Clary stood in the shower, letting the scorching water run over her, trying-and failing-to not think about all that had happened with Jace at Taki's the day before.

"I'll just be your brother from now on."

Jaces' sultry voice floated through her head before she could squelch it. That familiar pain shot through her heart, making her heart break and her eyes sting.

She blinked hard and begrudgingly turned the shower off with alittle too much force. Clary wrapped a white towel around her slender figure, exited Lukes now steamy bathroom and

headed toward the kitchen. She had taken her time in the shower, trying to relax her tense muscles and calm her anxious thoughts, to no avail-her heart was still heavy. She sighed

again and poured herself a cup of lukewarm coffee into her favourite rainbow-colored mug and stuck it in the microwave, setting it so it would be nice and steamy when the time

was up. She turned to go to her room to dress when she saw something flash in her peripheral vision. Clary gasped and spun to face the movement. Jace stood in the kitchen

doorway, dressed in black from head to toe, his eyes roving over Clary slowly, like he was enjoying the view. She suddenly became hyper aware of the fact that she was only

covered by a thin white towel. Clarys stomach fluttered, either in embarrassment or unfamiliar desire, she wasn't sure. She felt a sudden blush rise from the tips of her toes to the

top of her scalp but she attempted to cover her embarrassment and desire with attitude. "What are you doing here?", she asked, but her embarrassment was made evident by her

breathless state and deep blush. Darn, Clary thought, as she realized that Jace saw right through her failed attempt at bravado. Jace had a strange look in his eyes that Clary had

seen on some occassions when it was just the two of them. His eyes were deeply intense and gazing at Clary with unveiled desire, passion, and a large amount of amusement.

Quick as a flash of lightening, Jace was standing close in front of Clary, staring down into her eyes with that strange glint in his eyes. "Jace…?", Clary questioned. She could have

moved away from him, but her heart and legs wouldn't allow it. "Clary.", her name on his lips was the sweetest of sounds to Clary. "May I say that your wardrobe choices for today

are simply ravishing. I'll bet you a demon that the fashion designers in NYC will be copying your sense of style before long.", Jace said in a sacastic tone. Clary rolled her eyes but

blushed a deeper shade of red, making the look in Jaces eyes increase. "Jace. What is it?" He didn't answer her or even seem to hear her, but instead he reached up and gingerly

glided the palm of his hand from Clarys temple to her jawline, and back up again, causing a shiver of pleasure to race up Clarys spine. "Clary…", Jace sighed, pausing to look her in

the eyes for an immeasurable moment. He leaned forward, but paused, asking permission. As if moving in a dream, Clary raised up on her tip toes and shyly lifted her lips to Jaces,

sighing in pleasure and contentment when they made contact. This kiss was sweet and filled with so much-Love that was forbidden to be, passion, pain. Clarys back was up against

the cabinets, held prisoner there by Jace, but there was no where else in the world that she'd rather be. Her mind was screaming obscenties at her, yelling that she should run, that

she should be disgusted, but her heart held her there, her heart was happy. This was a moments reprieve, and her heart was happy for the first time in a long while.

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