Making Up Takes More Than Mending a Broken Heart

Chapter Rating: PG-13 (a little language…)

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{Chapter 2}

Emily opened the door to her apartment, threw her stuff down on her couch, and walked straight into the kitchen. She strode over to the fridge, searching for a bottle of beer, champagne, wine, anything that would get her mind off Matt. She searched through the entire fridge, but had no luck.

After settling on a cup of orange juice, she pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed Lia's number. The line picked up and Lia's voice came on. "Hello?"

"Hi, Lia, this is Emily." Emily said, biting her lip.

Lia paused before answering. "Do you… need something?"

"Yeah, I was wondering what time you leave for work. My car is acting up and I need a ride to work tomorrow."

"Um…" Lia paused, and Emily heard her talking softly with someone on her end of the line. Her voice finally came back over the line. "I leave at 6:50, and can be there at 7."

"Can you be here any earlier?"

Lia sighed. "Look, I would, but I'm going out tonight and will need the extra time to get ready. If you want to leave earlier, get someone else to drive you."

Emily didn't hear Lia hang up, but figured the conversation was over anyway. "No, it's ok. 7 is fine. I'll see you then."

"Ok, bye." Lia said, then disconnected.

Emily bit her lip again, thinking about how she was going to manage to slip out of her apartment unnoticed tomorrow morning if both of her rides were coming at 7. She put her phone back in her purse, set down her glass of orange juice by the sink, and went to go take a shower. She needed to sort out her thoughts.


After dropping Emily off at her apartment, Matt's mind flew into overdrive about what he could bring tomorrow morning to cheer her up. 'Flowers are too overdone and cheesy…' he thought. 'What about chocolates? No, too Valentine's Day… there's no way she'll want a puppy…' Matt quickly decided that flowers were his best bet, and quickly turned on his turn signal to whip into the nearest flower shop's parking lot.

He nearly ran inside, trying to get ahead of a woman he saw parking her car. He pushed open the door and took long, quick strides up to the cashier counter. Matt saw a girl to the left of the counter, her back to him, bending down to fix a vase of flowers. He rung the bell and smiled sweetly as the girl looked up at him, surprised.

"I'm sorry! I didn't realize anyone had come in. How may I help?" She asked, standing up and walking towards the counter.

"I want, um…" Matt began, but realized, in reality, he had no inkling whatsoever about the flowers Emily liked. "I think I want… those." Matt pointed to a vase on a shelf behind the counter.

The girl looked at him first, then the flowers. "Are you sure? This is a pretty pricy bouquet. They can run anywhere from $300 to $600."

Matt just looked complacently at the girl, then looked at her nametag. "See, Gemma, it's for my girlfriend, and it's our 2nd year anniversary tomorrow." He lied. 'It's big, it's colorful, it looks nice,' he thought. "So yes, I'm sure."

Gemma gave him a slightly strange look, but turned around and grabbed the vase off the shelf. She scanned the price tag. "Anything else you need?" She quipped. Matt shook his head. "That comes to $554.73."

Matt only handed over his debit card. 'Stupid break-up. I wouldn't have to buy $500 worth of flowers…' Taking the card, the girl asked, "Debit or credit?"

"Debit." Matt replied curtly.

Gemma swiped his card and while she waited for the receipt to print she placed a bag over the top of the vase. "The water level needs to be checked everyday, and this-" she handed him a small bag, "-needs to be given to them every time water is added. It helps preserve them for as long as possible." She gave Matt a big smile. "Have a nice day."

Matt gave her a pained smile, grabbed the receipt and the flowers, and headed out to his car. He just opened the backseat of the SUV when he realized he had no way of being able to hold the flowers while he drove. He closed the door carefully, not wanting to smash the flowers, then ran back inside the shop. He didn't see Gemma at the counter, and was about to call out, when he heard her voice.

"…yeah, he just came in. He was kind of a jerk, so I see what you mean…" Gemma's voice paused. Matt furrowed his brow, wondering who she was talking to, and if she was talking about him.

Matt crept closer to the counter, and as he did Gemma continued. "He just left, yeah. And I mean he bought the HUGE wedding arrangement of flowers. I could tell he had no idea what he was doing… YES! It was almost $600 worth of flowers! All I'm saying is that if I don't get a bloody commission-" Matt rang the bell on the counter. It was quite obvious that he was being talked about.

Gemma looked up, startled, and seeing it was him, rolled her eyes before setting the phone down. "Can I help you again?" she asked, obviously not very happy.

"Yes. I need a stabilizer cardboard box so the flowers don't tip over while I drive." Matt replied.

Gemma looked at him for a moment. "You mean a carrier?"


"Sorry, we don't have those here." She replied, giving him her 'dumb-blonde' look. "I think you can get them at the place down the street though."

Matt nearly growled at her, but restrained himself. "Thanks for all your help." He said sarcastically.

Gemma rolled her eyes and went back over to pick up the phone. As Matt opened the door, he heard Gemma say, "Yes, Emily, I can give you a ride tomorrow. I usually could at 7, but tomorrow I have to be here early, so how does 6:45 work?"

Matt's jaw dropped, and he froze at the door. Emily was going to ditch him? 'Oh no. No. No. No.' he thought.

He stormed back to his car, slammed his door shut, and jammed the key into the ignition. 'I might as well give her the damn flowers right now,' he mused angrily.

Matt drove immediately to Emily's apartment. It had only been an hour since he had dropped her off, but he didn't care. He juggled the flowers and bag of stuff Gemma gave him as well as he could as he buzzed for her to let him in.


Emily was on the phone with her friend Gemma, sniggering at how stupid she made Matt sound when he tried to buy flowers, when her buzzer went off. Puzzled at who would be calling at this hour, she went over to the intercom. "Hang on, Gemma."

Emily pressed the call button on the intercom. "Hello?"

No one answered for a moment, but then came Matt's voice. "Em, let me up."

Emily jumped back from the intercom as if she had received an electric shock. After a moment of contemplation, she finally pressed the call button again. "Alright. I'll be down."

Gemma's voice over the phone interrupted her thoughts. "Oh, hey Gemma, I have to call you back. I'll see you tomorrow morning though? I'll talk to you then. 'K. Bye." Emily hung up the phone, then put flip flops on to go down and let Matt in.

As the elevator approached the lobby floor, Emily took a deep breath. She didn't feel ready to confront Matt, not yet anyway. The elevator doors opened, and she walked to the front door. Taking one more deep breath, she opened it.