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Chapter 3

Mandatory Betrayal

As the sun rose, it shined through a window and into a room. A young teenager stirred, his eyelids flickering and he let out a small groan. He then rolled over, fully intending to go back to sleep. Sudden the door slammed open and a blur flew towards the teenager. The boy groaned before sending a fist flying at the blur. The blur then crashed to the ground and the stopped. Ichigo smirked as he watched his father rolling around on the floor clutching at his jaw.

"Honestly, can't you every wake me up like a normal parent?" Ichigo asked as he sighed. His father chose to ignore that comment and then stood up.

"My son! You have surpassed me! I have nothing left to teach you!" Isshin yelled as he lunged towards his son, fully intent on hugging him. Ichigo simply threw his father out of his room and decided to get dressed. As he got dressed, he looked out at the road.

'Was it a nightmare? Or…' He thought as he remembered the feelings of pain, betrayal, and sorrow. 'It felt so real.' His eyes glazed over as he grabbed his things and left the house.


She had been crying since yesterday, Out of everyone in the human group, she had taken it the worst. She silently slumped over the sink in her bathroom.

"Why, why must they?" She muttered as she stood up and splashed her face with cold water. She looked at the mirror and wrinkled her nose.

"For Kurosaki-kun's sake, I must do this." She said as she made a serious face in the mirror. She got dressed and grabbed her keys along with her backpack. She looked at the red letter on the table and frowned as the memories came rushing back.


Urahara looked at the humans as they sat down. "What happened?" he asked as he hid his face behind the fan. Ishida looked up at him sharply.

"The Royal Guard visited Soul Society." Ishida snarled. The shopkeeper put down the fan.

"They found out about Ichigo, didn't they?" Urahara asked. Sado nodded. The shopkeeper sighed. "I'm guessing the Royal Guard didn't like the fact that Ichigo exists." He commented.

"That's the understatement," Ishida commented sarcastically, "No they didn't. In fact, they've ordered us to either abandon Kurosaki or Kurosaki dies." Ishida finished. Urahara's eyes widened.

"Shit." He muttered as he stood. 'Isshin will be pissed.' The shopkeeper thought ruefully. "Thank you for telling me this. Go get some rest." He stated as he left the room. Inoue silently sobbed as she left. Sado and Ishida quietly watched her leave.

End Flashback

She shook her head to erase the horrible thoughts. 'I must be strong. For Ishida-kun, for sado-kun, but most of all for Kurosaki-kun.' She thought. She gripped her backpack strap tightly and walked out of her house. As she exited the building, she noticed Tatsuki waiting for her as usual.

Orihime dreaded this however. Not because she hated Tatsuki or anything like that. She just knew that Tatsuki would pick up on her depression quickly and ask questions about it.

Tatsuki did indeed notice something wrong with Orihime. It happened to be a gift she's had ever since she was little. So when Orihime came out of the house with dull eyes and a fake smile, Tatsuki immediately questioned her. The answer however puzzled her.

"Please take care of Kurosaki-kun for me." The normally happy teen said in a somber tone as she broke into a run. Tatsuki stood there in shock as her friend ran off.

'What's going on?' she wondered as she ran to catch up with her depressed friend.

"Orihime! Wait Up!" she shouted to no avail.


Sado Yasutora was a teenager/man of few words. When he did say something, it was a two or three word sentence at most. However, he wished just this once he could say something, anything that would stop him from what he was about to do. He frowned sadly as he looked down at the courtyard. He noticed Orihime entering the courtyard and turned away. He saw the telltale sign of tears in her eyes.

'She must be hurting even more than we are.' He thought as his mind wandered to the happy memories back when he and Ichigo first met.


He had been walking home, as normal. Then he heard what he thought was a fight. Being the caring protector he was, he went to investigate. What he saw shocked him. There were four gangsters ganging up on what he thought was the weirdest person he had ever seen. His eyes were a unusual shade of chocolate brown, and his hair was a bright tangerine-orange. Sado's eyes narrowed as one of the gangsters held the teenager's arms. The leader of the gangsters smirked before he mocked the boy and slipped on some brass knuckles. Sado's eyes widened before he ran forwards. He stepped in between the gangster and the teenager, taking the hit for him. Sado kept taking the hits for the teenager while attempting to free him. After a while the gangsters got bored and left.

End Flashback

Normally he would not be sentimental, however, he knew that no matter what happened next, he would lose his friendship with Ichigo. He hated the Royal Guard. He hated the fact they had such control over him. He hated the orders they were given. Most of all, however, he hated the Royal Guard's arrogant behavior. It was almost as if they knew that their actions would hurt Ichigo. Just thinking about those bastards made Sado sick.

Sado leaned his head against the fence. "If I must do this, it is only so that Ichigo will not die." He said as he stood up and left the rooftop. As soon as he left, two girls appeared in a glow of violet. They shared a malicious smirk as they sat down.

It was only a matter of time after all.

"Soon, Shinigami, soon. Soon you will break and our master shall have vengeance." They both muttered in a sing-song voice.


Ishida laid his head against the cold desk. How had it come to this? How had it come to the point where he had to betray a comrade? He sighed. His hands gripped the desk until his knuckles turned white. He had learned this trick when he was a kid in order to calm his emotions. However, this seemed like the only time it wouldn't work. He sighed again. It really sucked being him.

He knew what the other two had not noticed. Kurosaki had been acting strange, almost as if he already knew what was going on. Also there was a spiritual pressure that he had felt at the end of the meeting. He wondered whose it was until it hit him. He paled before slamming his down on his desk. Kurosaki had heard them. He already knew he was being betrayed. Knowing Kurosaki, however, he would be in denial. He sighed. When had his life become so screwed up?

He could only hope that Kurosaki didn't break from what would happen next.

Ichigo stepped inside the school building, clutching his backpack tightly. He had to know the truth. Had his friends honestly betrayed him or had it only been a nightmare? He knew he would find out soon. He stepped forwards, determinded to find out the answers for himself.

The answers would only cause the pain to worsen.


Ochi sensei rubbed the bridge of her nose. She didn't need the stress nor did she need the incoming headache. The site in front of her puzzled and disturbed her deeply. Inoue Orihime, the normally happy and bubbly young girl, was sitting down at her desk. Her hair covered her eyes and she silently shook. Ishida Uryuu, the normally attentive and silent young man, had his head down on his desk and his hands clutching at the desk until his knuckles were white. Sado Yasutora was looking out the window with a sad look on his normally stoic face. Kurosaki Ichigo was busy reading a book, something he usually didn't do at school. Ochi-sensei's eyes narrowed as she began the usual routine of attendence check. She sighed as the oncoming headache hit. She really didn't need the stress.

Lunch came and everyone left the room, Inoue Orihime being the first out. Ochi-sensei was about to leave when she noticed that Kurosaki Ichigo still sat in his seat. Her eyes narrowed. As she walked towards his seat, she noticed something chilling. His eyes were on the book, but they weren't moving. She stepped in front of the young teenager and waved her hand in front of his face. She then knew her suspicions were correct. Kurosaki Ichigo was in a daze. She decided on her next course of action and decided to shake him slightly. She didn't expect what happened next.

Ichigo was lost in a void of pain and sorrow. He thought that reading Shakespeare would take his mind off of the recent events. Instead it only made it easier to get lost in the void. He knew he wouldn't be able to take any more of the pain. Then suddenly someone shook him gently. He subconsciously flinched and heard a small gasp. He snapped into attention only to see Ochi-sensei with a concerned look on her face. Ichigo paled slightly and then slightly smiled.

"I'm sorry. I was lost in the book." He said as he chuckled nervously. Ochi-sensei didn't comment, only pointing to the clock. Ichigo sweatdropped as he realized what time it was. He got out his bento box and left the room quickly. Ochi-sensei walked over to her desk chair and sat down, a soft sigh escaping her lips.

She could only hope that grading papers would help distract her from the day's events.

Ichigo was about to open the door to the roof when her heard whispers.

"You know, I feel sorry for Hime-chan." Chizuru's voice could be heard clearly. Ichigo's eyes widened. He let go of the doorknob.

"Why?" one of her friends asked.

"Because, she's always around that Kurosaki guy. After all, you know his reputation." She said snobbily.

"Not to mention Orihime has been getting injured more and more since he's become friends with him." The other girl commented. Ichigo flinched. He knew this was true due to the whole Ishida and Soul Society events. He leaned his head down, realizing the truth. He then turned around and left.

The two girls smirked.

"Do you think it worked, Amaris?"

"Yes it probably did." Amarais commented.

"Let's tell Marco-sama of our success." Adrianna suggested. Her sister only shook her head.

"We have to wait until the humans betray him. Then the mission is considered a success." She sighed as she sat back down. Adrianna huffed and joined her sister.

"At least either way, that Kurosaki bastard suffers." She commented flippantly.

Ichigo stopped short as he noticed Orihime ahead of him in the hall.

"Hey Inoue, I wanted to ask you something." He said as he put his hand on her shoulder. She only moved her shoulder and stepped away from him.

"Inoue?" Ichigo asked tentively. She turned around and glared at him. Ichigo noticed the tears in her eyes and took a step back.

"Stay away from me!" she yelled as she ran off. Ichigo tried to go after her only to be stopped by Ishida and Sado.

"Don't do it Kurosaki." Ishida warned. Ichigo looked at him in shock as he stood in front of Ichigo blocking the way.

"Ishi-da?" Ichigo asked in a daze. Ishida's eyes hardened.

"Your only warning. Stay away from Inoue." He snapped as he turned around and left. Ichigo turned towards Sado.

"I'm sorry Ichigo. Please stay away for now." Sado said as he turned around and left. Ichigo's eyes followed the two as they left. He then backed away only to run off, the students watching and wondering what had happened.

Two female students smirked before leaving the hall.

"It's time to tell Lord Marco of our success." They said in unison before disappearing in a violet glow.


His ruby eyes widened, his breath caught in his throat as he saw bubble, each one containing one of his fellow Bount that had been killed recently. The one who had spoken was his former lover, Yoshino. Kariya blinked and blinked again.

"He's in shock, everyone." Mabashi's voice rang out before he rolled around in his bubble laughing. Kariya's eyes became cold as he glared at the laughing blonde. Mabashi shuddered and stopped laughing.

"Sorry, Kariya-san." He said quietly. Kariya's eyes softened.

"There's no need to refer to me by that anymore." Kariya said quietly. The rest of the Bounto shared a look.

"We already know why you did what you did. We've already forgiven you." Yoshino said in concern. Kariya looked downwards.

Meanwhile, the arrancar bowed in front of the throne.

"They've begun to move out, Aizen-sama."

"I see, so they have begun the plan. Very well, observe them for now while I make the necessary preparations." Aizen stated as he stood up.

"Hai, Aizen-sama." The arrancar stated as he bowed again and stood, his cold green eyes staring at his lord.

"You are dismissed." Aizen said as he left the throne room.

"As you wish, Aizen-sama." The arrancar stated before leaving.


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Preview(because I'm awesome)

His eyes glazed over as he remembered the horrible images.

The rain soaking the ground.

The blood covering them both.

The blood all over his hands, his coat.

Her motionless body, sprawled out on the ground.


Matsumoto sighed as she hid behind the Tenth Division Building. She didn't want to face her captain. Not after what had happened this morning. She knew the second he got a hold of her, she would be having nightmares for weeks. She could only hope her Captain was distracted by something. She didn't know how right she was.

Captain Hitsugaya hiccupped as he trudged along the road, swaying slightly. He didn't know where he was going, only that everything seemed to sway and tilt. He then bumped into a woman.

Matsumoto turned and blinked before shuddering. There was her Captain, only something seemed off. She then looked closer and giggled. He had a faint red blush and was swaying.

"How cute, Captain can't hold down his sake." She commented before squealing and pulling out a camera. She quickly took a picture and hid the camera away. Hitsugaya mock glared at her before his eyes became half-lidded.

The next day, everyone noticed pictures of a drunk Hitsugaya were pasted on every wall. As for Hitsugaya himself, he stayed holed up in his bedroom for weeks, unable to face the shinigami who he knew would never let him live it down.

End Omake

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