Written for GaluxKitty for Christmas. :)

Hiroki receives a surprise party.

Because They Don't Like Hiroki...

"So, because you don't like Kamijou-sensei, you want to throw him a surprise birthday party," Misaki summarized.

Shinobu nodded, glad that his friend understood so well. "So you'll come? The usual bar. And bring Usami."

Misaki considered protesting, but then decided that there was no getting through to Shinobu when he'd put his mind to it. The fun part was going to be convincing Usagi-san to come.

Nowaki stared at Shinobu. Shinobu stared back.

"I don't know if Hiro-san will agree to this," Nowaki finally said.

"He doesn't really have to agree."

"Aaah. I guess so."

"Oh, you shouldn't have." Hiroki said, voice in a dead pan. Miyagi's hand on his back was the only thing keeping him from running away. Well, and maybe Nowaki's expectant look. But the presence of Akihiko and both his and Miyagi's boy toys was enough reason to turn around and leave.

"We know how much you were looking forward to turning forty, Hiroki," Akihiko responded. Hiroki wanted to strangle him. No, wait, he wanted to strangle Shinobu, because Shinobu was snickering loudly.

Before he could retaliate at all though, Miyagi pushed him hard and sent him stumbling into Nowaki's lap.

"Okay then, time for the booze! Waitress!"

"Hiro-san, you aren't drinking," Nowaki said, pushing a glass of beer at him.

"You're right, I'm not," Hiroki replied, pushing the glass further down towards Misaki. Misaki was already flushed in the face, and he was letting Akihiko get away with a lot more than he usually did -- Hiroki pretended he didn't just see Akihiko's hand go up Misaki's shirt.

"Drink, Kamijou! We're celebrating your wonderful long life!" Miyagi refilled the empty glass in front of Hiroki.

"That's right, Kamijou! We're paying for you, so no need to hold back!" Shinobu added, in his typical loud manner. God, even at thirty Shinobu was a brat.

"Hiroki, are you going to insult our generosity?" Akihiko chimed in. Hiroki would have expected Misaki to say something too, except Misaki looked like he had just fallen asleep against Akihiko.

"Oh, I know your generosity. I don't remember much of when I'm drunk, but rest assured that I do remember all the snide comments from you guys the next mornings. I'm not falling for that trick again."

Nowaki sighed loudly -- obvious disappointment. Hiroki would make it up to him later, because damn it, he was capable of being affectionate when he wasn't drunk. Just not. In front of everybody.

Miyagi shook his head. "See, I told you, Shinobu-chin. Just because it worked the last twenty times, no reason it was going to work again."

Oh, that was it. Hiroki took the nearest glass, poured the contents over Miyagi, and then stormed out of the booth. If they were going to ridicule him, they could do it when he wasn't there.


Shinobu could not stop laughing. Miyagi considered just walking around the table to give Shinobu a big, beery hug -- but he didn't want to press his luck anymore for today.

"Why me? I'm pretty sure you deserved this more, Shinobu-chin."

"I think it's because you have the bigger mouth, professor," Usami said. That was probably true. Besides, Kamijou probably knew that there'd be a lot of retribution to pay if anybody else had gotten splashed.

"I guess it's about time to head home anyway. Nowaki and Kamijou are gone, and Misaki looks beat," Shinobu said. He grabbed the check and stepped off from the tatami mat, pulling his shoes on. "I'll pay. Usami-san, I'll see you at your birthday in a month!"

Usami rolled his eyes; Miyagi chuckled.

"Just wait until your fiftieth," Usami said darkly.

That sent a chill through Miyagi's body. "Th-that's not for another three years!"