After watching The Producers recently, I felt it was time for a little Max/Leo story, so here it goes.

The Hat

"Here you go, Leo." Max handed his partner the producer's hat that he had wanted to wear for so very long.

Leo took the hat in his hands. He just looked at it for a few seconds. He could not believe that he was finally allowed to wear it after wanting it for months. He just could not comprehend it. The hat symbolized so much to him: the future he could look forward to, the past he had left behind, and most importantly the friendship and love he finally felt in his life. A few tears fell from his eyes, as he thought about how far he had come over the past year.

Max panicked, "God, Leo, why are you crying?"

The former accountant held up a hand, "Oh no, Max. It's just…thank you."

"Don't thank me. You've earned it, kid."

With a chuckle and tearful smile he said, "Yes. I guess I have." He placed the hat carefully on his head. He looked appreciatively at Max. The older producer was smiling at him, maybe a little wistfully; no that was just his imagination. Leo shook the thought from his mind. He had acknowledged to himself that he had fallen in love with Max when they were together at Sing-Sing, although he had considered it for a while. After all, he had come back to him from the paradise that was Rio. He had not told Max this. He wanted to, and almost had a few times, but each time he would recall Max's reaction on seeing Ulla the first time, and completely rule out the possibility that Max could ever love him as more than a good friend.

Max smiled at the obvious joy Leo had in putting on the hat. He was so easy to please, so content, and so adorable. Wait, adorable? Did he just use the word adorable in describing Leo? Yes, he had. Sure, Leo was a great guy, and certainly he was pretty good-looking, but Max could not let himself fall in love with Leo, and "adorable" got a little too close for comfort.

Leo was married to probably the most beautiful woman to walk the planet, and Max had never been attracted to men in the past. Max's smile fell from his face as he tried to comprehend his own emotions.

"Max, is something wrong?" Leo looked worried, now that his friend's smile had disappeared.

"Huh? Oh nothing." He paused a moment, surveying Leo in the hat again. "You look real good, Leo."

"Thank you, Max." He looked up at Max, his soft, brown eyes still shining with tears.

Leo looked pretty beautiful at that moment, maybe even gorgeous. God, Max, stop this!

"Well, we should go inside." Leo started toward the theatre door.

"Leo." Leo turned as Max called his name. He walked back to him.

"What is it, Max?"

"Ah, nothing." He could not tell Leo. That would just make things awkward.

"No, Max, what is it?" He put his hand on Max's shoulder, "You can tell me."

Max could find no words. Nothing could express just how much he had fallen for Leo. He had refused to acknowledge it for such a long time, and now he just was unable to say anything.

Leo took a step closer to Max. They were incredibly close to one another now. "Max?"

Max sighed, and then gave up trying to hide everything. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Leo's.

Leo momentarily stiffened with the shock. Then he relaxed into Max's arms, which wrapped around him. He slid his own hands to the back of Max's head and neck. Neither could have been more pleased with each other's actions.

A gust of wind blew by. Max was able to hold his hat with one hand, while grasping Leo with the other, but Leo's went flying.

"Damn, the hat." Max mumbled, and he started to move to go after it.

"Stop." Leo held him back, leaning his forehead against Max's, "We'll get another one tomorrow."

They returned to their kiss, ignoring the hat as it blew down the street.