The Escort Part 1 of ?

Day 27 M/N Advent

Rated T. Complete fluff. Hopefully this little tidbit will inspire my muses and get me writing again.

Warning: Marcus/Neroon slash. Other than that nothing big.

Marcus had just got out of his sonic shower, skin still rosy and hair damp, when he heard the soft buzzer signaling a subspace message. Since most everyone he knew was on Babylon 5 there were very few people it could be calling him. Marcus rushed over to the comm-unit and keyed it on without stopping to put it on audio only. When he saw who was on the screen Marcus forgot his state of undress and grinned in delight at the Minbari.

"Well this is a surprise." Marcus exclaimed as his eyes drank in Neroon's stern visage. A surprise yes, but not as much of one as it would have been a few short months ago.

Over the intervening months since Denn'sha Neroon had begun calling Marcus to get his input on all manner of things having to do with his caste. As Neroon explained it, getting a uninvolved perspective, never mind a different species, to bounce ideas and security problems off of helped Neroon keep on his toes. The calls started once every month or so and had gradually became more frequent. Marcus was hesitant to call them friends yet, but colleagues with a friendly rivalry seemed about right.

"I did not interrupt your evening?" Neroon questioned in his normal brusque fashion as his eyes raked over Marcus' bare torso. It was only after Marcus noticed the intense look that he once again realized he was talking to Neroon half-dressed. He was sure his whole body was blushing in embarrassment as he grabbed a robe from next to his bed and hastily donned it under the Minbari's watchful eye.

"No. I was just cleaning up a bit. What's going on?"

"I would ask you a favor."

Marcus quirked his eyebrow up questioningly, signaling for Neroon to continue.

"I have been corralled into attending the solstice celebration my people are hosting for the other species. It is an attempt to foster better relations with the other races-"

"I know of it. Hell I've even gotten an invitation for the thing. Should be fun, as long as there are no ceremonial rituals to get through. I think it's a good idea Neroon."

"Yes." Neroon agreed, albeit grudgingly. "We can not afford discord amongst ourselves when the Shadows numbers continue to spread. However there are sure to be beings who I have... offended. I have been head of any number of military action against many and as such an... escort would be appreciated."

"You want me to escort you to this function?" Marcus asked skeptically. "Are you sure that would be appropriate?"

"I would have someone I trust with me in a room full of vultures."

Marcus quietly considered it. He had been invited anyway, and he was sure that Delenn would want him to attend. Besides he didn't want anything to happen to Neroon and at least with him the evening promised to be interesting.

"Of course I will be your escort. Who knows you might even have a good time." Marcus offered cheerfully, only to be answered by an amused snort as the transmission was cut off. "You're welcome, bloody git."