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"Miki, you go this time, tell him that there is no sense of charas around anyway, and tell him to answer my question" I told her.

"Minoru!!Answer me! What is the capital of New Zealand!" Yuusuke Sensei asked

How does it live in Japan.

"Wellington." I replied smoothly. The whole class turned to stare at me.

*Ahem*"It seems Ikuto has NOT been influencing you to that stage yet." He stated. And continued on with the lesson

Man Miki is taking a long time...

End of flashback

Chapter 10: Love in the air?


Miki FINALLY came floating back and said.

"You are not my maid, but if i say something, you have to do it, simple? The first thing you have to do is, let me take you out for a night stroll." Miki quoted.

I didn't understand what he mean't but the bell started ringing so i decided to talk to him about it later in our room.

I walked back to my room after the days lessons were over. Ikuto was already inside lying down on his bed.

"Yo" Ikuto said.

"Hello" I replied.

"I want to say..." I looked at him"I'm sorry.I had no right to treat you coldly, after all i'm the one who looked at your diary." I said

"Pfft. It dosen't just forget about you still have to listen to my ?" Ikuto said with a smirk

"Okay." I said i went into the bathroom to let my hair down and wash my face. When i came out Ikuto was dressed in jeans and a loose t-shirt.

"Get ready..We're going to sneak out." Ikuto said with a small grin.

"..Urhh..Okay.." Luckily, i still brought along some of my girl clothes, i went into the bathroom, got dressed, and tied my hair up to the side.

"I'll carry you out of the window and we'll hang out at the fair. There's a fair today downtown." Ikuto said with a smile as he saw me.

"You look beautiful. I guess you look best as a girl" Ikuto said he walked up to me and stroked my hair.

"Urhh..Ikuto?.. Aren't we going?" I said trying hard not to blush.

"Yeah we are. Yoru, Chara Change" Ikuto said.

He lifted me up in his arms with no problems and hopped out of the windows and jumped across the trees. After about 5 minutes, he landed and turned back into his normal self.

The fair was lit up with colourful light and all the stores had a fun game or something nice to eat.

My whole face lit up when i saw it, I had always wanted to go to a fair before, but Ami never liked to go to fairs because she thought it was too noisy.

"Shall we?" Ikuto said we walked together and tried the games and the food.

"This is great Ikuto!" After trying about half of the stores in the fair.

"I'm glad you're having look different.." Ikuto said with a smile.

"..Different?" I said confused.

" look extremely happy for a change." Ikuto said with a grin.

"Well. I guess i just needed to get loose after so much stress in going to a guys school" I said

"Oh okay.. Well i guess we better be heading back.. Its getting late." Ikuto said reluctantly.

"Okay then.." I said trying to look happy. I looked and suddenly i saw a small boy crying. I ran up to him and Ikuto followed me.

"Little boy?Its okay, are you lost?" I asked the little boy.

"I*sob* lost*sniff* my way*sob* and i don't know where*sniff* my parents are!" The little boy said with tears flowing down his round cheeks.

"It'll be okay, I'll help you find your parents. Don't cry anymore.." I said giving him a warm smile.

He wiped away his tears and tried to smile. "Thanks for helping me." The small boy said and hugged me.

"Well you're very welcome, now lets go make an announcement." I said.

I held the little boy's hand and walked to the announcement tower.

"Excuse me, we have a lost boy here.. Can we make an announcement?" I asked the lady sitting inside

"Of course..Thank you very much for bringing him here. I think his parents are over at that bench, i told them to wait as i would make an announcement for them." The lady said with a warm smile.

The small boy turned to look at the bench and as soon as he saw them, his face lit up with joy, he ran to his parents and started crying again.

"I was so scared mummy! But that girl and that boy helped me!" The small boy said while hugging his parents.

"We are very thankful to you! Whatever can we do to repay you?" The couple said with heartfelt gratitude.

"Its alright, we were very glad to help you. We have to make our way home now, goodnight!" I said with a smile

"Goodbye"Ikuto said with a small smile.

Ikuto and I walked back into the trees so he could Chara change with Yoru, I decided to Chara change too, So i jumped all the way home with Ikuto. We silently entered our room through the window.

"Thanks for bringing me out Ikuto, it was great" I said with a smile.

"Nope, It was my demand for YOU to FOLLOW me remember?" Ikuto said with a small grin.

"Anyway, go to sleep Amu, Or else you won't be able to wake up tomorrow." Ikuto said and ruffled my hair as i lay down on my bed.

I slept as soon as my eyes closed. It was the best fair ever.

End of Chappie!

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