Jasper Revamped!

1) you may not announce that you are the 'solida boy'.

2) you may not comment on Sparta. We all know the Spartans were 'bad ass' as you put it.

3) you cannot attempt to make all the humans around you feel high.

4) you cannot bring up the time we all went to Woodstock every again. Some things are best left forgotten.

5) you may not come up with some highly complex plan to make Bella think that Nessie and Jacob are serial killers wanted by the FBI.

6) you may not drop in to chillax with Jenks.

7) You may not go up to some random human and ask (in a very serious manner while all up in their face) "Do you want to know how I got these scars?"

8) you may not compare the sound of something hitting your stomach to something hitting Emmett's stomach.

9) it would be much appreciatedif you did not get Claire hooked on Webkinz.

10) Nor should you show Claire Youtube

11) In fact, just stay away from Claire

12) you may not start production on 'The next up and comping soap opara' featuring the La Push pack.

13) You may not tell people they are too close to your aura.

14) You may not hijack a car just for the life experience.

15) You may not assist in the next great presidential assassination.

How was that for OOC?

And here's a qucik question for you all: Is high an emotion?