M/N Advent Day 9

The Escort 7/?

Rating: M for m/m slash, violence and Marcus' potty mouth.

When next Marcus opened his eyes he was chained to a chair in what looked like a cargo hold with the rest of the prisoners. The other Star Riders as well as Neroon were in similar positions, while everyone else was huddled together in the back of the room.

"Are we out of orbit yet?"

"Yes. We have already made the jump."

"Wonderful." Marcus sighed under his breath as he tested the strength of his binding. Unfortunately there was very little give in the cords, definitely not enough to get his wrists free. "Number of men?"

"At least eighteen." The Minbari to the right of Neroon told him. "Probably more. The ship looks like a mercenary craft, but the one who knocked you out was definitely the leader. According to his men his name is Parrat."

"Doesn't ring any bells."

"The name is unfamiliar to me as well." Neroon responded to the unasked question. This was a bit unnerving since Neroon made it a point to have intelligence about anyone even remotely considered a threat in this quadrant of space. "But his subordinates were well-trained and have been with him for many years. Their readiness is militant in its precision.-"

"How can you be so calm?" A Narn interrupted sharply. "They're going to kill all of us."

It was all Marcus could do to keep from snarling at the woman as many of the other prisoners whimpered in reaction.

"Miss, why don't you do something remotely useful and try to get us untied, hmm?"

"They told us not to free you five when they threw us all in here." A small Minbari woman volunteered. As she stepped closer Marcus noticed the worker caste garb.

There seemed to be an eclectic mix of species and backgrounds in the room. This narrowed down the kidnapping reasons a bit, and probably ruled out ransom, unless there was one particular target and it was easier to orchestrate the grab during the festival. Either way it did not say much for the chances of survival for the vast majority of them.

"Do you want us to try to get you free?" The Minbari asked as she came closer to Marcus' chair.

"Best leave it alone." Marcus told her. "Parrat might take that as trying to escape even if we don't leave the room. We can't take the chance."

"Smart answer."

Parrat and four others entered the room and spread out around the doorway.

"In a few hours we will arrive at Crassus IV. Once we arrive, as long as you continued to behave, you will be treated as guests while we conclude our business. This will take a week at the maximum. However, cause any trouble and none of you will leave the planet alive." Parrat told them as he strode through the crowd, who backed further against the far wall. "You have five hours to decide whether you want to be my honored guests or a corpse at the end of this journey."