A/N: Okay, okay, I know this is weird..... but that's what boredom will do to you, especially late at night after drinking a Coke. Just a crackfic. No flames.

Otto sat in front of the TV, completely entranced. "I love yooooou, you love meeeee!!" he sang, well, more like screamed, the words of the song very badly.

"Whatever that horrible racket is, will somebody please shut it up!!!" Sparx shouted from his room.

Otto stuck out his bottom lip."That was me- singing!"

Sparx walked into the room. "No, no, not that horrible racket. I was...uh, talking about, umm....Nova, punching her bag!" Sparx finally managed to say.

"Nice save!" Nova yelled.

Gibson walked in from his lab."Do tell me, Otto, why do you watch unintelligible television programs like that?"

Otto stared at him blankly. "What?"

"He asked why you watch shows that were made for dumb babies." Sparx translated.

"What do you mean? I love this show!! Barney is so cool!" Otto exclaimed.

Nova appeared and rolled her eyes at Sparx. "Why don't you guys just leave him alone?"

"He's watching Barney! Barney!!!" Sparx shrieked.

Chiro walked in. They were getting loud. "What's going on??"

"I'm just watching Barney!!" Otto wailed. What's the big deal? he thought.

Chiro tried to cover his mouth but a few muffled snorts escaped. "B-B-Barney?"

Antauri walked- well, floated- in. He saw everyone arguing, mostly Nova and Sparx. Antauri had to intervene before Nova got violent, which was bound to happen soon. "Everybody, please calm down." Everybody stopped talking. Nova lowered her fist that was only inches from Sparx's face. Everybody looked at Antauri. "Thank you. Now take a deep breath and explain the problem at hand."

As everybody started talking at once, Otto sighed. I wish Barney were here to solve this. He can do anything. Otto thought.

Suddenly there was a loud whoosh and as the team watched with gaping mouths a figure stepped out of the TV.

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