Sorry but not a new chapter m(_ _)m

Okay first thing can kill me later...

OMG I cringe while re-reading my stories (both Eien no Setsuna & Ake ni Somaru) how can you guys read that haha...I really need to get them beta-ed

Second thing is...I've been receiving some pms from some of my reader (again thank you for informing me) regarding the continuation of my story by another author.. Honestly I was surprised to hear about it...didn't think my story was worth continuing really ._. Anyway~

This was what I wrote in 2010 (holy shit! has it been that long?) regarding 'Eien no Setsuna':

As for Eien no Setsuna i'm not quite sure whether i'll be updating it or not... Maybe someone want to try adopt this story? Cuz if you want to wait for me to update i'm not sure when i'll be able to... The story have no guideline actually like Ake ni Somaru actually, i was just going with the flow while writing it so it wont be a big problem for people to put in their own twist...

It kind off basically said 'anyone want to continue this story? Sure go ahead' but 'ask my permission first' was the unspoken part..

Courtesy..ask before taking something...not asking is stealing . So I am considering it as stealing aka plagiarism

I won't ask her to stop writing her story nor to delete it but I now express my disapproval of the author's conduct and shall leave it at that.

I'm a moderator of another fanfic community and there, we are very strict regarding issue of plagiarism.. Author would be immediately banned if they are caught plagiarising so please understand why I am taking this issue as it is.. This type of issue are taken very seriously and is a big case.. People that know which fanfic community I moderate in would understand why this type of issue is responded with such strong action..

To the readers of that story do continue to read the story if you so wish and if the author continue with it. I wont condemn you so don't worry xP I am of course partially to blame for not updating my fics m(_ _)m

As of this moment I disallow any uses or distribution of my stories so I hope not to see any case in the can easily contact me if you want to talk or discuss things regarding my way is to tweet me at 'eCaiSme' or pm me at my LJ since I rarely look at my FFnet account

Thirdly, am I the only one that is getting increasingly pissed with Kaname as Matsuri-sama release VK chapter by chapter? Like I seriously feel like stabbing that pureblood haha that's part of why I haven't write VK fics since then...Kaname just pissed me off ever since that Rido attack started..I know if I wrote anything in that state I'd be killing Kaname's character :P

And to end on a lighter note, I've also receive some pm from people i've never seen before haha..helluuu silent readers~ ^^

And ahh the golden question...will I be updating? I cant say for sure...sorry guys :/ but I WILL TRY MY BEST! I hate leaving things unfinished so have hope~