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Disclaimer : Vampire Knight and all its characters belongs to Matsuri Hino

Some facts may be wrong because I've only read the manga up to volume 5.. I don't want to read the manga online so as not to spoil the manga I'm going to buy hehe.. so sorry if theres thing that's not up to date.

You're safe now

These are the words that are dear to me spoken by the man that was holding me in his arm. It was also the first thing that I could remember, all other memory of my 3 years of life seems but a distance now. Nothing but a blur of colour and life. I don't recall now what had happen after that man comfort me. All I remember as I look back upon the house that use to be mine in the arms of a stranger was the thought that ran through my mind.

What a red night it was..

In one room of the Sun Dorm a lump of blanket sat askew on a bed, the lump underneath the blanket being a girl of 15 with long straight black hair and a pale complexion. Dark grey eyes shot open as the blanket is thrown across the room. After sitting there and staring off to nothing for a few minutes the small form of the girl begin to move towards the bathroom. Rinsing her face, she stares at her reflection, my reflection on the mirror to see the dull grey eyes staring back.

My name is Sayuri Yukimura Cross. I am the first adopted daughter of Kaien Cross, Headmaster of the Cross Academy. Like the other adopted children of his, I am also a prefect or guardian of the school.

As I make my way to the headmaster office my hand begin to fiddle with the rose shape pendant that I have around my neck. A habit that I never seem to be able to kick. Nearing the headmaster door I did not even manage to knock before the door swung open and I was scoop into the arm of the beaming man. Dragging me into his office, he sat me on a chair and sat himself down opposite of me. In between us was his table fill with homemade breakfast.

"Itadakimasu" and with that he quickly start to eat.

"Itadakimasu" came my quiet voice as I pick up my chopstick and begin to eat.

Having breakfast with each other everyday is the only time I have alone with him since dinner is usually accompanied by Yuki and Zero.

After finishing our breakfast I begin to make my way to class but was stop by the headmaster.

"Sayu-chan why don't stay for a little while? Class will only start in 20 minutes."

"Very well." I said as I sat myself back on the chair.

"How is class for you? I hope your prefect duty does not cause your academics to drop."

"No, I'm fine."

"My kawaii vampire student have been treating you nicely ne?" he said with starry eyes.


"Sayu-chan did they hurt you? Why won't you say anything? Should I…"

I start to block out his voice as he continue to rant about how he want the vampire and human to live peacefully together and stare out the window.

"Headmaster I'll be going now." I cut off his rambling as to excuse myself since there's only 5 more minutes til' class start.

"Call me otou-san!!"

"…" I just stare at him and make for the door.

"Sayu-chan you're so cold!!" he said with tears running down his face. In a split second he has his serious face on. It still amaze me how he could change emotion so quickly.

"Anyway, is the new weapon I send to your liking?"

I pause at the open door to look to the man that has raised me and treated me like his own daughter since I was 3 years old.

"I appreciate the new katana. Arigatou otou-san." With that I let the door to the headmaster office close behind me.

Kaien Cross was the man that have save me that night more than 12 years ago. He was kind enough not to send me to an orphanage and instead he took me in to be his adopted daughter. For that I'll shall forever be indebt to him. I never really mind calling him otou-san since I feel that he's truly my father, I just don't want him to know that fact. I don't remember my family or weather I even have them. All i remember was my name and the name of my family 'Yukimura'. Otou-san let me keep it, he also let me 'have his name' as he put it and i am greatful for that. He is my family now. My name is the only thing that connect me to my past and my family other than that there is nothing.

That night 12 years ago was my true beginning.