~Chapter 1 – She turned my love down~

"Souichirou-san, captain said that she wants to talk to you." Masataka said to Souichirou.

"What does she wants to talk about?" he asked Masataka and taught I wonder what that is all about. Souichirou went to talk to Maya. He saw her sitting on a branch of a tree.

"Captain? Masataka said that you wanted to talk to me."

"Yes I do want to talk to you." She replied

"What is this all about?" he asked her

"Nothing" she replied "I just want to ask you, about Aya…"

"Aya? What about her?" he asked

"Why don't you take her out, just for once."

"Take her out? Like on a date? No way! I won't do that!" he stated

"Why? Don't you like her?" she asked

"No! Heck no! You're the one I like, not her!" he replied


"Yeah, you're the one I like. It's kinda awkward because Aya likes me but I do like you."

"Are you serious? Me? You like me? Well I don't think that Aya will like that."

"I don't care about her. Can't you see it? I fought with Mitsuomi for you. I'm ready to sacrifice myself for you, I'm ready to fight for you. I want to have revenge for you, I'll avenge your brother for you. I'll do all the fighting. You don't have to worry about anything. I'll do everything for you, do anything you want me to do."

"Yeah, yeah! I don't care about that! I'd rather be alone than to be with a loser like you."

Souichirou was shocked of what Maya said. Loser… I'm still a loser for her? Am I not still that strong to protect her? To fight for her…" he taught

"If you don't like Aya, I feel the same way! I don't like you too!"

Souichirou has been turned down by Maya, the girl he likes, the girl that he has been dreaming of, the girl that he has fallen in love with. He felt very down. He felt that his world fell into pieces. Felt very sad because Maya doesn't love him doesn't even like him and thinks that he is a loser. He taught Maybe it's Aya that I'm supposed to be with. At least she doesn't think that I'm a loser, he likes me even if I like her sister, and she still smiles and hopes that I would like her too. Maybe I should give her a chance to be with me, maybe I'll feel happy too if I see her happy. Maybe I'll feel much better if I made her smile and laugh. Maybe, just maybe, I'll learn to love her just by doing that. If I give her want she wants, me, maybe she'll feel very happy, I hope.

Souichirou walked away from Maya and saw Masataka. Masataka asked him: "What did you two talk about?" "Senpai, would you please tell Aya that I want to talk to her. Tell he that go to my room." Souichirou said and then kept walking to get inside the Natsume household. He went upstairs and went to his room. He walked inside and towards the window. He just stood there and stared outside as he waits for Aya to come.

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