Author Unleashed.

DarkPaladinmon's Battle Debut. Enter Gantz Gun.

We find Darkmagicianmon and Shin now heading down the path again. The whole day they had asked anyone they could find if they knew Shin. But no one knew Shin at all.

"(Sighs) Still no luck finding anyone who knows me," Shin said.

"Don't worry about it, maybe your memory will come back on it's own, Remember anything yet?" Darkmagicianmon asked.

"Hmm, nope sorry," Shin said. As Darkmagicianmon sighed. As they both noticed the sun setting, just as the sun left the Horizen. Darkmagicianmon started to groan.

"Hey you ok?" Shin asked. As Darkmagicianmon was surrounded in a Purple and Black Aura before turning back in DarkPaladinmon.

"Whoa, Mr Scary Guy is back!" Shin said.

"So when the sun goes down, I turn in THIS!?" DarkPaladinmon said. As he started to think of a way to fix this, they heard crying turning around they saw the Ice Cream Man from before.

"Oh it's HOPELESS! The whole Planet has split apart! We're doomed!" He cried. Shin tried to help him.

"Mister, hey mister, hey don't cry, uh Ice Cream how about that," Shin said.

"What good is ice cream at a time like this?" He said accidentally causing it to fall to the ground.

"Whoa!" DarkPaladinmon said before trying to grab it something strange happened His Arm stretched and caught the Ice Cream.

"Darkmagicianmon!? You arm just stretched!?" Shin said.

"Weird," DP said before placing the Ice Cream back on it's stand. "But it could be useful," DP said with a smile.

"We better go," Shin said. With that the two headed down the town,

"I wonder how I turned into this and why?" DP asked.

"Don't ask me, D.M but maybe...huh?" Shin said DP noticed he was looking to their left.

"What's up?" DP asked.

"Look!" Shin said. DP looked and saw to his shock.

"GANTZ!?" DP said as he noticed the Former Author Fighter surroundded by strange monsters, They Where Black and Purple in Colour, had multiple spikes on their back and most of them looked like Chameleons except the big Troll Looking one with the big club.

"Whoa hey guys take it easy," Gantz said as he backed away. Gantz was around 16, with a mahogany cap on his head, worn backwards, allowing hair to poke through. He wore a shirt that almost looked like a jumpsuit that was red on one half, and orange on the other half. There was a Fire Flower insignia on the chest of his shirt, exactly in between the red and orange halves, and there were no sleeves. The pants were a pair of jeans that was blue with black highlights, and on his feet was a pair of boots that were dark brown in color. The boy also wore dark red fingerless gloves that fit him snugly and had soft armor-like padding. He also had a backpack slung over his shoulder that looked mid-sized and light-weight.

The monster's simply roared and charged at him, quickly Gantz dodged their attacks and Hide Behind a Pillar the monster's where about to walk over to him until they noticed Shin and DarkPaladinmon.

"Uh oh!" Shin said as he flew up high away from the monster's while DarkPaladin cracked his knuckles.

"Let's see what this form can do!" DP said. Before charging at the monster's one of them tried tackling him but he quickly sidestepped and with a strong punch sent it flying into two others, He then Grabbed one and flung it at another one, Before Jumping away from the Giant's Club.

"Tough guy huh?" DP said before launching two Stretched Punches at The Giant surprising the force sent the monster tumbling back. Quickly it jumped up and sent a shockwave, quickly DarkPaladinmon jumped and dodged it but the other monsters where sent flying. Quickly DarkPaladinmon grabbed the Giant with His Arms.

"Time for a splitting Headache!" DarkPaladinmon said and in a great show of strenght Supplexed the Giant right into the concrete, that finished it as it vanished in a haze of Purple smoke along with the rest of the monster's.

"Huh?" Gantz asked himself as he noticed he was still alive.

"Hey Gantz? What are you doing out here?" DP asked.

"Wait, Darkmagicianmon is that you?" Gantz asked before walking out and approaching his old friend.

"That's a new look, what happened?" Gantz asked.

"You know me, never a dull moment," DarkPaladinmon said as Shin appeared.

"Hey want some chocolate?" Shin asked offering a chocolate bar.

"Uh thanks, I'll save it for later," Gantz said. Later Gantz, DarkPaladinmon and Shin where back near the windmill where Darkpaladinmon crashed.

"I see now, you turning into that, and the planet breaking apart are connected in someway," Gantz said.

"I need to find Darkstar and make him fix this fast!" DP said.

"About that, I may know someone who can help us?" Gantz asked.

"Who?" Shin asked.

"Professor Rowan from Sandgem Town, I came here to gather some data, if we combine the Data I found with his research findings we may be able to find out what's happening?" Gantz said.

"Sandgem? That's a continent over, an easy jog if the planet wasn't broken apart," DP said as Gantz walked over to his old plane the WOF.

"No Problem my Wings of Fantasy should get us there easily," Gantz said with a smile.

"Well then let's go!" DP said. As Gantz prepared the plane DP jumped onto the Back Seat while Shin sat in the cockpit with Gantz.

"Take off!" Gantz yelled as his plane lifted up and flew off to the next destination.