He had him cornered.

As he walked closer, he spoke:


"Axel," the trapped Nobody replied.

Axel smirked, continuing to walk closer, making the pink haired assassin back up to the wall. Axel came to a brief halt in front of Marluxia, eyes locked on the other's. Marluxia sneered at him, keeping eye contact. The red head parted his lips, letting his tongue snake through to lick over them. Marluxia's eyes narrowed, but couldn't help letting his own mouth fall slightly open. Axel took another few steps closer, close enough for both Nobody's coats to brush. The pyro continued to then raise his hand and place it under the other's chin, raising his head.

Marluxia didn't resist, but he glared at the other, mouth still agape, promising nothing good for the Nobody.

Axel, still with his eyes on his prey, smiled at his triumph, eyes glinting with a promise of their own.