First Time I Love Forever

"All is not well,Kaho."said the tired voice of Eriol Hiragizawa.

"The price of cheating death,Master Eriol.The grim reaper knows no mage or mortal."replied Kaho Mizuki,watching the boy from the doorway.

He placed his hands on the window pane and watched the endless snow descend on the lonely streets of London."I want to go home."

"To Japan?But Master,you do not feel physically well enough!"protested the woman.

He turned to her,smiling."Kaho,please tell my friends to pack their bags.I'm coming home."

A few days later...

"A little more to the right."instructed 15-year-old Tomoyo Daidouji as she critically surveyed her self-made crimson-and-green curtains on the classroom windows.She shook her head."No,to the left."she amended.

Li Syaoran sighed exasperatedly."To-mo-yo!This is the ELEVENTH time in one hour that you've asked me to change this thing!Can't you take pity on me and let me go down to rest?"

She pouted."But I want to make sure everything is perfect!Besides,where's the fire and energy you displayed five years ago when you were still capturing those Clow Cards with Sakura?How come you're exhausted with such a simple task like hanging curtains?"

Li rolled his eyes."The battles lasted for only minutes.Aside fronm that,my arms weren't outstretched for a whole hour!"

Tomoyo pressed her hands together in a prayer position and bowed."Please Li!Let's just finish this one last task then you can rest.I-I'll feed you anything you want!"

The corners of his mouth twitched."Well.."

"I'll help Sakura sneak out from Touya tonight so you guys can go out and see a movie!"she continued.

"Deal!"he shouted.He energetically picked the fabric up."So where do I put this,huh?To the left?More?Lower?Ok,is this fine,huh,huh?"

She laughed.Ah,the power of symbiosis coupled with a "white" blackmail."Too low!Move it higher!"

"Oh man,I sure hope Li doesn't have another persona living in him too."mumbled Tomoyo as she painstakingly carried an enormous tray plied high with food."Can Li really finish all of these?"She then recalled the diabolically gleeful smile on Li's face as he ordered almost everything on the menu after she allowed him to go down from the ladder to rest."Nah,he's just taking revenge on me for making him toil for sixty minutes."She turned right in the corner and crashed right through a person.Sandwiches,noodles,chocolates,juice and rice fell everywhere-on the floor,on her skirt and on the poor fellow's expensive-looking coat.Tomoyo panickedly assisted the man."Oh my,I'm so sorry!I didn't mean to-"

"No,it's OK."He stood up and adjusted his glasses."T-Tomoyo?"

She looked startled.The deep male voice sounded so familiar."Excuse me,but have we met somewhere,Mister?"

A slow smile spread across his face."Yes.Yes,I believe so.Five years is such a long time though,so it is possible you have forgotten me already."He turned his back on her."Very well,proper introductions will be made later."

"Wait!"Tomoyo hurried to him."Give me your coat."

Though puzzled,he slipped his stained coat off and handed it to her.

She smiled."I'll clean this.You can get it from me later.You can find me here."She gave him her school ID."I'm sure you'll give that back because I can feel that this is not the last time we'll see each other."She waved goodbye before running away.

Eriol Hiragizawa looked down at the ID on his palm."Tomoyo..Daidouji."For a moment,he thought he felt his heart leap as he gazed at the smiling matured version of his old classmate in the picture.He quickly shook his head as if that would snap himself out of his trance.He placed the ID in between the pages of his notebook before continuing on his way to the principal's office.

"Good morning,class.Today we have a new student with us from England.He studied here in Japan five years ago too,so some of you may not be strangers to him anymore.Everyone,please welcome your new classmate,Eriol Hiragizawa."

Amidst the low buzzes inside the classroom,Eriol stepped forward to speak."Good morning,everyone.I used to study in Tomoeda Elementary School,but I had to return to London to attend to some urgent matters.But now,I'm back,and hopefully,for good."He was vaguely aware of the shocked faces of Sakura and Li,but it was Tomoyo whom he was really watching.

"Mr.Hiragizawa,why don't you take the seat next to Ms.Daidouji?"said the teacher.

Eriol made his way to his seat quietly.He pulled the seat and settled before looking straight at the blackboard.The teacher had begun the lesson already and was writing some dates down.Everone took out their notes as well.

As he dutifully copied the lecture,a note slid to his arm.He quickly read it:

See?I told you we'll meet again!

He turned to his seatmate and found her absorbed on writing the lecture.She suddenly faced him and threw him a quick grin.

Eriol smiled back.He stuffed the note in between his notebook pages and continued with the lecture.


Next chapter preview...

"Master Eriol,you've been holding that coat for hours!I demand to know what is so special about a day-old school coat?"said Spinel.

He didn't reply.He merely stroked the smooth fabric of his coat,wishing it was Tomoyo's porcelain-like skin instead.

Meanwhile,Kaho was watching her master's peculiar behavior.Something is definitely up and she must know what is it."Please don't let happen what I think is happening to him.He can't fall in love..not when his days are numbered."