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Ichigo: (takes off running with kenpachi on his heels)

...hehe....teaches him...

Chapter 1

Dark Beginnings

The sun rose gently, bringing with it the soft, pastel hues it was so known for. Pale yellows, deep rich blues, and pale faded pinks blended together in a beautiful harmony in the morning sky. As thin, smudged clouds began to appear in the pale sky, a single ray of soft, golden sunlight began to travel across the roofs of the quaint, worn old japanese shacks. The small shelters were stretched in rows as far as the eye could see. As the shacks glowed with the rising sun, a small breeze rustled the ground; creating sleepy, lazy dust clouds. The worn streets seemed quiet and serene.

Suddenly the peaceful silence echoing through the streets was broken by the hustle and bustle of busy shopkeepers setting up their wares. The occupants of the old shacks began to stir and awaken as people, both young and old began to fill the streets. Children giggled as they ran squealing through the streets. Their parents watched, letting them indulge in the bright, sunny weather. A group of adults bartered persistently with the stubborn shopkeepers in an attempt to get the prices lowered. Some elderly women sat upon benches and talked about the days when they were young and about the weather.

The gentle breeze rustled through the happy, busy streets and carried the different scents and sounds. Mouth-watering scents of apples, cinnamon, and fresh-baked dango drifted through the noses of the inhabitants. The gentle breeze caressed and calmed them. It carried with it a happy optimism of a bright, young day. As the breeze carried itself past the rows of shacks and into the maze-like walls of Seireitei, the sounds became more tranquil and peaceful.

A tall, blond woman closed her eyes as the gentle breeze teased and caressed her wavy, waist-length blond hair. She smiled gently as she opened her eyes. Silver-blue eyes framed by long, curled eyelashes gave her a slight catlike look. As she lifted a slim, tanned hand to shade her face, her soft, plump lips curved into a smile. The dimple on her cheek only made her look even more exotic than she did. After all, what man could resist her rather large "assets" or her perfect curves in all the right areas? The exotic beauty leaned her head to the side and sighed.

"It's such a nice day, isn't it? Just perfect for drinking sake." She said in peaceful content as she tilted the brown bottle in a toast to the sun. She then brought it to her lips and prepared to take a sip.

"What do you think you're doing, Matsumoto?" a childlike deadpan voice asked. Matsumoto jumped, letting go of the precious bottle and sending it flying over her head. She gulped nervously and turned slowly as the temperature around her lowered drastically. As she chuckled nervously, she noticed that she could see smoke clouds of her breath. She shivered due to the cold and a sudden wave of fear as she looked at the ground. She stared at the broken shards of her sake bottle on the ground. She looked up back up towards the person in front of her slowly as she inwardly prayed for her life. She looked at the vertically-challenged teenager in front of her who was soaked to the bone with sake. His pure white hair stuck to his head with broken shards of the bottle ensnared in his hair. He glared at her with teal eyes.

Matsumoto couldn't help it. The image was far too hilarious. She started giggling hysterically at the young white-haired boy. The soaked boy frowned and the air dropped another ten degrees.

"Shouldn't you be working?" The boy asked suddenly. Matsumoto looked at him and tried to fight off the urge to giggle.

"But, taichou, they are coming today." The blond exotic beauty whined. Teal eyes narrowed in annoyance as the teenager glared at the woman.

"That does not give you an excuse to stop working." he snapped. His eyes glared daggers as the blond pouted cutely.

"But I'm too excited to work." she whined as she crossed her arms over her enormous chest. The boy sighed in frustration. 'I wish Matsumoto would grow up. I might as well give up. She never does any work anyways. At least I'll get some peace.' he thought as he let out a deep sigh. He closed his eyes for a second and then whirled around. His soft wet squelching steps could be heard as he started off in the opposite direction. Matsumoto quietly giggled behind her hand. The young taichou stopped for a second.

"Matsumoto." he stated as he turned back towards her. The blond airhead whistled innocently as she put on an innocent expression. The teenagers left eyebrow began to twitch. 'Who does that woman think she's fooling?' he thought in annoyance.

"Yes taichou?" she practically sang. Her expression turned to one of a person in the happiest mood of her life. She started smiling as if she were floating on the sky.

"Your pay for this week will be cut in half." Her taichou stated dryly. Matsumoto's happy bubble burst. She slumped down on her knees and her eyes filled up with tears. The taichou, used to her pathetic antics, quickly walked off before she could try something. 'That woman is so air-headed.' He thought in irritation.

Matsumoto cried chibi tears. "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Her screams echoed through the gray, empty streets of Seireitei.

Over in another part of the maze-like rows of buildings, was a huge courtyard with the kanji with another building behind it. The plain, black kanji for eleven surrounded by a diamond was upon a huge white sign on the building. You could hear the sounds of metal clanging against metal and deep, harsh breaths coming from the gray courtyard. Two men stood panting heavily as they watched one another cautiously The first man, a young one with short, black hair and brown eyes suddenly bowed respectfully to the other man. The other man, a baldy, had red oval-like tattoos on the outer edges of his eyelids. The bald man chuckled loudly.

"Good job, newbie. Work on yer swing though. Alright which one of you amateurs are next?" the man snapped. Another man, this one more burly and muscular, stood up.

"I am ready, Ikkaku-dono." The big man stated respectfully as he got into his ready stance. Ikkaku nodded in agreement to the man's respectful response.

"Very well, Begin!" Ikkaku commanded. The fight began with the burly man suddenly swinging his sword forwards. Ikkaku easily parried the blow and made a sidewards swing towards the other man's stomach. The burly man backed up and thrust his sword towards Ikkaku's head. Ikkaku smirked as he parried the blow with the ease of a trained master. The fight then began to become more deadly as the men danced a dance of passion, and death using their swords to slice and tear at each other. After a few minutes the two fighters breathed heavily as they stopped for a second to catch their breath.

"Good reactions, Newbie!" Ikkaku yelled as he swung his sword again and began anew the dance of death.

As the two fighters fought harshly, another man observed them. This man was enormously tall. His black hair was in long spikes towards the top of his head with a tiny gold bell on the end of each spike. A simple black and white eye patch was over his left eye. A scar over his other eye and his sharply cut face structure completed the image of a very imposing persona. In his hand was a small plain white cup. In his other was a small gray bottle. As he slightly swirled the contents of the cup, he sighed. The pink-haired girl next to him giggled.

"Neh, neh Ken-chan are you bored? Or is it you wanna fight Ichi?" the girl asked as she smiled and looked over at her companion.

"Why do you ask?" he asked seriously. She only shook her head and looked over at the two shinigami fighting.

"No reason." she smiled as she continued watching, becoming engrossed in the dance of clashing swords.

"Pachinko head sure is working them hard, isn't he?" she asked out of the blue. Her companion sighed deeply.

"Does it matter?" he asked her gruffly. She only smiled and shook her head again.

"Nope!" she chirped. The man next to her took another sip from the white cup.

"Ahh..." he sighed in content. Yachiru smiled. 'Ken-chan won't say it but he wants to go play with Ic-'. Her thoughts cut off as a familiar tangerine-haired teenager entered the courtyard. Yachiru giggled in glee.

"Ken-chan, Ken-chan, look it's Ichi!" she chirped happily. The man beside her looked up sharply.

"O-Ohayo Kenpachi, um... where is..." The teenager stammered nervously as the one-eyed man turned to look at him with a sadistic expression on his face.

"So you came for a rematch, eh Ichigo?" Kenpachi asked in a disturbingly happy tone. The teenager's eyes widened. He started chuckling nervously while scratching the back of his head as he backed away.

"N-no actua-" he never finished as a long sword came swinging down. Ichigo yelped suddenly and leaped back.

"Get him Ken-chan!" Yachiru cheered her companion on. 'Yay! Now Ken-chan will get to play!' the demonic pink-haired midget thought as she giggled childishly.

Ichigo's chocolate eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as he turned tail and fled. The pink-haired girl leaped on Kenpachi's shoulder and they took chase after the young orange-haired shinigami.

"All I wanted was directions!" Ichigo shouted as he ran for his life.

While this was happening, two men were walking down another one of Seireitei's gray streets. The man in the front wore a Captain's haori over the usual black shihakushou. A bluish-green scarf was wrapped around his neck. His eyes were a smoky dull charcoal and his hair was shoulder-length and black. Two hairpieces were attached, one on the top of his head, another one on the left side. Behind him, another man followed, this one having the usual shihakushou but on his right arm was a badge attached to a piece of greenish-gray cloth, signifying his rank as a vice-captain. His fire-red hair was up in a ponytail with a white cloth wrapped around his forehead. His eyes were a dark oak brown and his skin was a healthy tan. He had lightning-like tattoos on his neck and arms, making him look very tribal. As he walked behind his taichou, he gulped nervously and opened his mouth to speak. Suddenly a blur came flying by. The tattooed man blinked. 'What the...'

The two men turned suddenly and watched silently as the shinigami substitute ran like the devil was on his heels. Five seconds later the man known as the devil of Soul Society practically flew by with his devious pink-haired cohort. The tattooed man smirked.

'Heh, it seems Zaraki-taichou's at it again.' he thought in amusement as he turned around at the sudden whistling sound. He watched in silent amusement as the shinigami panted heavily.

You look like you just ran a race with the devil." Renji taunted. He didn't even flinch as dark-chocolate eyes glared daggers at him.

"Shut up Renji." The orange-haired shinigami snarled as he attempted to catch his breath. The red-head snickered as the tired substitute shinigami attempted to glare but failed. Renji only snickered even more.

"Lost...him...I...think." The shinigami substitute muttered as his breathing slowed. The red-head's eyes glittered ruthlessly.

"Maybe I oughta tell him you're here?" he suggested wickedly. The orange-haired shinigami paled and shuddered.

"Don't!" The tangerine-haired youth warned the red-head. Renji ignored him and opened his mouth to yell. Faster than he could even get out a syllable, Ichigo had his hand clamped over the red-head's mouth.

"Don't let him know I'm here!" The orange-haired youth hissed. The red-head's response was to suddenly bite down on the hand covering his mouth. The shinigami substitute winced in pain and pulled away his hand.

"What the hell did you think you were doing, Baka?" The red head snarled in anger. Chocolate eyes glared at the red head darkly.

"I could ask the same thing, teme!" Ichigo yelled. They glared daggers at each other, a clash of dark oak brown and chocolate brown in a mental battle of wits.

"Abarai, you are a fuku-taichou. Act it." a cold, emotionless voice interrupted their silent glaring contest. The red-head looked up, startled.

"Gomen nasai, taichou." He apologized as he then turned and bowed respectfully to the dark-haired captain. The red-head's dark, narrow eyes gave the orange-haired youth in front of him a heated glare that promised pain later. He then turned around and stepped towards his stoic Captain. The Captain in question silently observed the orange-haired youth with emotionless grey eyes. The substitute shinigami squirmed slightly, the Captain's glare unnerving him deeply. The dark-haired shinigami only twitched the sides of his lips downwards. The youth gulped slightly as the unnerving glare continued.

"Why are you still here, Kurosaki Ichigo?" the stoic man asked.

"Hehe, Ukitake-san said he won't be able to open the portal until after some meeting he has." Ichigo responded nervously. The stoic shinigami's gray eyes narrowed.

"Very well, leave soon. You do not belong here." The captain stated as he turned to leave. The red-head followed suit. Ichigo watched as they walked off into the distance. With a deep sigh of relief, he slumped against the white worn wall and sat down.

"Man that Byakuya can be tense as hell." he commented dryly as he closed his eyes and sighed once more. He leaned his head up as he felt the gentle breeze in the air.

A sudden insane chuckle made his chocolate eyes shoot open. He knew that laugh and it chilled him to the bone.

'OH CRAP!' he thought in a panic.

"I found ya Ichigo!" the rough, sadistic voice of Zaraki Kenpachi echoed around the substitute shinigami. Ichigo looked around fearfully as he searched his surroundings for the notorious captain. On seeing nothing, he nervously looked up. There he was, in the air above him with his sword drawn and ready to slice him in half. With eyes as wide as dinner plates, Ichigo watched the Captain drop as if in slow motion. His mind suddenly jump-started and he quickly rolled to the side . He watched the insane captain land on the ground, making a small shock wave of ground tear up. His eyes as wide as dinner plates, Ichigo watched the scarred face twist into an evil grin. He shuddered slightly.

"Wha-what the hell, Kenpachi? Were you TRYING to kill me!?!" The tangerine-haired youth asked, clearly shocked. The scarred man smirked.

"We're gonna finish our rematch at last!" He yelled in bloodthirsty anticipation. Ichigo's eyebrow twitched suddenly. 'Doesn't this guy EVER GIVE UP????' he thought in nervous irritation.

Zaraki raised his sword and grinned. "Now let's finish this!" he yelled as he prepared to swing it at Ichigo.

"Ken-chan, look!" Zaraki's pink-haired companion squealed. Zaraki blinked and sighed. There fluttering in the breeze was a single black butterfly. Yachiru was attempting to catch it but her attempts were failing miserably. The Captain turned back to Ichigo.

"We'll continue this later, Ichigo!" The insane man promised Ichigo with one last bloodthirsty grin. Then he turned to his pink-haired companion who quickly scrambled onto his shoulder. Then the insane Captain quickly leaped onto the nearby blue rooftop. Then, with a small spray of broken shingles, he quickly ran off in a whirlwind of speed.

The youth sighed. "Thank goodness that's over." he stated in ill-concealed relief. He then sighed started to set off in another direction. 'I wonder if anyone else might know where she is...' he wondered.

Inside the enormous computer room of the 12th division, a raven-haired girl silently typed in another set of data into the computer. Ever since the Baunt uprising, her taichou had been ordering her to sift through the data. Much of the data regarding the Baunts and even the shinigami had viruses or some sort of lock on them. Thanks to that, the girl had to enter the data by hand. Since the data was so important, the raven-haired fuku-taichou had been supervised by her ever so grumpy taichou. He was currently observing the girl's work with his freakish face was twisted into a look of annoyance.

"Hurry it up, Nemu!" he snapped. The girl's only reply was to quicken the pace at which she typed. The pasty-white captain frowned and crossed his pale white arms. 'I will never forgive that Ichinose. If he were still alive, I would rip him limb from limb for all the trouble he's given me.' The man thought furiously as his eyebrow twitched continuously.

"Mayuri-sama." The raven-haired fuku-taichou spoke up. The Captain's eyes narrowed. He knew that he had instilled it into his subordinates never to speak directly to him unless he allowed. For his own fuku-taichou to disobey meant something important.

"What is it?" he asked in a irritated tone of voice. Nemu glanced back at her taichou.

"The Jigoku chou is here." She stated emotionlessly.

Mayuri twitched an eyebrow. 'I thought it was something important...' he sighed. 'Damn it and I wanted this data input to be finished already. Good help is so hard to find.' he grumbled mentally.

"Well get up stupid girl!" he snarled in furious annoyance.

'This meeting had BETTER be important.' the Captain snarled in his head as he stood up. His fuku-taichou stood up and followed him to the door. He silently raised up a hand and the jigoku chou fluttered and settled in his open hand. He smiled viciously as he crushed the beautiful butterfly in his hand.

'What a disgusting creature.' he thought as he opened his hand and let the parts of the butterfly flutter to the floor. Then he silently left the room with the emotionless raven-haired girl.

Meanwhile, the blond shinigami known as Matsumoto sighed as she sat down in from of the sake stand. She pouted as she thought of how her precious paycheck would be cut. In her head, a chibi Matsumoto was being tortured by a evil chibi taichou with devil horns and a devil stick thingy.

"I so wanted some sake. Taichou is soo mean." she whined pitifully as she drooled pathetically over the different brands of sake she couldn't have. Her bright blue eyes then drifted over a brown box with a green label on it. She saw the title of the box and realized something devious. 'Hey this is taichou's favorite brand!' She thought suddenly as a plan began to hatch in her evil plotting mind. 'Maybe taichou could decide not to cut my paycheck if I buy some of this tea.' The blond plotted. As she fumbled around in her gi's inner pocket, she suddenly noticed a flicker of black in the side of her vision. She turned to see black swallowtail butterfly fluttering in the breeze near her. She sighed and pouted once more.

"Guess Taichou's tea will have to wait." She whined pitifully as she headed off to the meeting followed by the graceful jigoku chou.

Ichigo's eyes wandered from left to right as he attempted to discern his surroundings. He groaned in frustration as he gave up. 'Damn it everything looks like the same damn thing around here! I am SERIOUSLY gonna KILL whoever thought of this stupid building plan.' he thought in irritation.

Elsewhere an elderly man with a captain's haori on sneezed softly.

"Wonder who was talking about me? Must have been Kurotsuki-taichou griping about the meeting..." the elderly man muttered. His slightly younger fuku-taichou stared at him in silent agreement.

Ichigo sighed for the hundredth time that hour and decided to just pick a direction to go in. Just as he was about to continue walking, Ichigo heard some traditional flutes playing softly through the air. He closed his eyes for a second and listened to the sound. He then ran off towards the sound and stopped suddenly.

A parade, or what seemed like a parade was slowly coming towards him. Two young shinigami girls giggled softly as they threw soft red rose petals in the sky and walked forwards. Behind them came four flute-playing shinigami in ceremonoius robes, followed by two more ceremonius shinigami with guard staffs. Behind them came an elderly man with regal posture. Ichigo watched as the girls passed him, followed by the ceremonious shinigami.

As the elderly man came towards him, he looked into the silvery-blue eyes of the man and his own chocolate eyes reflected in them. A sudden wave of hateful reiatsu came over him and his eyes widened. His breath quickened and two droplets of sweat dripped down his face. The elderly man passed him along with some others but Ichigo was too shocked to look at them properly. By the time he came back to reality, the procession was gone and the only remains of what had just taken place were the soft red rose petals strowed along the concrete streets.

Ichigo blinked and then blinked again. 'What...was that?' he wondered in confusion. He once again set off for his destination.

Over in tenth division, the teal-eyed captain sighed as he entered his personal quarters. He then reached for the drawer of a dark oak dresser until he suddenly saw a flicker of black. He turned to see a graceful black butterfly land on the dresser. He moaned in frustration.

'DAMN YOU MATSUMOTO!!!!! I swear when this meeting is over, I will ensure you will never have another bottle of sake ever again.' he thought in furious annoyance as he headed off to the first division. He could feel the beginnings of a headache as he silently trudged to the First Division building.

As he walked, his teal eyes narrowed and the air around him got colder. He suddenly noticed frost on his body and sighed. 'Damn it...the stupid sake is freezing up because of my reiatsu.' he thought as he took a minute to calm his reiatsu. As he stepped in front of the building, he looked up at the sign for a minute and then entered the building. He noticed the double wooden doors were shut and there were no guards around. 'Great...' he sighed. He put all of his strength into opening the thick dark wooden doors. When the door opened, he ignored the stares at his unusual appearance and stepped forwards. He winced slightly at the wet squelching sound and continued to walk towards his place in the line of Captains.

Mayuri smirked. 'Oh what have we here?' he thought in silent amusement.

"Look what the streets dragged in, literally." He taunted. The teal-eyed Captain glared daggers at him but due to his appearance the look only made the white-haired youth look like a kicked puppy. Mayuri smirked. 'This is fun...' he thought viciously.

"My, my. Apparently someone needs a timeout." a lazy voice spoke up. Mayuri whirled around and glared at the straw-hat wearing Captain near him.

"Who do you think your speaking to?" he asked of the shinigami. The man only sighed and lifted his straw hat up a fraction of an inch.

"A very distasteful child who needs some timeout." he drawled. Mayuri's eyes twitched. 'How dare that lazy son of a...' he thought in pure anger as he clenched his fists. The young teal-eyed shinigami clenched his fists also. 'I can fight my own battles.' he thought in silent irritation. He didn't dare voice his thoughts though. He knew it would prove to Mayuri that he wasn't capable of being a responsible Captain. Another white-haired shinigami, this one had long hair, noticed the clenched fists and sighed.

"Shunsui. Hitsugaya-kun can fight his own battles." Ukitake scolded. The straw-hat wearing shinigami sighed.

"Yes Ukitake." he whined. Mayuri's eyes twitched.

"Just because your sickly doesn't give you the right to interfere in everything." he snapped. Ukitake flinched. His illness was a rather touchy subject. Shunsui's eyes narrowed slighltly.

"You really do need a timeout. Throwing tempertantrums isn't good for your health." he stated casually. Mayuri's expression was one of absolute fury as he opened his mouth to speak.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" a deep voice thundered. The two squabbling Captains turned to see the elderly Captain with a brown cane in his hand. Shunsui smiled under his straw hat.

"Gomen nasai Yamaji." he responded airily. Mayuri didn't even grace the old man with a response. 'Damn that old codger. Damn all of them, getting in my way..' Mayuri snarled inwardly. Suddenly the doors opened. Everyone waited with baited breath as three people's heads popped in. They only released their breath after realizing the people at the doors were the humans. Yamamoto stared at them evenly as they made their way into the room.

"Sorry, we got lost." The tall dark-skinned teenager stated quietly. The turtle plushie standing on his shoulder only grunted in agreement. The red-haired girl next to him bowed nervously.

"We're very sorry." she stammered as she backed away slightly.

"Ah yes, the roads all look the same and we got lost and it was so very hard to get..." the rabbit plushie attached to a strap hung across the red-head's shoulder rambled off. The turtle plushie only looked down at the rabbit.

"Calm down." he stated. The rabbit plushie immediately shut his mouth. Everyone else stared at the final human, a dark-haired boy with square glasses. He only pushed his glasses up slightly and glared silently. A woman towards the front, who had short raven-colored hair, glared right back.

'How dare he be so openly disrespectful in the presence of his betters.' She snarled inwardly. Suddenly the doors creaked open once more. Her eyes narrowed in on the doors. She was richly rewarded by the incoming procession. A elderly man walked in regally as four noble-looking shinigami followed suit. Her approving glance noted the regal bearing and proud stance they took.

'These people must be from the royal guard.' She thought off-handedly. She looked even closer and noticed the red scarfs. Her eyes widened.

'They...they are the elite guards!' she thought in silent awe. The elderly man in front of the procession coughed slightly.

"I see everyone is here," the elderly man began.

"I shall now tell you the reason for this meeting and that is to decide the fate of the illegal human shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo."

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