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Ikuto:Hmm..Good i'm mean to Utau.

Amu:Mama.. how could you:(

Tenshi:Well Amu is dissatisfied and Ikuto is satisfied.

Ikuto:Well.. I DO get to be with Amu in the end right?

Tenshi:Hmm i don't know.... I'll think about it.. maybe Tadamu ending?


Tadase:Hinamori-san, Don't you prefer me?*Attacks Amu with his sparkling attack*



Miki:Amu always gets affected by that sparkling attack...

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Chap 1: Surprise Trip!


"Nani!!!???"I yelled."What kind of normal parents will send their 13 year old daughter to a all-boys school?!?!"

"Amu…This is a good chance for you to find the perfect boy!" explained mama"Besides, since Daddy went off to Africa to look for pretty birds, and took Ami with him, i can follow them cause the school is a boarding school!"

"So its for her own benefit as usual,"Thought Amu. She thought it through for 3 seconds and put on her"Cool n Spicy"act.

"Whatever, do what you want," Said Amu.

"I knew you'd understand!!"Said mama while hugging Amu.

"What are you going to do Amu?"Miki asked while Amu walked back up the stairs

"Call my friends and tell them. Thats the first thing."

"I'm sure you will be fine Amu, Believe in your inner light" Said Dia calmly.

"You'll definitely be fine with us by your side!"Said Ran cheerfully "Desuu!" Said Suu with her kind smile.

Amu ran into her room and dialed the first number she could think of.


"Even though he is a guy, he is the best friend a girl could ask for."Amu thought while hearing the dial number..

"Amu?"Answered Nagi

"Nagi!!! I won't be joining you guys in school no more!!"

"Amu.. what are you talking about??"

"My mum.. well she kinda submitted me into a all-boys school.."

"Wow.. Thats.. really bad.. Wait what school is that?"

"Saikyo High" I know thats a really really bad school name.. But i can't think of anything else

"Oh.. That school, well advice for you. Never turn your back on a guy named Tsukiyomi Ikuto"

"Ikuto?...Why?Whose that?"

"You don't want to know. But i know a few guys from that school, their names are, Yuuji, Kuukai and guys are good people, get to know them and you'll be let into anything you need to know about that school"

"Thanks Nagi! But.. don't tell anyone okay?Especially Tadase..."

"Yeah. Bye"

Amu hangs up the phone and calls up Rima and Yaya. Telling them the news. They both promise to get some stuff to help her hide her girlish identity.

"Well.. I might as well just take a walk.."

Tsukiyomi Ikuto

"Ikuto, nya.. Are you sure its okay, going for a walk when Utau is waiting for you at home?"Asked Yoru.

"It dosen't matter. I didn't promise her what time I'd be 's too annoying anyway." Replied Ikuto casually.

"IKUTO!"Utau suddenly starts running up to him."I knew you would be back up on your favourite tree. Come down!! I already made our celebration dinner!"

"Its too troublesome. Besides why do I have to celebrate for Dads birthday. He always does things in his own way."said Ikuto.

"You will come!"Said Utau "Or else..." "Or else..."

"Or else what?You'll do character change and carry me all the way home?I don't think so." Replied Ikuto with a smirk.

"Fine!! Don't come!!"Utau shouted and stormed off home.

"Your always so mean to Utau-chan!" Said Eru to Ikuto before she followed Utau.

"Hum!" Iru said and followed suit with Eru.

"Ikuto dosen't need to go Nya!!" Shouted Yoru as 3 of them stormed off.

"Lets go, Yoru."

"To ?"

"Stupid principal told me to change rooms, i have to share a room with a new entry student. I want to pack."

"But Utau put a relief slip on your teacher's not just hang out somewhere else ?"


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