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"A Babe and a Bunny"

"Sev, come out here now. You look cute," cried Hermione from the cozy living room of their cottage in the countryside of Britain.


Hermione could not suppress her laughter as a sighing, growling, grunting and snarling pink fluffy bunny with a cotton ball tail finally emerged from their bedroom.

At the sight of her laughter, Severus began to twitch, whiskers and all.

Infuriated he stated, "No! I will not succumb to this humiliation! I refuse!"

"Come now, Severus," she replied, still giggling, "I'm in a costume too. Besides, you promised you would come to the Hogwarts Halloween Ball with me."

He exhaled, "I did indeed promise I would accompany you, love, but I never agreed to be gallivanting about dressed in a pink rabbit outfit for all the world to see!" He then caught sight of what she was wearing. He glared at her and continued, "Especially while you're there in your, what appears to be white lingerie with… rabbit ears on your head and a tail bewitched to stay on your bum! I thought we were supposed to match!"

"What's wrong," she purred, "You don't like it?"

He marveled at her ability to calm him with just her voice.

"No, quite the contrary, but if you go dressed like that, everyone's eyes will be on you," he said hopping over and taking her into his paws.

"And the problem with that is?"

He leaned in and kissed her softly on the mouth, then peppered her jawline with tiny pecks. When he reached her ear he whispered, "The problem is you're mine."

"All yours, indeed," she said, twirling out of his arms.

She glanced once more at his appearance, giggled and said, "Let's go, Mr. Bunny, we're going to be late."

Severus sighed and said, "Oh the things I do for you, Mrs. Bunny," and even though he grumbled the whole way to Hogwarts, he knew he would do anything and everything for that stubborn, frizzy haired, know-it-all girl for the rest of his life.


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