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Ok...so you are probaly wondering who Han is well...Han (pronounced Han like Jaun) is the "Gaint" that took Clary away for Valentine.

Honestly, this chapter is just kind of a filler but I think it may answer some of the questions you may have. Enjoy.

Han's POV

I finally opened my eyes when the incessant knocking became too much for me to bear. I had been trying to ignore whoever it was at my door, but, clearly, they weren't getting the message. I growled and slid out of bed, not bothering to put on a shirt. I opened the door forcefully, making it bounce off of the wall behind it with a loud reverberately clamor. I slammed my fist against the door, making the person before me flinch with fear. I glared angrily down at him. "What. Do you want? Explain. Now." I practically snarled the distorted sentence at him, thoroughly enjoying seeing the petrified shiver race through his tiny frame. I could crush him easily, if I wanted to. Which I would, if he didn't have a darn good reason for waking me up so early.

"H-Han? Yes, I suppose you are, or Master wouldn't have sent me here to you. So...you are Han, right?" The little guy looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in front of me, questioning me. I had to admit, it wasn't a safe position for him to be in. I hate people questioning me, anytime, but I especially hate it at 3:00 in the morning. So, yeah, he was in danger, and we both knew it. I didn't speak, allowing my silence as conformation to his annonying questions.

"Master Valentine sent me to you. He needs to meet with you. Immediately. He said you are to come with me."

I grunted for him to wait and slammed the door in his face. I replaced my worn sweat pants with jeans and a form-fitting black shirt. Stuffing my jacket with any weapons I may need, I left the complex with the small warlock, contemplating what my next assignment may be.


"Wait here. I have to let Master know you have arrived."

The warlock scurried off and I paced, waiting impatiently. A few moments later the warlock return, telling me to follow him. I growled in frustration. I hated taking orders from warlocks. I hated warlocks, period.

I walked into a dimly lit room, pausing only when I saw the shadowed figure standing in front of the extravagant mantle, regarding the fire with an intense gaze. It was Valentine and his mind seemed preoccupied.

"Han. I have an assignment for you that I think you may enjoy." His voice was dark, husky. His eyes had still not left the fire. I tried to kept my voice from betraying my anticipation of a new assignment when I said, "Yes, Master? What would you like me to do?"

"My daughter is coming to Idris tomorrow night. I need you to retrieve her for me. At any means possible. Clarissa has many gifts that are of great value to our cause, and I have reason to use those gifts. If there is ever a mission that you will fail me, do not allow it to be this one." Valentine's eyes left the fire only to bore into me, chilling me to the bone and enhancing the meaning of his veiled threat. His eyes were cold, hard, an unforgiving black abyss that mirrored the state of his soul. I hurried to answer him, I'd do anything to get him to stop looking at me like that. It freaked me out. "Yes, Master." He turned back to look at the blazing fire in the hearth, filling me with relief.

After giving me some finer details on the matter, he dismissed me. I glanced back over my shoulder as I was leaving. His dark eyes were still transfixed on the fire.


I knew where Clarissa would be staying when she arrived in Idris so now all I had to do was wait. I hate waiting. I lurked in the shadows of the trees outside of the mansion in which Clarissa would be soon arriving. I waited.

Darkness soon enveloped, allowing me to stretch my cramped muscles and rise once again back to my full height of 6'3''. As I stretched, I thought back on the last few moments...

I had been crouching in a grove of tall bushes when the group had arrived to enter the Mansion. It had been twilight but with my light sensory rune I had been able to see well enough. There were exactly seven people walking towards the house. I'd spotted Clarissa almost immediately, her fiery red hair was like a beacon, pinpointing her out to me. She was my mission. Get her, get out, get to Valentine, and live, atleast for another day or two.

Even from this distance, and with the fastly fading light, I could tell that she was beautiful, though not all of her features were clearly distinguishable in the twilight. One boy with blonde hair, dressed all in black, seemed to hover by her side protectively, almost as if he sensed the danger around them. I had chuckled darkly at the thought. They had no idea about how close danger was to them. That poor boy thought he could protect Clarissa from me? I had scoffed at the impossibility of that thought. Let him try to stop me. She would be mine, I was sure of it. Let the blonde do his worse.

A gust of cold, pure Idris air ruffled the bushes behind me, bringing me back to the present. I needed to make a game plan, something to go by when the time arrived to take Clarissa. I figured that I would wait until everyone went to their respective beds for the night before I made my move. Hopefully no one would be rooming with Clarissa, but if someone was, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I'd just have to kill them. I wonder if the blonde boy would be sharing a room with Clarissa. That would make things interesting. I would enjoy hurting the boy. Then, before he died, I'd allow him to see that his worse fear had come true, that he had failed in protecting the girl that he seemed to care about. But the thought of the blonde having his hands on my Clarissa made my blood boil in unadulterated jealousy. She was mine. I would take her, and if I completed all of my missions that Valentine gave me...maybe he would give her to me. Yes, I believe he would. That dimmed my jealousy somewhat. But the Blonde would pay, eventually, if not tonight. I would make sure of it.


I could hear the ruckus from the dinner party finally begin to die down and I suddenly became more alert. I used my sensitive hearing to scan through the mansion, straining to hear of any sign of Clarissa. I listened in more carefully, trying to decipher where exactly she was.

"Are you sure this room is ok, Clary? We can always move you downstairs with Isabelle or Aline if you'd rather not be alone..." The nervous voice drifted off, waiting for a response.

"Oh, no! This is fine. I love this room. It's so beautiful. Thank you for having me." Clarissa's voice was soft and husky. I liked her voice. I was planning on hearing alot more of it.

Eventually the woman's voice floated away to the downstairs, leaving Clarissa alone in her room. Clarissa opened the French doors leading out onto the balcony. I stared up at her as she gazed dreamily at the full moon. She looked peaceful, content and she was even more beautiful than I had first thought. I began to move out of my place of hiding when I heard a faint knock at Clarissa's door. I growled in frustration. I didn't want to wait anylonger. I wanted to take Clarissa. Now. But I curbed my impatience and listened to Clarissa talk to another woman who had come to check on her.

After she left, I waited for a few more moments. When I heard no interruption, I slipped from my hiding place in the shadows and glided over to the stone wall. I made quick use of the stones, allowing them to be my foot and hand holds as I swiftly climbed. I was on Clarissa's balcony in a matter of seconds, sweating lightly from the excertion the climb cost me.

The full moon was the only light in her room, making Clarissa's red hair look like a shining halo, enhancing her mysterious quality. I would have her and she would be mine. She had not spotted me yet, but that was ok. I didn't want to rush this. I was enjoying myself. Her face suddenly lit up as she raised her hand in truimph. In her hand was a tootbrush that, apparantly, she had been looking for. As she turned to walk in the direction of her bathroom, I pounced. I wrapped my bulky arms around her tiny frame in a stone tight grip, crushing her body to mine. She tried to fight, tried to resist and I had to admit, she put up a good fight, better than I had expected from someone so small in stature. Clarissa tried to scream and I couldn't have that so I slammed my hand over her lips in an attempt to muffle her protests, all the while moving us both back towards the balcony. I felt her arm move underneath mine and I paused for a millisecond, long enough to see her pull out her pink cell phone. I plucked the unwanted object out of her tiny hand and crushed it with my right foot. This action seemed to shock her and she stopped fighting me for a split second. I used that second of hesitation for my advantage, reaching over and grabbing the lamp on the nightstand. I yanked it hard, causing the plug to snap in half and creating a loud popping noise as a bright blue spark flew out of the live end of the wire. I slammed the lamp over her head, making the lamp break into jagged slivers of broken porcelan. She whispered what sounded like a name then Clarissa went limp in my arms, her blood dripping onto the beige carpet in random splatters. I moved her so that she was only being carried on my left arm as I reached in my jeans pocket for the crest. Once I found it, I threw the heavy ring on the floor next to one of the larger spots of Clarissa's blood. Valentine wanted them to know that it was he who took Clarissa and there was nothing they could do to get her back. Valentine knew that the clave would not interfere on Clarissa's behalf. No one would dare to try and fan the flames of Valentines wrath by trying to take his daughter back. No, no one could save Clarissa now, she's all mine.


Once we finally got back to the complex in which Valentine lived and worked, Clarissa's head had finally stopped bleeding. She was bruised and cut, but she would heal in time. Valentine came to look at his daughter when we arrived. He nodded, not seeming to care that she was hurt, and told me where to take her.

So here I sit now. Watching and waiting until Clarissa awakens. I can't help but to notice that even while unconcious and bruised, she is beautiful. I wonder how long it will take to make her mine, with Valentines blessing, of course. I wasn't stupid enough to make a move without his permission, that would be a death wish. I saw her move, just a small twitch of her hand. I waited and finally her eyelids fluttered open. Ah...my sleeping beauty had awakened from her slumber. My face contorted in a mischevious grin. This would be fun. For me.

Ok...So in Geometry, yesterday, I think it was, my best friend and I got bored and we made a character profile for Han. None of this is for real, of course. Just for fun.

Character: Han--pronounced Han like Jaun (or like Con with an H).

Physical Profile: -Scar above left in shape of flower, received from a water nymph

-Pet iguana named Splenda

-Has a gold tooth

-One green and one brown eye

Again, he doesn't REALLY have a flower scar or a gold tooth, though I suppose he COULD have an iguana, if you would perfer it. Ha.

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