When Ino awoke she felt the room shifting and she quickly got out of bed and ran up to the deck of the ship as she screamed "Whats going on." as she looked around and saw lightning flashing and wind blowing ."

She saw several Naruto moving around and Kyu was standing near one Naruto who had the rudder wheel in his hand and he was screaming "Trim the sail, secure all quarters, watch out for rocks and for god sake, secure the ramen."

Ino blinked and blinked again as suddenly the ship lurched forward and she felt her stomach drop as they crested a huge wave.

Using chakra to keep on the slippery deck she ran to Naruto and Kyu and asked "Whats going on."

Kyu screamed through the howling wind "A storm. The barrier was protecting us from it earlier but when it drop we got blind sided by it. Tie yourself to the ship with one of these ropes." as she showed a rope she had around her waist and Ino saw one around Naruto and she grabbed one and wrapped it around her stomach and suddenly the ship lurched again and the Naruto beside her screamed "Hard to port, balls to the wall." as he spun the wheel.

Ino was shocked by Naruto and he winced and said "Damn it, 2 of my clones fell overboard just now." as he quickly began to spin the wheel again as Ino felt the ship moving upwards and she looked to the left and right and saw they were climbing a huge wave.

As they topped the wave the ship lurched forward again and Ino felt her stomach fall again and thought "this is crazy. My life is in the hands of Naruto....the class idiot. How the hell does he even know how to run a ship like this much less keep us from dying."

A clone screamed "Hard to starboard."

Another clone screamed "No Port."

Naruto hearing both scream and tried to judge where to go as the waves crested the side of the ship and several clones were swept of the ship and dispelled.

Naruto received the memories and thought "Another ship." as he glanced at where his memories told him a clone saw a ship.

For the next 2 hours Naruto kept his ship going in the storm and soon most of the storm passed by and Naruto sighed and said "Secure the ship, begin checking for damage and prepare to drop anchor."

A clone said "Captain, the anchor release was damaged when we were had to quickly pull it up."

Naruto frowned and said "Check for any way to fix it and don't let me find you in the food stash." and thought "damn clones."

Ino who was watching Naruto run around the ship felt a hand on her shoulder and she tensed as Kyu leaned in and whispered "doesn't he just drive you wild with the way he can be so in charge and commanding. Makes me just want to....owwww." as she moaned into Ino ear who was beet red.

Naruto asked "What's going on Kyu. Why is Ino beet red." as he looked at both girls.

Kyu said "Just girl talk, right Ino."

Ino felt Kyu rub her free hand across Ino butt and said "Yeah, just girl talk....eep." as Kyu pinched her butt.

Naruto said "Right, well both of you keep a look out. One of my clones saw another ship in the storm and I don't know who it was while I check out the rest of the ship." as he moved around the ship check for damage.

Once he was out of ear shot Ino jumped away and hissed "What was that about."

Kyu smiled and said "Just having fun. Why."

Ino hissed "please stop.....I'm not like that."

Kyu said "Please, were woman, were all like that."

Ino glared and Kyu pouted and said "Fine, have it your way. I can always have fun with Naruto-kun." as she jumped up on the top of the yacht and sat down.

Naruto dispelled all the clones about 5 minutes later and he held his head and said as he sat down beside Ino and Kyu looked down from where she was sitting "Well, the wench to raise and lower the anchor is damaged but I think with a little time I can raise and lower it manually. Um...one of the starboard windows hatches broke 2 of the bolts holding it in place so it will leak a little bit of water during storms but should not be any real problem until I can get us to a port and get some money to fix it......the rudder was also damaged a little so I can't turn us as sharp to port until I can get the rudder fixed but making a few large circles I should be able to get us to where we need to go. Other then that we came out of that storm pretty good."

Ino asked "How did you become good enough to keep us from sinking during that storm Naruto."

Naruto said "While I was waiting on this ship to get built I had several fishermen take me and my clones on their boats while they went out fishing and I learned it all. Why."

Ino just shook her head and said "You surprise me is all."

Naruto nods and said "I'm not the number one hyper active knucklehead surprise tamer for nothing."

Ino giggled and burst out laughing and said "I can't believe you Naruto. One minute your all serious and the next your cracking jokes."

Naruto said "Well thank you Ino. I try my best. Anyways I am a little tired right now. I am going to catch a few hours of sleep since I been up most of the night last night and yesterday. Wake me in about 5 hours and I will set set coarse toward where we are heading."

Ino asked "Which is."

Kyu said "Blue league. Its a couple days travel north east of here. It don't matter if we drift for a few hours each day because even if we do as long as we head northeast we will either run into northern Africa or the blue league and if we hit northern Africa its just a little north of that."

Ino looked up at Kyu and was wide eyed and screamed "Wheres your cloths."

Kyu said "What, I want a tan without any tan lines so I am going to get it while were out at sea. If you want you should do the same thing while Naruto-kun's asleep since your such a prude."

Ino glared and said "I hate you."

Kyu smirked and said "Thats not what you were thinking in the shower."

Ino grabbed her head in frustration and huffed as she crossed her chest and looked away.

When Naruto came back up on the deck after being asleep for a few hours he saw Ino on the deck topless face down and she appeared to be asleep and he saw Kyu also without any cloths and Naruto shook his head as he went toward one of the cabinets that was built into the deck and pulled out a couple of tubes of sunscreen as he put his hands together and created 30 Kagebunshin and 5 grabbed spears and slowly got in the water as 24 of them began moving around the ship getting ready to depart while the last one and the real Naruto each took a tube of sunscreen and the clone went over to Kyu and the real Naruto walked over and bent down and put some sunscreen in his hands to warm them up before he began to rub Ino back.

Ino slowly awoke and moaned in pleasure as she looked through half lidded eyes at Naruto still half asleep and Naruto said "Just relax. You fell asleep sunbathing and your back is starting to get burned so I was rubbing a little suntan lotion on it."

Ino moaned as Naruto hands moved across her back and she closed her eyes and enjoyed it while Naruto kept his hands in safe areas so she knew he was not taking advantage of her.

A little bit later the clones returned and Naruto having replaced the one Kyu destroyed when she woke up being frisky saw them and he saw Ino was still asleep and said "Well I guess its time to get started." as he stopped rubbing Kyu back and put the lotion away before cleaning his hands in the ocean water.

Naruto then walked over and said "Hey Ino, time to wake up."

Ino groaned and Naruto said "Come on Ino and don't forget your topless."

Ino eyes widen a moment and she looked around and she said "Oh yeah, I remember now. Kyu talked me into sunbathing and you rubbed lotion on my back."

Naruto nods and said "If you don't mind, my clones caught some fish for us to eat and there are some vegetables in the fridge below deck if you want to clean them and cut the veggies and Kyu will cook them."

Kyu asked "How come your making me keep cooking when we have a stove."

Naruto said "Training Kyu. The longer you can do it the better you will be in battle. Now why your both doing that I got my own training to do." as he jumped over the side of the yacht and Ino watched as he bit his thumb and wiped it on his arm and she said "That's one big sword." as she saw Zabuza sword that appeared.

Kyu said "You just going to ogle him with your eyes or are you going to start cleaning and getting the food ready to cook."

Ino said "I was not ogling him. I was just......." as she bit her lip and shut up as she grabbed the fish before heading below deck to find some veggies.

Ino started to really look around the ship and thought "this thing is big enough for about 30 people no probl.....what the hell was that." as she dropped the fish in the sink and ran back up to the deck.

When she got there another explosion sounded and Naruto was panting having just made it back to the yacht as he screamed "All hands on deck. Get the sails out. Were under attack." as he quickly sealed his sword back into his arm and ran toward the rudder control wheel.

Ino screamed "Whats going on. Whose attacking us."

Kyu looked at the ship that was getting closer and said "Pirates."

Naruto glanced back and thought "damn it, I don't think we can out run them and I seriously doubt we can out fight them." as the Kagebunshin ran around raising the sails and Naruto began to steer the ship away from the directions the cannons had blasted on the left side of the ship.

Just then another blast was heard and then an explosion a few seconds later.

Ino screamed as she covered her head and Naruto screamed "Shut up Ino and look for weapons down below to defend yourself, you also Kyu." as he spun the wheel hard making the ship turn and began running straight east.

The Pirate ship began to turn as well except they were running North east while Naruto was running straight east.

Naruto frowned as he looked at the sails and thought "damn, they tricked me into running against the wind." as he quickly began to turn the ship again but it was much harder this time and he when he got the ship pointing north west they caught the wind and began to pull away from the pirate ship a little but the Pirate ship launched another cannonball that blasted in front of the yacht and Naruto thought "they realize that I caught their plan and now they want to make me change back." as the pirate ship began to turn again and as they caught the wind Naruto saw they began to quickly catch up.

About 30 minutes later Naruto was glaring at the pirate ship that was only a hundred yards behind them and Ino asked in a scared voice "What are we going to do."

Naruto said "Kyu, your job is to protect Ino and try to out run them."

Ino turned and looked at Naruto and asked "What are you going to do." in a scared voice."

Naruto unsealed his sword and said "I won't let those precious to me get hurt Ino. That's my nindo." as he jumped off the deck of the yacht and began running across the water toward the pirate ship and as he got to it he ran up the side of it.

Ino thought "no...not another one. First Shikamaru and now Naruto." as she burst into tears.

When Naruto jumped over the rail of the pirate ship he saw nearly 50 Pokegirls on the ship and he saw several different type of pokegirls, some looked mostly human and others didn't and he. Then saw one who was at the ship rudder control wheel and she had a cloak and a captain hat on and he said "Why did you attack my ship."

All the pokegirls including the ones who were to busy before to notice him were drawn by his shout.

The one in the captain hat said "Well, well, well, what do we have here. A very interesting little man. I am captain Slutster and I attacked your ship because A, I wanted to, and B, because I can."

Naruto snarled and said "Listen bitch. I don't care who you are and personally I don't care but you put my precious people in danger and I won't stand for it." as he held his sword in front of him making all the pokegirls laugh at him.

Naruto frowned and one pokegirl who looked like a track runner but she had on a low cut shirt and tight shorts with a bandanna on her head and she said "Well Captain, this male has a lot of balls to come up here acting all bad-ass when its easy to see he can't even hold that big meat cleaver correctly."

Slutster said "I can see that Nina as can any of the others here. We wasted all those cannonballs on him. What a disappointment."

Naruto said "You think your so hot. Try this on." as he stabbed the sword in the deck and put his hands together and said "Tajuu Kagebunshin no Jutsu." and suddenly 300 Kagebunshin appeared making everyone wide eyed and Naruto screamed "CHARGE." as he pulled the sword out of the deck and charged into battle swinging it left and right like an idiot.

Slutster said "Buttaneers, charge the idiot with the sword. Hes the original. Amachokes, get us going after his ship that is escaping, The rest of you heard his clones together and destroy them. Hes using ninjutsu against us."

As each of the pokegirls got together to attack Naruto and his clones an explosion was heard on the side of the ship drawing everyones attention and Slutster looked over the rail and saw 1 Naruto placing exploding tags on the side of the ship and saw a hole in it that was already filling up with water.

Slutster screamed "Amachokes, forget the ship, prepare rip lines and get the scurvy dog off the side of the ship before he sinks us."

Just then another explosion was heard from the side and Slutster looked and saw a second hole that was filling up with water slowly and the Naruto below went up in smoke.

Just then a shout of "Captain, look out." made Slutster turn and saw a Naruto coming down from above with the his fist cocked back ready to punch her and she quickly pulled her rapier and stabbed it into the stomach of Naruto who smirked and said "BOOM." as he exploded sending her flying back.

Just then several other explosions happened on the deck destroying all the Kagebunshin and sending pokegirls flying in every direction.

The real Naruto who was fighting with Zabuza sword jumped back onto the mast of the ship and he channeled chakra into the sword causing it to glow blue a little and he swung with all his strength slicing through the mast causing the sails to fall into the sea.

Naruto saw the shocked looks on all the pokegirls faces and he ran quickly while everyone was distracted and jumped off the side of the ship and began to run across the water after he landed toward the Konoha which had gotten about a mile away already.

As he got to the Yacht he saw the crying Ino and he asked "Why are you crying Ino." making her look up in shock and she screamed "Naruto." as she wrapped her arms around him and Kyu said "Hey kit, I need some help up here."

Naruto hugged Ino tight a moment and said "I need you to let me go so I can get us out of here."

Ino sniffed and let go of him and Naruto went to the rudder control wheel and quickly spun the wheel until the ship was going north east.