Ragamuffin: you must have been dead to take almost two years to update

Me: shut up I was busy

Mr. Gosh: My love I got you that new living dead doll Nohell you wanted

Me: OH MY GAWD SHE'S THE CHRISTMAS ADDITION (has sign saying kill him when he leaves)

Taxidermy: Gosh why not come with me I believe I have another living dead doll she might like in the shed

Gosh: oh any thing to make my love happy (follows Taxidermy)

five minutes later gun shots are heard

Me: moving on Lenore give us the first review monkey

Lenore: OKEY DOKEY first one is MatoiMewtwo

I used to be Brandie Lost the Game, i have mor questions!

Me: Whoa name change

Lenore: Yay questions

but first Edward Collins is a total freakin bittch, i hate himF!

Me: agreed why did he get so popular?

Ragamuffin: who knows I only like him because he turned Lestat into a raging drunk

Me: translation he only drinks the blood of drunks now

Lenore, will you kill Edward Collins.

Me: Yes Lenore off the blood sucking pixie (poofs Edward Collins in)

Lenore: HYAH (slices Edward in two)

Me: thank you my little sister :D

Lenore: no problem next one

mr. Gosh, will you go to hell already?

Me: He's already there honey

Lenore: Yep he got shot

lenore will you ever fidn a not creepy boyfirend to become your future ex?

Lenore: What?

Me: yeah I'm lost to

raggamuffin, whereis the cream filling.

Ragamuffin: What cream filling?

Me: this cream filling Stuffy (squeezes twinky and spurt cream on Stuffy's face)


For all of you, what would you do for a Klondite bar?

Me: Bitch slap stephanie meyers for making twitard

Lenore: Kill Mr. Gosh

Ragamuffin: you already do that and me punch Lestat

Me:okay who is the next monkey

Ragamuffin: Kishimaru Rose

More Ragamuffin! And Lenore-chan too! No pedo man at least in this chappy.

Me: not while I'm alive

I have a question, if you don't mind.

Me: silly thing its a Q and A

Ahem, Lenore and Ragamuffin(LOL Stuffy!) why haven't you gotten together as like, a couple? Cause with stuffy being a vamp and all he's really not a pedo. Just watch Twilight! *shudders a bit* if you can deal with Bella and her annoyingness that is. XD

Me: aside from the twitard thing yeah why haven't you two gotten together

Ragamuffin: Don't call me stuffy and its because even if she's old enough age wise appearance wise I be arrested

Me: Dangs that sucks you and Lenore are my favorite couple

Ragamuffin: You have a sick mind plum moving on to the next review

Lenore: My-dear-fangirl

Ragamuffin, do you love Lenore? (in a little sister kinda way)

Ragamuffin: Y (sees giant club in my hand) no its a romantic thing

Taxidermy, where did you get that accent?

Me: Yeah where

Taxi: I lived in England twenty years before leaving

Lenore, You want a banana? *hands her a banana*

Lenore: BANANA (runs away while eating it)

Me: Thank you Banana's are like sugar to her (annoyed)

Ragamuffin: the next reviewer is Warlock in Disguise hey maybe he can make me normal

Me: I doubt it

First off, Lenore, you rock, period.

Me and Lenore: I know

Now here are my ?'s:

Me: Woot woot

1. Mr. Gosh, just out of curiosity, what DOES kill you? PERMANENTLY. *winks at Lenore and Plum*

Mr. Gosh: I can't really die but if my body parts were scatter it take awhile for me to get back to my love

Me: RED ALERT RED ALERT (explodes mister gosh and muries him in the seven wonders of the world)

2. Ragamuffin, do any other vampires make fun of you? If so, I feel saddened.

Ragamuffin: oh Lestat was the only one but with Edward coming he's a raging drunk now and the butt of all jokes now

Me: which saddens me

how did you die?

Lenore: I don't remember

Me: me either whose next

Lenore: Lenorexragamuffin95

Me: cool name I to love this couple XD

.raga do u love Lenore.

Ragamuffin: Yes and its not because Plum has a big club

Me: good stuffy

are u calling raga,stuffy?(i prefer little weenie guy.)

Me: well Stuffy which name is worse

Ragamuffin: little weenie guy defiantly

Me: exactly

(I want a ragamuffin cat!)

Me: would you like me to make you one


Me: yeah Lenore and Stuffy forever XD

Lenore: our next reviewer is lenore-x-ragamuffin-4eva

Ragamuffin: how many of these people are there

Me: millions XD

Ragamuffin: OoO

eto...i haz a quiestion 4 raga...Do u luv lenore like LOVE love?not family or friendly luve?

Ragamuffin: again yes and again not because plum has a giant club

Me: Lenore next one please

Lenore: our final review monkey is Moonspider95

First off, gotta say awesome idea Plum, and, Lenore, you are just pure awesomeness!

Me: a thank you

Question is, Lenore, how did you first realize you were dead?

Lenore: when I woke up in a coffin

Me: I slept for two years in a coffin XD

Ragamuffin: Yes well thats all for this chapter send in your dead and snacks

Lenore: oh yeah and soda too

Me: yeah that would help I mean you think having dead cast would be good on food but its not