his mentioning. "He was the one that dealt with the Cullens when they first arrived, no?"

"Yeah," Jacob said, "He was…tolerate, I guess. He supposedly used to spar with the doctor's mate." Jacob tried to stay nonchalant but there was a tension in his shoulders, a narrowing in his eyes that betrayed him.

"You don't like Yves, do you?"

"I don't like any of the Cullens," Jacob said smoothly.

Draco opened his mouth to reply, finding it hard to let the subject drop for some reason, but Lucius cleared his throat. "As interesting as this is," he said softly, the words dry and biting, "How about we continue on inspecting the property. I hear waves, is the beach nearby?"

"About half a mile south there's a bit of a cliff that drops onto the beach," Jacob grumbled, "It's not all that steep but during low tide, it's dangerous to cliff dive."

Lucius turned towards Draco, "You'll be doing no such thing no matter the tide."

"Yes, father," Draco said, almost automatically and without any real heat or tone.

"What style have you two love birds considered?" Wicket asked as he finished walking round the small clearing and stopped before them. He was smiling so wide, Jacob wondered if it was painful.

"Uh…" Jacob gave a shrug, "Whatever's fine. I'm not picky."

"Oh, and what, I am?" Draco asked, scowling.

"Draco, I love you, but, yes, you are. You're about the most anal retentive person I've met," Jacob answered with a small smile, "Not that I care, really. Because like I said, I love you."

Draco's glare softened, if only a little but he was quick to shift his gaze towards Mr. Wicket, "I want something relatively small."

"In comparison to what?" Mr. Wicket asked with an amused grin, "Your own ancestral home or to a simple apartment for one?"

Draco looked thoughtful, "Two stories, about the size of that Portuguese villa although perhaps a bit simpler?"

Lucius frowned, "Why so modest? This is where you'll be living for the foreseeable future, Draco. It'll be your…family home."

Jacob nearly rolled his eyes at the contempt in the older man's voice. He had once been rather…afraid of this man but now, perhaps after having leaped through so many hoops or having seen just how much the man cared for his son, he couldn't quite muster up that same caution. In truth, Lucius Malfoy usually just made him want to roll his eyes or clench his teeth so as to hold back from saying something that he'd regret.

"The structure of the Portuguese villa will be a bit difficult on this type of land," Wicket mused, "Though I could do something similar. Two stories you said?"

"Yeah," Draco said, glancing briefly towards Jacob, "With a…garage, I suppose."

Jacob looked as if Draco had punched him. "What?" Draco bristled, "That way you have your space and won't always be hovering over me. I'll have my own room of course, one which you'll rarely step foot into if I have any say in it."

Jacob didn't bother hiding his grin, "You're damn adorable, you know that?" he asked softly, his arms wrapping around Draco, ignoring how the blond stiffened slightly. He rubbed slightly at Draco's belly. "Sure, sure, anything you want."

"Oh, excellent!" Wicket said, as he glanced from the couple towards Lucius. "I can see why you agreed to the marriage. This young man obviously caries for your son."

Jacob snickered but a glare from both Malfoys shut him up before Wicket could truly hear it.

"Yes, well, my son chose him," Lucius said through barely parted lips, "And his happiness is what matters, I suppose."

Wicket nodded rather fiercely, looking up at Lucius with beaming eyes. "Family comes first, as always, Mr. Malfoy. Quite understandable. Right, Mr. Black?"

"Yeah," Jacob said, his features calm and for a split second, Draco could see similarities between Jacob and his father, but it was gone when Jacob leaned forward and pressed a kiss upon his forehead. "Always first."

When they arrived back to Jacob's home, Lucius did not hide his sneer, but they were gone quickly after and so Jacob didn't bother to say anything.

"That Wicket guy sure seems nice," Jacob mumbled as they reached the small kitchen.

""He's been helping my father well before I was born. I suppose he's one of father's few…friends," Draco said as he sat down at the table.

"He works for him."

Draco shrugs, "Father trusts him a little more than the rest of the people he's forced to interact with."

Jacob didn't say anything, his back towards Draco as he continued to look through the refrigerator. Draco didn't bother to be discreet in his staring. Jacob had worn shorts and a tight black shirt that day, the fabric stretching over his back and shoulders and emphasizing his physique.

Draco was glad to note the shapeshifter was gaining back the muscle he had lost during his absence.

"Hey, you know we have some passion fruit juice, want some?"

"Yes," Draco said, his gaze shifting to his hands that rested upon the table, "You know, that was my mother's favorite fruit."

"Really?" Jacob asked, looking over his shoulder briefly before he returned back towards the refrigerator. "Huh, that's something. Not many actually even know about it, you know."

Draco didn't look away from his hands, even when Jacob placed two cups on the table and slid one towards him. "Here you go."

"Jacob," Draco said, his voice soft. "I've thought a lot about my parents lately."


"Yes," he said, nodding slightly. He still didn't look away from his hands. "I've been thinking about how happy and miserable they were. What a cheating bastard my father was, how enabling my mother was. She knew about the affairs because no matter what my father thought, he was not the least bit discrete in her company. He seems to think she just knew, as if she could read his mind. It was no such thing. She knew because she wasn't stupid and he was insensitive."

Draco looked up slightly, seemingly surprised to see the glass of juice near his hand. He wrapped his hands around the glass and brought it closer to himself as he looked up, pinning Jacob to his seat with a steady gaze.

"I prepared myself since I was little. If I married my previous fiancée or not, if I met someone else…I always prepared myself for the notion that they would be just as…lacking as my father. Then it hit me suddenly…that the person I have been preparing myself to accept as lacking, as unfaithful…is you."


"So here it is, I'm not my mother. I will not keep quiet and simply retreat to a house somewhere across the world for a few days or weeks until you get fid up and ask me to come back home. I will not pretend I do not smell a different perfume or cologne on you…I won't ignore late night entrances or people who give you private, flirtatious smile in front of me."


"So when you do decide to have an affair," Draco continued coolly, "Don't you dare assume I am stupid. Never mention the slut's name even if it's in passing, never introduce me to that person even if we bump into one another in the middle of some road and never, never, bring them to our home or introduce our children to them. Use them all you damn want, but make sure you keep me as oblivious as possible. That's all."

Draco took a shady breath, brought the glass to his lips and sipped at the juice. He was no longer looking at Jacob, all the energy leaving him empty except for soft disdain and resignation.

"What the hell, Draco," Jacob's voice, soft and hurt, reached his ears. He looked up just in time to see Jacob's hurt eyes, shaking shoulders, and scowling lips before he stood up abruptly and left the kitchen. Draco could hear the door opening and slamming shut, the walls shaking with it.

He took another shaky breath, suddenly wishing for something stronger, something that he couldn't have because of his condition.

Edward just wasn't sure if it was normal, which was weird, because out of everything going on, he couldn't quite understand why he was fixating on Harry's nonchalance as something of an oddity. For God's sake, his mate was carrying their half-vampire child. Harry seemingly indifference to everything shouldn't bother him so much.

It was just that Harry was…passionate. He felt things fully, allowed himself to go through the whole spectrum of emotions and never apologized for it. Even when he was relatively calm, there was always something under the surface, lurking.

The fact that it had taken until yesterday for Harry to finally be fed up with Edward's hovering was just weird. Draco had been right. Before the pregnancy, Harry would have thrown him out after the first few hours. He lasted days. Days.

He hadn't been hovering on purpose of course. He just couldn't help it. It was a push- an instinct to protect- to hover and make sure nothing happened. He felt that there was something…wrong. His mate didn't feel the same. He felt…flat. Or perhaps, better yet, he felt smothered, as if the connection he had always felt when around Harry was being pushed under, being flattened until it was barely noticeable.

"You know, I have a sudden craving for chocolate frogs," Harry mused out loud, never once looking away from his book. His brow knitted together slightly, "And though I'm enjoying their adventures, I sometimes wonder what the hell Jim is saying. I mean…damn!" Harry shook his head. "Oh well. I'm nearly done anyway…"

"How can you just stay so calm and read?"

"Well, what do you want me to do?" Harry asked as he flipped a page. "Sit and worry and bite my nails alongside you?"

"I don't bite my nails."

"Eh," Harry said with a small shrug.




Harry gave a sigh as he looked away from the book, still resting on the bed on his stomach with his elbows propping him up. "Yes, my neurotic little mosquito?"

"You think you're funny, you really do, and you really aren't," Edward said dryly. "You're pregnant with a half-vampire that will no doubt be at least half as strong as a normal vampire, we have the Volturi days away from arriving, we'll soon have the Ministry at our hands and the Order will know by tomorrow that you're pregnant. Not just Sirius and Remus and a selected others, all of the Order. That's a lot of people that may potentially have something negative to say-"

"Well, you know what they say about words and not hurting," Harry said rather airy as he gazed back to his book. "I'm telling you, hon, they don't hurt enough to bruise."

Edward was silent for so long that Harry shifted his gaze towards him. "Edward? What's wrong? You're not usually this disturbed with my sarcasm and wit."

"I'm worried, Harry."

Harry chortled slightly, "Honey, you're always worried. It's actually become somewhat endearing."

"I'm worried about you, Harry. Something is not…right."

Harry blinked, looking rather surprised. He pushed himself upright, sitting himself at the edge. "What do you mean?"

Edward shook his head slightly, looking almost annoyed. "I- you do not feel right. It's…it's as if you're being smothered in front of me. It's as if you're just…flat. Your emotions…your responses…your actions."


"You don't feel right!" Edward snapped, standing up so quickly that Harry was a bit startled. "It's been driving me crazy since before you woke up those weeks ago. But it's gotten more and I'm afraid I'm going insane. It's just too much."

The vampire let out a small sigh, sounding similar to a laugh and a choked sob. Harry couldn't distinguish it. Something stirred in his chest, something that could have been pain or guilt or perhaps misery. He couldn't identify and it slowly dissipated until all he had was the memory that quickly left also.

"Edward," Harry said softly, "Come here."

He wasted no time doing so, sitting next to the young wizard but with enough space between them so they weren't touching.

"Honey, you've long been insane, ok?" Harry said softly, smiling slightly in a teasing, reassuring manner as he grasped Edward's hand. "You're completely neurotic. But you're not wrong."


"I've felt it too," he said, looking away from Edward and to the opposite wall. Edward's hand was cold, as usual, but he could truly feel it, feel it like he always did before his magic kicked in as a sort of buffer between the two. His magic hadn't been buffering for a week now. He should be wondering why- should be worried…but he wasn't.

"Like you said, it's been a slow progress…but I've noticed it. I'm calm…everything about me is calm but it's sort of how a wall is calm, you know? Unyielding…silent. Things aren't affecting me like they use to and my energy level is static. Not low…but I don't have any of my impatience or my hectic energy. So yeah, it's like there's a buffer that's keeping me back." He hesitated for a moment, "Even my magic's affected."


Harry glanced towards him before promptly looking away. "My magic…it's…under control. It's…normal. I haven't been able to do wandless magic for a week now. You know how I told you my magic protects me from the cold of your skin? Well, my hand feels like I'm holding ice cubes right now."

Edward promptly let go, yearning himself a sigh from Harry. "I know I should be worried…but it just doesn't surface. And I think…I think it's because of the kids."

"Kids, what kids?" Edward asked, brows furrowed.

Harry rolled his eyes, "How easily you forget my condition."

Edward was silent for a very long time. So long, that Harry nearly began to worry.

"We…we're having more than one…?"

"I think we're having two, same sex," Harry replied with a small shrug. "It's a feeling I'm getting. Anyhow, it think it's them tinkering with me right now."

"Knowing this does not, in fact, reassure me, Harry," Edward said after a pause. "It actually has the reverse affect. What the hell does this mean then?"

"I don't know," Harry said as he cupped Edward's handsome face and looked him directly in the eye. "But I got this feeling that it's all going to be ok, yeah?"


Harry leaned forward and kissed him, interrupting him before he could get any further. "No, really," he said as he pulled away, "It's going to be fine, Edward. It is. I just know that these kids...are...protective of me; loyal, if that makes any sense. You're just going to have to trust me."

"I do," Edward whispered, looking almost torn. "I really do. I just…it's hard ignoring instinct."

"If it makes you feel better, I'll talk to Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus…hell, to Snape, if you want." He gave Edward a quick kiss, "You'll see. It's going to be fine."

Edward enveloped him in his arms and they fell back on the bed with soft sighs and closed eyes. Edward knew the moment Harry fell asleep but he hesitated to pull away until he felt Harry shiver. Pulling away was one of the hardest things to do.

It must have been twenty minutes before he finally moved from the table, his spine nearly creaking with the motion.

His head felt rather light, but not truly in a horrible fashion. It stopped him from thinking at least. He debated where he would go before deciding that home would be fine. He wondered if he should leave a note for Jacob, letting him know where he had run off to, but then decided against it. The shapeshifer had been the one to storm out first anyway.

So he was surprised, so surprised that the anger he had pulled and forced to the surface left him, at the sight of Jacob sitting at the edge of his porch, a cigarette nearly finished between his fingers.

"Since when have you taken up such a dirty habit?"

"Two weeks after you left," Jacob responded without turning to face him. He took a quick drag of his cigarette, "Been meaning to stop since you came back but it helps in stressful situations like when my "fiancée" basically calls me a future lying cheater."

Draco was silent, mostly because he couldn't figure what to say in the face of Jacob's anger that had never really been directed at him to this extent before.

"I had thought you left," Draco said instead as he carefully lowered himself next to Jacob.

"Wow," Jacob said, "You really think that little of me, huh?"

"What are you talking about?" Draco grumbled, sending Jacob a quick glare but his gaze was caught by Jacob's. The hurt and anger was still evident on his face and eyes and Draco felt his mouth open in slight surprise. He wasn't sure what he could say now.

"You think I'm going to go around cheating on you and you also think I'm the type of person to leave my pregnant mate alone just because I'm upset."


Jacob gave a small sigh and seemed ready to take another inhale of smoke before he made a face and then put it out near his bare foot. "Bad for the baby," he said, as if to himself. "Gotta stop now…definitely."

"Good," Draco said, "Even our healers have trouble healing all the damages muggle cigarettes do to the body."

"I think my genes are a bit immune to anything this damn stick could give me," Jacob grunted. His gaze was still forward, narrowed, as if looking for something specific within the trees at a distance.

The silence lasted for barely a minute before it became rather unbearable.

"I'm not your father, you know," Jacob said, "And I think that's what pissed me off the most. That you think I could be like that."


"I get it, you know?" Jacob continued, his fingers twitching as if he longed to do something with his hands, "He's your dad, your role model and stuff. You love him, but he's an asshole."

Draco glared, "He-"

"Is a selfish, condescending asshole who couldn't keep it in his pants and now I'm suffering because of it."

"Jacob!" Draco bristled, looking moments away from digging his fingers into Jacob's eyes. "How dare-"

Jacob grabbed Draco as the blond pulled away as if to stand up and with barely any effort, Jacob pulled the wizard close to him. "I'm not going to let you storm off just 'cus I said something to offend you," Jacob said softly but there was steel behind his words, a certainty that Draco rarely got to see.

Draco didn't pull away but he glared with all his might, his lips twisted into a sneer, "You're over the line, Black."

"As were you when you insinuated it was only a matter of time before I fucked someone else."

Draco winced, looking almost sick. "Let me go."

"No," Jacob said softly, "You know how much that hurts? The thought that you think so little of me? That all the times I've said I love you, all the things I've done, that throughout all that, you still have doubts about me?"

"I…I do not have doubts about you, Jacob."

"That's not what you said inside," Jacob said, "You assumed, without any proof besides what your father has done, to cast judgment upon me. And it fucking hurt, Draco."

Draco opened his mouth, perhaps to say something but then closed it. Jacob's face crumbled, the look of anticipation gone and replaced by a slack form of resignation.

He released Draco's shoulder with a small sigh. "But damn, I guess you can't help it," he grumbled, turning so he was facing forward. He gave a half-smile. "You're just lucky I know you don't mean half the stuff that comes out of your mouth."

Draco could see the warmth returning to Jacob's face, his eyes losing that frost. Draco couldn't say he wasn't relieved. He couldn't really stomach Jacob truly upset with him. It just felt so wrong.

"Do you want to come inside?" he asked, his words disgustingly meek to his own ears.

"In a bit," Jacob said, giving Draco a small grin, "I uh…gotta get a bit more of this fresh air."

"You're gonna smoke again, aren't you?" Draco said, eyes narrowing.

Jacob chuckled, "One for the road, you know. Now that you know, I get the feeling you won't let it go."

"I hate the smell," Draco said, "There were times when Santi would go through ten packs in a day." he shook his head. "Whenever I smell it, I think of guilt and pain and remorse. I don't want that smell on you, Jake."

Jacob looked towards him in shock, perhaps because Draco rarely called him that, usually only after they had been intimate or in a moment of vulnerability. He looked back towards the trees and nodded. "Don't worry, I've got good restraint."

He thought that would be the end of it, that Draco would walk back into the house and leave him to his silence and smoke. Arms slide around him, hugging his shoulders and neck and a face was suddenly pressed against the back of his neck. "Do not let my insecurities be a comment to my feelings for you. You are nothing like my father, I know that. But there are some things that have been engraved in me long ago and you…you are erasing these engravings. But it will take time and sometimes, I will be insecure or mean or simply insensitive. I will call you many things and for many years, will half-expect you to hurt me. But I also know that out of anyone else in the world, you're the least likely to disappoint me."

He didn't have time to say anything before Draco was pulling away and walking back into the room quicker than his condition should have allowed him.

Jacob watched him go, the tightness in his chest loosening. He dug into his pocket for the familiar red and white pack, two cigarettes innocently protected inside.

"One as a farewell to past regrets and one for the future, yeah?" he mumbled before grabbing the box of matches resting beside him.

Like many things, he was more than willing to shed this habit for Draco. It wasn't a habit he liked all that much anyway and it's not like he's had it for that long.

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