The cloud was grey, like dust that gathered, mimicking cotton balls. The blue sky that once stretched across the country was devoured by the ominous clouds.

A lone figure padded silently through the thick forest, imprinting his foot prints into the muddy ground. Rain began to drizzle, and the wind seemed more hostile than before, but he didn't care.

Just two weeks ago, he was sent to Europe to complete a mission. And just a week ago, the news of the death of the Vongola reached him… And for one whole week, he stayed at Europe… until he finally decided to go back to face the dreaded truth.

He continued the trek through the forest, using his trident to remove any obstacles, until he spotted a clearing, and in the middle lay what he had been searching for the last couple of hours.

A black coffin.

Tsunayoshi… he thought. What a pitiful place to be in… The rain poured down, and for the first time, he wished that everything that had happened in the past few weeks were just illusions. Walking closer towards the clearing, he noticed that he wasn't alone; someone stood in front of the coffin motionlessly, like a statue.

"Kufufu, long time no see… Hibari Kyoya.." he greeted.

Hearing the footsteps, the person suddenly turned around, alert, and with his tonfas out, ready to strike. "Who's there?" Hibari demanded.

"It's just me." The mist guardian emerged from the trees and smiled his signature smirk. "I didn't think anyone else would come to visit the vongola in this horrible weather. What a coincidence…"

The ex-prefect lowered his weapons and narrowed his eyes. "Why are you here?"

"The same reason as you." Mukuro moved towards the coffin with a few easy strides. His bony finger traced delicately at the 'X' on the coffin.

"I didn't come here to visit the Vongola" Hibari simply stated as he watched the illusionist.

"Kufufu… Then I wonder who brought these fresh flowers?"

After that, no one spoke anything; the two guardians simply stood in the drizzling rain, gazing down at the coffin. Mukuro bent down and felt the smooth, glassy texture of the surface. "Hibari Kyoya, what will you do now?"

"I'll do what I usually do. His death won't affect my life."

Mukuro chuckled, but did not smile. "I'm surprised at your unerring answer. Seemed like you have been practicing that line a lot." He watched, slightly amused, at how Hibari's calm façade slipped a bit, before he continued, "I have a favor to ask of you."

The cloud guardian stared at the odd-coloured eyes, and he could see that beyond the layer of calmness, was sorrow and pain that the illusionist didn't bother to hide.

Mukuro smiled. "Kill me."

Hibari stared, eyes widened for a moment, before he said. "Why would you seek for death?"

"Because I have no reason to continue living this life." The illusionist gingerly fished a rose from his pocket.

"You're pathetic, thinking like an herbivore."

"Kufufu, then kill me, like what a carnivore would do." He was about to place the flower on top of the coffin when he suddenly froze. "What the..?"

"What?" Hibari frowned as he stared at coffin. "What's wrong?"

"You won't believe this…" Mukuro suddenly stood up and grasped his trident more firmly than before. The number in his eyes changed rapidly as he gently tapped the surface, and the lid of the coffin slowly dissipated into mist. When the mist cleared, the two guardians froze.

The coffin was empty.

Hibari stared, unable to register what he was seeing. "What the..?"

"Someone broke into the coffin. The lid was an illusion created by someone…" Mukuro murmured as he inspected the coffin.

"Who the hell would steal a corpse?" Hibari gripped his tonfas tighter, trying to remain calm. "More importantly, why the hell would someone steal it?"

Mukuro didn't say anything. Instead, he reached into the coffin and gently took something out.

It was a piece of marshmallow, and on the side were four words, which were printed neatly.

Too late. He's mine.

"That damn Smiley Bastard... I'll bite him to death.."

Byakuran whistled happily as he strode through the white hallway of the Millefiore and stepped into his wide, spacious office. After locking the door behind him, he smiled

Today is the day…

He walked over to the nearest wall, and gently removed the plain white clock that hanged there, which revealed a number pad that was under it. He entered the password at a speed that showed how often he had done it for the last few days.

1…0….0…2…7… enter

The wall immediately swung out, revealing a narrow stairway that seemed frighteningly dark. Byakuran walked down, which lead him to a dim room. Scattered moonlight shone through the barred window, and landed on an unconscious figure in the corner of the room.

So beautiful…

The figure was resting against the wall, with his thin delicate wrist chained slightly above his head. His face was as pale as the white walls, and the moonlight seemed to make his whole figure glow.

Byakuran gently touched the cold cheeks.

You belong only to me… and no one else..

His hand hovered to the side of the head where the bullet had wounded the figure, but the wound had almost completely healed, so it wasn't noticeable. Soon his fingers traveled down to the chest, feeling the texture of the suit and…. he stopped. Pressing his palm lightly against where the figure's heart was, he could feel the soft pounding of the heart. He smirked.

My Sleeping Beauty… I hope you had a good dream…

He watched as the figure's face slowly regained the humane color.

But it's time for you to wake up.

The figure stirred, and the chain that held his hands tightly clinked together from the movement. The brown caramel eyes opened, still dazed from the long sleep.

"Eh.. is this heaven?..." A soft whisper was heard.

Byakuran moved closer and gently lifted the figure's head and smiled. "Good morning Tsuna-kun~"

Almost immediately, as if splashed by a bucket of cold water, the Vongola's eyes shot opened, fully awake, and gasped when he saw Byakuran. The chain rattled as he tried to move away, unsuccessfully. The Vongola shut his eyes, hoping that it was just a nightmare.

"Neh Tsuna-kun…" Byakuran leaned forward and breathed into his ears, amused at how the Vongola suddenly jerked away, causing the chain to bite into his delicate wrist. "This isn't a dream… This is reality…"

"You can't escape from me, and no one can take you away…"

You're mine to play with, to break, and to love...

You belong to me...... and only me

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