Hi and welcome to ask Lenore and friends here are some questions for Lenore and the others from my sister

Lenore: You have a sister is she your evil twin like Ouchie Boo Boo

Me: No Lenore she may be annoying but my sister is nothing like that demonic rip off of you

Lenore: Oh okay (goes off to kill a field mouse)

Lenore why does your hair look like noodles

Lenore: I don't know

Me: I think its because your dead being dead can do many things

Lenore: Wow how do you know that

Me: I like sleeping in graveyards and next is Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin: I got a question

Me: Yep

Ragamuffin do you do yoga

Ragamuffin: WTF kind of question is that

Me: Just answer now

Ragamuffin: why I am a stuff toy and thus don't gain weight and when I was a vampire other than blood I didn't need any sustenance

Me: Poor Ragamuffin gets no love XD

Ragamuffin: Shut up Plum

Me: Okay Mr. Gosh got one

to quote Ragamuffin Lenore is ten years old thats illegal

Mr. Gosh: She's been ten for a hundred years

Me: Yeah but to those who don't know that thats just wrong man

Mr. Gosh: MY LOVE (hugs Lenore who has return from killing field mice)

Me: (stabs Mr. Gosh) Lenore is my serigate little sister and no pedo is going near her

Lenore: Sweet I have a big sister who killed Mr. Gosh

Mr Gosh: That woman how I love her

Me: Erm okay I pray he doesn't head for me (shivers)

Ragamuffin: thats it so send in your questions and we will answer

Me: Bye bye (goes to cut Gosh in half Lenore cheering me on)