Longing for Love

Pairing: Hughes/Ed parental, Havoc/Ed brotherly

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Longing for Love

"Thanks for the ride, Havoc", Edward said from the backseat and the driver just waved his hand.

"No problem, Boss. Couldn't have you get all wet."

"Yeah, sure", the boy shrugged his shoulders knowing that was not the reason the man had offered to take him to Hughes's where he was now staying for a while. Yet, he had to admit; it was raining cats and dogs outside, The sky was grey and it wouldn't be a miracle if it started to thunder.

But inside he knew there was something else in there also. Havoc was his personal chaffeur, always driving him to places because he was just 14 years old. No one would give him a driving license, State Alchemist or not.

Ever since he had become the member of the army he had got to know a lot of people- Havoc was one of them. They had got along pretty well right from the start. They were both from the East and so had some things in common. Within the time the two of them had started to spend time together outside work. Usually the office guys went drinking every Friday but he couldn't go along (damn his young age!) so he and Havoc had created their own past times.


Edward blinked his eyes and saw the Second Lieutenant's blue eyes looking at him amused.

"Did you fall asleep?" He asked his cigarette popping with every word.

The boy shook his head and smiled. "No, it's just that-"

"You intending to wait here until the rain stops?"

"No, you idiot!"

Havoc smirked and watched how Edward opened the door closest to the house he was going to.

"See you tomorrow!" He called and heard Edward respond "See ya" before the door closed.

The man didn't drive away yet but watched after his young companion making sure he got to the house without any problem. When seeing the front door close he turned on the engine.

Edward put his hood over his head as he got out of the car. After farewells with Havoc he closed the door and ran as fast his legs could carry him. Soon he realised it was no use; he would get wet anyway, the rain was far too heavy.

Soon he got to the door and put his hand to his pocket to look for the key. Soon he found the bronze coloured item and opened the door. Once he got inside, he breathed heavily and leaned against the wall.

"Ed", Gracia walked to him. She was wearing a green dress with a white woollen jacket. Her brown hair was carefully combed.

"Go quickly change your clothes", she offered her hands to take his red jacket,"or you'll get cold."

The boy obeyed and hurried upstairs to the bathroom, leaving water trails without his will.

The bathroom was a spacious, white tiled place. On the left side, there was a toilet seat and right next to it a sink. There was soap on the counter and all kids of bottles and equipment in the glass- door cabinet right on the top of it.

On the right side there was a shower and at the end of the room a large bathtub. It had a tap also.

Plus there were towels hanging on the racks.

Edward took, or more like peeled off his clothes and put them on the floor. He shivered with the cold and with his hands across his chest in an attempt to warm himself up, he turned on the shower. Once the water was almost in it's maximum heat he drew the shower curtain to it's place.

Someone knocked on the door and Hughes walked in carrying clothes.

"Here, put these on", The man said and lowered his load onto the toilet seat. He wore a purple shirt and black trousers. The dark hair had been drawn back to keep it in some kind of order.

Edward glanced at the man behind the curtain shampoo decorating his hair.

"Yeah, thanks."

"Was it fun bowling?" Hughes asked smiling amused as the boy continued showering.

"Yes", the water was turn off a little bit that the man could hear his answer. " It was very fun!" The same enthusiastic voice said.

"Who won?"

There was a slight pause, in the voice and the movement behind the curtain it seemed.

"We decided to make it tie."

And the shower was turned on to it's full power.

Hughes nodded and shook his head; he knew very well that Edward had lost.

"Take your time", he turned to the door and left. He had learned not to announce his every thought and observation of the boy out aloud.




Edward was already in his fresh pyjamas and drying his hair with a towel. The golden bush, as his hair could be called, was out of its usual braid and in beautiful locks.

"You look like a princess."

Edward turned around and noticed he had come to Elysia's room. Walls were painted with light pink and the room was decorated with a drawer, bookshelf and a beautiful doll house was on it's special place on the table. The girl herself was sitting on her white bead, surrounded with dozens of multicoloured stuffed animals, twisting something in her hands. She had on her pink pyjamas.

"You say that again and I'll tickle you", he repeated calmly. He knew he couldn't hurt Elysia, because he didn't want to and Hughes would kill him if he did. He had had to make up new ways to try to keep the girl in control.

Elysia just laughed. It was then Edward noticed what was on the girls lap. His heart turned into a cold lump and dropped to his stomach.

"Elysia", he raised his voice and stretched his hand towards the girl. "Give me that thing."

"But it's so pretty! Can't I-"

"Give it here!"

In a second the boy snatched the silver watch from the girl's grasp. Elysia still held her hand in the same motion as it had been a moment before and her lower lip began to tremble. The green eyes filled with tears.

Oh uh, Edward had time to think before the little girl jumped down from her bed and ran downstairs, crying for her mommy. Feeling guilty, the boy looked at the item that had caused the quarrel and decided to return it to it's original place.

He walked to the guest room. Now that he stayed there every time he visited the Hughes's family it was actually called 'Edward's room'. Alphonse wasn't so eager to get new parents and so preferred to stay with Rockbells during their holidays.

Just when he had put the watch to his leather trousers's pocket, he heard Hughes calling him:

"Edward, come downstairs!"

"I'm at it again", the boy muttered to himself but stood up and walked down the stairs to meet the rest of the people.




In the living room, sitting on a purple couch, Gracia held her crying little girl in a consoling embrace. Edward sneered in his mind at the sight. In his regular state he didn't find the picture sweet or peaceful at all.

"C'mon, sweetie", the woman said to Elysia when the boy appeared to the room. She stood up keeping her hold steady. "We'll go to bed now."

As she left, Hughes patted the place on his left hand's side and the boy sat down.

"So", the man leaned back on the couch his hands crossed on his chest. "Tell me what happened."

Edward repeated the whole incident like it had happened in reality. After he had finished, the man sighed, shook his head and looked at him.

"You know she is still small", Hughes explained calmly. "She doesn't understand."

"But does that mean she can take my things?" Edward stood up in a split second. The man on the couch, however, didn't seem to care of the teen's temper.

"Of course it doesn't mean-"

"Doesn't seem like it!"

Edward looked at the man defiantly, anger clearly visible in his eyes. He knew children weren't very eager to obey but why did their parents never say anything to them? Yeah, he had to do all kinds of things like take the rubbish out and hoover, but Elysia was all a different matter. To him, it seemed like it was enough that she walked all by herself and played.

"Edward", Hughes's voice was commanding and the boy started to walk away. He didn't want to hear anymore about how he was wrong and should control his temper. He had had those lectures more than enough.

The boy heard the man stood up also and walk after him, neither of them was willing to give up. "Children are curious-"

"Like I didn't know that!" The teen turned to face the man raising his voice even more.

Hughes had no need to do so: the anger and frustration in his eyes was enough.

"Don't interrupt me! Nothing happened, the watch is alright. It isn't broken or anything."

"But could have been! Why don't you ever say anything to her! You're not a parent! You are just playing around her-"

It all happened in a second. The frustration from the day's work, the blaming of her daughter and the handling of the ever pissed 15- year-old, all those pressures burst out in one simple movement.

He slapped the boy, hard, across the left cheek with his right hand.

Edward made a little noise, but then grabbed his cheek and just stared at him. Hughes immediately noticed what he had just done and brought his stinging hand to his mouth in shock. The boy stared at him with pure fear in his eyes.

"Ed..." Hughes whispered once he got the control over his voice again. He made an attempt to get closer but Edward's eyes filled with tears as his legs automatically brought him further.

"Edward, I-"

The boy sniffed and ran away.

"Edward, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"

The boy didn't stop his running. He hurried upstairs, didn't notice Gracia approaching him, slammed the door shut and sealed it with alchemy.

On the other side Hughes reached the door and tried to open it.

"Edward! Open the door!"

He got no answer. He twisted the door handle but it seemed to be stuck, like rocks held it in place.

Hughes tried to his knifes also but they had no chance against the creation of the youngest State Alchemist.

When all his attempts turned out to be no help, the man collapsed to his knees against the door, pressing his forehead against the light brown wood, tears trailing down his cheeks.

What had he done?




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