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"Never thought I'd hear anyone say that" Willow mumbled, while Tara gave a small nod.

"What?" Sophie frowned.

"Never mind" said Willow. "Let's just get on with the story.."

"Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful eyes?" Warren sneered as the witch continued to glare at him. Dark Willow angrily slashed her long nails across Warren's face in reply.

"I have to get up there!" Tara cried, jumping off of Jonathan's back. "Faith, Lorne, can you take care of my Uncle?"

"Of course" Lorne replied.

"Sure" said Faith, glancing at Dawn sitting in her hands. "As long as he's not as much trouble as the little Pipsqueak here." Giles was about to protest that he didn't need anyone to look after him, but Tara had already taken off into the castle.

Warren repeatedly swung his club at Dark Willow, but the witch dodged it every time. Then, she fired a stream of magic at Warren, and, as it was now raining heavily, caused him to lose balance and slip over on the wet rocks.

Tara ran up the stairs, heading to the West Wing.

"Please let me get to her on time" she pleaded to herself. "Don't let me be too late!"

Warren got to his feet, scowling. Dark Willow was nowhere to be seen.

"Come out and fight!" he snarled, looking around. "Were you in love with her, Witch? Did you really think she'd want you when she had someone as handsome and powerful as me?" The witch had heard enough. Dark Willow leapt out from behind a rock, firing another jet of magic at Warren, but this time he managed to keep his footing. He swung his club, which Dark Willow once again dodged. "It's over, Witch!" he laughed triumphantly. "Tara is as good as mine!" That was the last straw. Dark Willow lifted Warren telekinetically, making him feel as though a hand had taken a vice-like grip around his neck, and dangled him over the edge of the ravine, staring at him coldly. Certain death awaited Warren if she were to let him fall. "I beg of you, have mercy!" Warren cried, going from confident to completely terrified in a matter of seconds. "Please don't hurt me! Put me down, I'll do anything, anything!" Dark Willow continued to glare at him, but then her eyes softened. She couldn't kill anyone. Not anymore. The witch roughly tossed Warren back onto safe ground.

"Get out" she growled. "And don't come back."

"Dark Willow!" Tara called.

"Tara?" the witch's eyes lit up when she spotted the girl up on the balcony, and she ran over and climbed up the tower, taking the hand that Tara offered. "I can't believe it, you came back!" Then, the unthinkable happened. Warren climbed up behind Dark Willow dagger raised, and plunged it into the witch's side.

"No!" Tara cried, as the witch screamed in pain. Warren laughed in victory, but then Dark Willow, in an act brought on by self-preserving adrenaline, lashed out at him, causing him to topple and fall, screaming, into the depths of the ravine, never to be seen again. Tara pulled the injured witch onto the balcony, then knelt down and laid her on her lap.

"Y-you.. you came back" said Dark Willow weakly.

"Of course I came back" said Tara. "I couldn't just let them... Oh, this is all my fault! If I'd gotten here sooner this never would have happened!"

"M-maybe it's b-better this way" said the witch, her breathing becoming laboured.

"Don't say that!" cried Tara. "We're together now, everything's going to be fine."

"A-at least" Dark Willow smiled softly, reaching out to stroke Tara's cheek, "I g-got to see you one l-last time." The witch's hand fell limp, and her eyelids drifted shut. Xander, Buffy, and Wesley arrived to see what was going on, and gasped, before bowing their heads in mourning.

"No, no!" Tara cried. She hugged Dark Willow closer to her chest, sobbing into her hair. "Please don't leave me. I love you." In the West Wing, the final petal fell from the rose.

"The story can'ts end that way!" Sophie protested.

"Who said that that was the end?" Willow smirked.

"Buts if Dark Willow's dead then.."

"Just keep lisening sweetie" said Tara.

Tara continued to sob, clutching Dark Willow's lifeless body as the rain poured down around them. But then, the raindrops began to sparkle, and a shimmering cloud of fog formed around Dark Willow. Tara gasped as the witch rose up into the air, beginning to change before her eyes. Her claw-like hands transformed into regular human hands. The horrible black veins covering her face disappeared, and her deathly pale skin regained some of its colour. Then, finally, her jet black hair changed into a beautiful, silky red. With the transformation complete, the former dark witch was lowered back to the ground in a crumpled heap. A few moments later she stirred, and slowly got to her feet, taking a second to register what had happened, then looked over at Tara, who was still in awe of the whole situation.

"Tara?" she said softly, a small smile crossing her face. "It's me." Tara hesitated for a moment, but the second she looked into the not-so-dark Willow's beautiful emerald green eyes, she knew.

"It is you!" she cried, flying into Willow's arms. They kissed, and then the castle began to change. It went from dark and dreary to shiny and happy in an instant. Wesley transformed from a clock back into a stuffy looking British guy.

"Wesley!" cried Willow happily, breaking away from Tara long enough to give him a hug. Then Xander changed into a brown eyed, scruffy haired boy about Willow's age. "Xander!" Buffy changed from a teapot into a blonde haired, hazel eyed girl. "Buffy!" Willow grinned, pulling all three of them into a hug. "Look at us!"

"Buffy!" cried Dawn as she ran in, now in the form of a fifteen year old girl.

"B!" Faith cried as she ran in after her. Buffy broke away from the others and embraced them both, smiling, and making Faith blush when she kissed her on the cheek.

"It's a miracle!" Willow beamed, grabbing Tara and spinning her around.

A few days later, Princess Willow held a ball at the castle to celebrate, and everybody was invited. She and Tara were dancing, staring dreamily into each other's eyes, and stealing the occasional kiss.

"Ah, young love" Xander sighed as he watched. Anya walked by smiling seductively at him, and he made to follow her, until Wesley grabbed his arm.

"Xander old friend, I know we've had a few problems over the years, but what do you say we let bygones be bygones."

"Of course Wes" Xander grinned. "After all, I did tell you that Tara would be the one to break the spell."

"I believe I told you" Wesley frowned.

"No, I'm pretty sure I told you."

"You most certainly did not!" While the former clock and candlestick argued, Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Giles, and Lorne stood nearby, watching Willow and Tara dancing. Lorne was sniffling a little, dabbing his eyes with a hankie.

"I love happy endings!"

"Are they gonna live happily ever after Buffy?" Dawn asked her sister.

"I really think so, Dawn" Buffy replied.

"Me too" said Faith, "And I'm not usually one for believin' in fairytale endings." Dawn paused, thinking for a moment, until another question popped into her mind.

"Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?"

"Did she?" asked Sophie, eyes wide.

"No" Willow laughed. "But Buffy was right, they did live happily ever after."

"That's good" Sophie yawned, snuggling down into the covers. "Mommy Willow, Mama Tara, how many happily ever afters can a person have?"

"If it's a real happily ever after, one" said Willow.

"Then I already gots mine" said Sophie as she drifted off. "I gots it when you founded me.." If their daughter hadn't just fallen asleep, both of them would have showered her with kisses. Willow and Tara adjusted the covers over their daughter, then crept out quietly so as not to wake her.

"So" said Tara, wrapping her arms around Willow's waist. "Do you have your happily ever after yet?"

"I think you already know" Willow grinned, leaning in for a kiss.

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